6/45 Korean Movie

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6/45 Korean Movie
6/45 Korean Movie

6/45 Korean Movie – The new comedy “6/45” (2022) is a Korean movie that will entertain you like riding roller coasters.

“6/45” is a Korean comedy film about a winning lottery ticket won by a South Korean soldier, but one day it is sent to North Korea and found by North Korean soldiers.

6/45 Korean Movie

6/45 Korean Movie

This military comedy takes place in the area between South Korea and North Korea. This place is also known as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Although, in fact, it is a scene full of tension, the film entertained the audience with humor for almost two hours.

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Speaking of DMZ, for Korean drama lovers, the movie may remind you of the all-time Korean drama,

But this time it was not Yoon Se Ri who flew from South Korea to North Korea, but a winning lottery ticket worth 5.7 billion won.

“6/45” opened in South Korea on August 24, 2022, grossing $13.7 million and $1.9 million at the Korean box office. With such success, the film was ranked as the #7 best film of 2022 [Korea Film Council (KOFIC) Korean Film Information System (KOBIS) Rating].

The Korean film “6/45” is a comedy film directed by Park Gyu Tae with famous Korean actors.

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Park Chun-woo (Go Kyung-pyo) is a South Korean soldier who served in the DMZ. One night, while on the night shift, he suddenly found a lottery ticket.

The next day, he found out that the ticket was a winning lottery ticket worth 5.7 billion won. Chun-woo was excited and confused and planned to get paid after his military service. So, he tried to hide it from his colleagues.

But shortly after receiving the ticket, the wind blew the ticket that had crossed the working time limit. In the north, a North Korean officer named Ri Yong Ho (Lee Yi Kyung) found it. He asked his colleague Cheol-jin (Kim Min Ho) about the ticket and together they found out that it was a lottery ticket worth 5.7 billion won.

6/45 Korean Movie

Things got even more complicated when Chun-woo and Ri Yeon-ho’s co-workers and bosses on both sides found out about the ticket. Ri Yeon Ho obviously couldn’t win the award because she is North Korean. Besides, he didn’t believe that Kun-woo would pay his share if he handed over the ticket directly.

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Both sides agreed to meet secretly at the Joint Security Area (JSA) inside the DMZ to discuss how to collect and share the bounty.

The comedy film “6/45” has depth, like a roller. In the first 15 minutes, the viewer may feel that the plot is slow and there is no significant humor. But then a series of unexpected events in the film will make the audience LOL non-stop.

With the funny and interesting jokes of the actors and actresses, the plot of conflicts and the ever-increasing comedy makes this film exciting and never boring.

Moreover, several scenes or events in the film are easily guessed and sometimes absurd. However, this did not dampen the excitement of the film. And as the rollercoaster nears the finish line, the plot slows down towards the end of the film.

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Although the film has a simple premise, the director and writer have managed to wrap it up in a very interesting style of comedy. Besides, all the actors show their excellence in playing their characters.

If you are a lover of comedy movies, this movie is highly recommended to watch. Since the story is light but entertaining, you can watch this movie more than once without getting bored. In addition, by watching this movie, you can forget about the tension between South Korea and North Korea for a while.

So, are you interested in the Korean movie “6/45”? So watch the Korean movie “6/45” in the cinema with your friends and laugh!

6/45 Korean Movie

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Directed by Park Gyu-tae (“Mutiny”) and starring Ko Kyung-pyo, Lee Yi-kyung, Eum Moon-suk and Kwak Dong-yeon, “6/45” is a comedic battle between North and South Korean soldiers. . 5.7 billion won a lottery ticket that crosses the military demarcation line. South Korean sergeant “Jun-woo” is in his last weeks of military service when a winning lottery ticket lands at his feet. While he dreams of winning an award. money, a strong wind accidentally blows a lottery ticket over the Military Demarcation Line into North Korea.”Jun-Woo” risks crossing the Military Demarcation Line to get it, but waiting for him is Yoon Ho, a North Korean soldier who claims ticket with “Guards seek, the lost cry”. With no conclusion about the rightful owner of the lottery ticket and the prize money, each party sought the help of their friends to participate in negotiations. A fierce and funny confrontation between the North and the North. South Korean soldiers start fighting to claim their dream of winning 5.7 billion!

“6/45” earned over US$13.8 million and close to 2 million admissions at the Korean Box Office. Driven by positive word-of-mouth reviews, it is the #1 comedy film of 2022 and is currently among the top 10 highest-grossing films of 2022. In Vietnam, “6/45” became South Korea’s highest-grossing film more and set a new record for South Korea’s highest-grossing film in the country. The film also opened to great reviews in Indonesian cinemas in mid-October and has held steady at the box office since its release despite competition from new local films.

Malaysia, an online media outlet that provides Korean entertainment and has been appointed as the official online media outlet for “CATCH ME” World Tour in Malaysia, 1st GOT7 fans in Malaysia and more JAKARTA – Conflict between North Korea and Korea South has always been there. a base that can be translated into any form. Recently, there was a movie 6/45 directed by Park Gyu Tae.

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Prime Minister Park Gyu Tae’s film has a history of conflict between the two countries. With a comedy genre, he chose Go Kyung Pyo and Lee Yi Kyung as the two main actors.

These two names are known for their ability to act in society. Is 6/45 a joke?

The movie 6/45 tells the story of Chun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo), a South Korean soldier who will finish his military service in three months. He is responsible for protecting the South Korean military demarcation line.

6/45 Korean Movie

One day, he gets a lottery ticket and wins 5.7 billion won. Unfortunately, Chun Wu experienced an unfortunate incident. The lottery ticket was accidentally blown by the wind and flew over the North Korean military demarcation line.

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Because of the lottery ticket, Chun Wu is willing to cross national borders to find the ticket. But instead he meets Yang Ho (Lee Yi Kyung), a North Korean soldier who finds a lottery ticket.

Both are trying to get tickets. Chun Woo confirmed that the ticket was his, while Young Ho claimed that the ticket was his because the ticket had already arrived in North Korea.

6/45 movies should not be taken seriously because from the beginning this movie shows comedy. The Lottery Lands On You, the slogan, also reflects this story.

The comedy elements present in the film are very entertaining even if they are pointless. It’s beautifully crafted so that the climax doesn’t stop you from laughing. One of the things they remember most from Brave Girls is the Rollin’ Dance. As you know, Rollin’ is one of the most popular K-pop songs among the military.

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Lee Yi Kyung and Go Kyung Pyo, who were good at comedy, show off their comedy acting. Their words and even behavior are not interesting here.

Supporting actors such as Eum Moon Suk, Park Se Wan, Lee Sun Won, and Kwak Dong Yeon also helped the story to be good.

We also enjoy Indonesian subtitles when watching a 6/45 movie converted into seasons without losing its original meaning.

6/45 Korean Movie

Amidst the onslaught of horror films, 6/45 films seem like a refreshing breath of fresh air. Two hours of movies will not tire you sitting in the cinema seat.

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