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365 Days Full Movie Netflix
365 Days Full Movie Netflix

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A woman falls victim to a dominant mafia boss who locks her up and gives her one year to fall in love with him.

365 Days Full Movie Netflix

365 Days Full Movie Netflix

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Who Is Simone Susinna From ‘365 Days: This Day’?

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Massimo or Nacho? Laura gets to the bottom of this question in the newly released third part of “365 days – another day.” But will there also be a fourth part of Netflix’s controversial erotic strip?

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The third Netflix movie “365 Days – Another Day” is released on August 19, 2022. Will there be a fourth part? Photo: Karolina Grabowska

From ‘365 Days’ To ‘sex Life’: Adult Content Trends

Although the first film received a fair amount of criticism, Netflix immediately commissioned two additional films. These are published in April and August 2022. But is this the end? Or will there be a fourth part of “365 Days”?

The love story between the passionate spouses, Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone), enters the next stage. Lots of sex and a hair raising photo of women and men included! In the second part, Laura has met Massimo’s archenemy Nacho (Simone Susinna), with whom she is also directly involved. In the third part, Laura now finds herself between the two men because she apparently fell in love with Nacho and distanced herself from her husband Massimo. Laura tries to listen to her heart and has to choose one.

Laura is torn about the film, she can’t decide between the two men and therefore she turns with them both. Finally, she meets her (still) husband Massimo on the beach, where he reveals his heart to her. When he asks her, “Will you come back, baby?”, the film ends – a typical cliffhanger!

365 Days Full Movie Netflix

Regarding the book model, it looks pretty bad, because the films are based on a trilogy, that is, on three books. This would be the end of the story after the third part. Another indication of this can also be found in the commentary on the film on Netflix: “Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone and Simone Susinna are also in the last part of this erotic drama.”

Netflix’s 365 Days: This Day Gets Rare 0% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

The cliff-hanger at the end of the third part, i.e. the open question about which of the two people Laura will now choose, speaks for a fourth part. Even that “365 days” is already a long way since the original book In it, the role of Nacho appears mainly in the third part, while in the Netflix production he already has an important part in the second film, Laura also loses her baby at the end of the first part in the films “365”, while In the books this only happens at the end of the second part.

The model of the third book focuses on the love triangle between Laura, Massimo and Nacho. Laura chooses Nacho in the book and leaves town with him. The couple married and had a son. Fans did not expect this ending, which is why there was a lot of criticism. Netflix decided against the twist in the third film, perhaps also due to criticism from fans. This may mean that the story continues to develop without being guided by the original book and may not be told until the end yet…

Since there are only three books on which the films are based, the plot of a possible fourth part is difficult to predict. If things continue, the triangular relationship between Massimo, Nacho and Laura will probably be dissolved. Most likely, Laura would finally choose one of the men in the fourth part. After all, the whole third part was about the lover’s entanglement, so it is possible that Laura will choose Nacho in the future, as she did in the third book. Who returns to Nacho and then Massimo locks her without further ado. After she manages to escape, she can leave the city with Nacho. The two may marry and have a child, as happens in the book. But since Netflix has already strayed far from the book templates, another twist is also possible… To say that expectations are high would be an understatement, but low expectations have definitely been met. Netflix did well as the first installation became popular after its release in 2020; It intrigued viewers with its problematic storyline and sexual antics. In an effort to recover a loss of revenue, Netflix will continue to sell sex to its viewers with this intense erotic thriller sequel.

Based on a Polish book series of the same name, the film follows the toxic and sexual relationship between a mafia boss, Michele Morrone, and the woman he kidnapped, Anna-Maria Sieklucka. The next installment seems to forget the absurdity of the first, as they get the final cliffhanger and proceed to get happily married as the new outing begins. As the sequel dives further into this awkward relationship, the absurdity continues in various guises.

Movies Like ‘365 Days’ You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

It’s hard to top the first half hour of the film, mostly because there’s no plot, just very intimate love scenes. Once a storyline is finally established, it makes up 10% of the film while sex takes up the other 90%. On par, the storyline does not make sense and is not original, taking heavy inspiration from soap operas as secret twin brothers and cheating scandals are set up.

Apparently, the plot doesn’t seem to matter when most of the movie is just about sex. Whether a viewer enjoys the experience is based on their tolerance for sex scenes. This movie is suitable for those who adore these

And just like its inspiration, the series follows a dangerous trend of glorifying abuse and controlling relationships. Upon initial release, the series garnered a lot of backlash; A petition was created for the first film to be removed from the streaming service. But reluctantly, the film still stands, cashing in on its controversies.

365 Days Full Movie Netflix

Apparently, it is incomprehensible to sympathize with these characters and their stupid and ridiculous decisions. Perhaps if the series would lean towards a more horror approach instead of romanticizing this type of relationship, it would be more successful and less damaging.

What Are The 365 Days Movies In Order To Watch [chronologically And By Release Date]

The film ends on another cliffhanger, but the third installment will likely ignore that as well. There is clearly no direction in the films, which is partly expected, as they are not taken very seriously. All in all, it is completely lost that these films are capitalizing on an unrealistic and harmful relationship with large audiences.

With very little dialogue, an extremely long soundtrack, and countless sex scenes, getting through the entire film is a tall order. Those who adore the romantic fantasy tropes are free to enjoy the film for what it is, but pass a narrow and select audience, the film is not funny. It will become yet another Netflix flop, giving audiences the broad decision to criticize Netflix more.

To see this installation in hatred is sensible, but to see the sequel even in derision is very difficult. The sequel generates a variety of emotions in each viewer, most of which are pain. Those who make it through this groggy film are downright brave.

With Netflix subscriptions sharply declining in recent months, the release of the film was a desperate attempt to get more revenue for the company. With a third film in the offing, there is probably no redemption for the troubled series. Plus, with both movies getting a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it just goes to show that Netflix’s process of trying to sell sex to improve its service isn’t working. There is a minimum of 75 characters for reviews. If your review contains spoilers, please check the spoiler box. Please

Wait, Do We Really Need To Be Watching Netflix’s ‘365 Days’ Movies? Because—whew—this Gay Scene!

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