5 Senses Coloring Page Preschool

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5 Senses Coloring Page Preschool

5 Senses Coloring Page Preschool

ABC For Dots Marker Coloring Pages free coloring pages for preschoolers   Welcome educators and parents, it’s time to dots coloring. Free dot marker coloring pages help kids learn more about letters. This set includes cute food and drink images, one for each letter of the alphabet. There are a total of 26 Do A Dot Art Affiliate Link images! Educational 6-Pack Rainbow ABC Markers are essential for reading and writing. Small children who cannot control holding a pencil in their hands always face difficulties with color shapes. I will share with you free kids coloring pages for markers to teach preschoolers the alphabet in an easy way. what is a “point marker”? This marker has a large sponge that can be used to make colorful dots on paper. ABC coloring page designed with dots. Teaching children to color in dots is fun, it will be a fun activity that encourages creativity. As an afternoon lesson we learned about the Five Senses in the surrounding environment. My daughter saw something on PBS kids about using the sense of smell to identify things and asked if we could try something similar. So of course I made it more educational and inclusive of all five senses. This activity lasted several hours with three children. We had to adjust some activities to adapt to COVID. Each family has its own food for tasting and smelling activities.

The 5 Senses Archives

First we complete the worksheet below. You will need scissors and sticks/glue. For younger children, we have to tell them the words below and ask them what they use for them.

Example: Fragrance, “What do you use for fragrance?” (nose). Then we explore each sense in more detail. See the activities below.

Second, we focus on smell. Have your child cut out the food cards or you can cut them out. There is a blank card if you want to eat other food or additional food.

I used a small plastic container and covered it with foil. I then marked with numbers (1-8) and punched small holes in the foil. Silicone cupcake liners, dixie cups, or small containers will work for this.

Five Sense Worksheet: New 821 Five Senses Preschool Coloring Pages

While your child is smelling, have them choose which scent card matches the scent in the container (see example at left). They may change their minds as time goes by.

Once all the scents are labeled, it’s time to find out what’s inside. Have your child remove the foil one by one. How many smells is correct? Wrong?

Third, we focus on taste. Using the food container from the Smell activity, complete the Taste activity.

5 Senses Coloring Page Preschool

Have your child taste each food and determine whether it matches one of the flavors on the worksheet. Or maybe they don’t match either? What else does it feel like? Spicy? Sharp?

Five Senses Sorting Activity Printable 5 Senses Sorting

In the fourth activity, we focused on touch. Find a variety of ingredients and place them in a bowl. Then, ask your child to explore the materials to describe their feelings. Have them identify which materials look like the words written on each finger. How do they make decisions? What do they use to find the texture? (hand)

Examples: bark, cotton, pom poms, rocks, packing peanuts, chickpeas (whatever you have around the house). The more choices you are given, the greater the challenge.

Fifth activity, we explored the scenery. Complete the activities below. We used headbands and elastic bands for eye closure.

Finally, we explore sound. Ask your child to sit quietly and listen carefully outside. Have them circle what they hear on the worksheet.

Senses Coloring & Writing Books Bundle

The five senses reviewed! What is your child’s favorite? The three kids who did this activity with me had different favorites. We hope your child/children will have fun learning while completing these activities!

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5 Senses Coloring Page Preschool

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Teaching The Five Senses: Smell

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5 Senses Coloring Page Preschool

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