17 Again Full Movie Netflix

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17 Again Full Movie Netflix
17 Again Full Movie Netflix

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A former high school basketball star gets a new lease on life after miraculously transforming into a teenager.

17 Again Full Movie Netflix

17 Again Full Movie Netflix

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17 Again Full Movie Netflix

Stop-motion misadventures of an intrepid young girl who moves into a new house and finds a magical portal that takes her into a seemingly perfect, parallel world where she discovers some terrible secrets.

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A child successfully wishes his teddy bear back to life, but gets more than he bargained for when the stuffed animal follows him into adulthood and complicates his relationship with a beautiful woman. Zac Efron has become much more than “that kid from High School Musical” and his selection of movies available on Netflix is ​​a testament to what he can do! In addition to the expected teen comedies and male leads, Efron has also ventured into much weirder films, animations and even a dark and twisted crime drama. With several new projects in the pipeline, including a Stephen King horror remake and a biopic about an eccentric tech entrepreneur, let’s first look back at some of his career highlights—you can watch these four movies (plus a show) right now on Netflix!

Right at the height of Efron’s teenage king fame in 2009, he starred in 17 Again as Mike, a 37-year-old (played by Matthew Perry) who becomes his 17-year-old self again through a magical accident. Suddenly transformed into his teenage self but stuck in his current era, Mike poses as his grown-up best friend’s son to enroll in high school and try to figure out how he became a teenager and more importantly, how to undo it . But during his teenage years, he begins to learn more about his estranged wife and their teenage children, which leads him to discover problems in their lives that he could not see before.

Efron has a supporting role in The Disaster Artist, a 2017 biographical comedy about the making of the infamous film The Room. He plays Dan Djanigian, an actor who starred in The Room, where he plays drug dealer Chris-R. Efron is just one part of a star-studded cast: his co-stars include James France, Seth Rogen, Dave Franco, Alison Brie, Jackie Weaver, Josh Hutcherson and more. The dark comedy was part of a turning point in Efron’s career as he moved away from standard pretty-boy hero roles and into more comedic and quirky roles.

Based on the famous Dr. Seuss book, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax the story of Ted, a twelve-year-old boy who searches for Once Upon a Time, a creature that remembers the world when there were trees, and who tells Ted the story of his encounter with the Lorax. Efron voices Ted in a voice cast that also includes Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Taylor Swift and more. It was Efron’s first voice role; he didn’t make another animated film until Scoob in 2020!

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Efron’s most shocking role to date is definitely as the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy in the biographical drama Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The crime drama, which Efron also produced, follows Bundy through the lens of his relationship with Elizabeth Kendall, his girlfriend at the time of his crime spree. It’s a delightfully dark departure for Efron, who takes on a completely different kind of charm than his usual leading roles.

Moving away from major movie roles in Efron’s original Netflix series, he plays no part but himself. In the reality docuseries, Efron travels the world with health expert Darrin Olien to learn more about healthy and sustainable ways of living. Along the way, it also focuses on communities that already practice these lifestyles. It’s a different path for Efron, but no less exciting.

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17 Again Full Movie Netflix

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17 Again Full Movie Netflix

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