Air Ride Fifth Wheel Hitch

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Air Ride Fifth Wheel Hitch
Air Ride Fifth Wheel Hitch

Air Ride Fifth Wheel Hitch – If you want a smooth ride and excellent handling, you need the AirSafe preference for 5th wheel suspension. The AirSafe fifth wheel coupling provides a 90% smoother ride than a traditional trailer, saving you money. Cruise the highways and roads, avoiding the constant collisions that lead to low gas mileage and premature wear on your tires. Our AirSafe 5th Wheel Docks also reduce stress on your truck and trailer suspension and help eliminate debris from inside the trailer.

With AirSafe fifth wheel connectors, safety is our primary concern. Air hitches only allow 10% of the trailer’s inertia to be transferred, compared to 100% when a rigid hitch is used. We’ve also virtually eliminated any vibration, and since the weight is evenly distributed between the tow vehicle and the trailer, this increases your braking control.

Air Ride Fifth Wheel Hitch

Air Ride Fifth Wheel Hitch

The AirSafe standard 5th wheel hitch is height adjustable to allow you to tow the trailer level and will never deflate when you disconnect or re-inflate when you reconnect. Our standard fifth-wheel couplings can tow up to 25,000 pounds GTW, and our heavy-duty couplings have a towing capacity of 32,000 pounds. GTW.

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Our self-lubricating composite material moves in multiple directions, causing less wear but still allowing you to maintain alignment with the side rails. Our AirRide “True Air” system absorbs the twisting action normally found in other suspensions, extending the life of your suspension.

Safety, savings and a smooth ride? What’s better than connecting an AirSafe 5th wheel? If you need another, we’ll make that available as well.

Self-lubricating Nyloil rods are designed to work in an offset position so they won’t bind or seize. Providing the safest, most comfortable ride

The Air Ride Hitch provides true 8-way motion with patented Omni-directional motion. Everyone else goes up and down. Nyloil slide bars are machined into an oval shape to accept the slide bar allowing for 8-way movement. Slide bars allow free movement for the trailer to rise, stop, turn and sway. Military tough Nyloil bars can withstand a total surface fracture of over 65 tons.

Curt Flex Air Pin Box

The only “Air Ride” fifth (5th) wheel coupling on the market today that gives you versatile “TRUE AIR” 8-way action”. The Advanced Air Ride system is typically used when towing a trailer with Reese Hard Link, Drawtite and other 5th wheel hitches. uses “HEAVY DUTY” airbags to absorb the accompanying shock, bounce and vibration, allowing the trailer to rock forward and backward on its natural axis, as it was originally designed to do.

The only “Air Ride” fifth wheel on the market today that gives you “TRUE AIR” 8-way action (actually more than 8 ways). To achieve anything close to 6-way action, the match must use the mechanical “Spinning Anvil”. Why settle for something less? We offer the greatest benefits of any “air travel” on the market today. Fifth wheels from 5K to 25K, one hitch will do it all, no need to buy another trailer if you get a bigger trailer.

[YourTrailerHitch] [5thWheels] [10K16K18K] [20K5thWheel] [25K5thWheel] [AirPinBox] [32K5thWheel] [Installation Process] [Specs] [CompetitorPage] [ConverterGearGearGearGeock] ] [Newsletter] [RequestPrices] ] [Information] [Frequency Requested?] [Warranty] [Manuals] [Trailer Types] [Other Locations]AIRSAFE™ offers the largest selection of air trailers in the industry. Innovation and engineering ensure you have the safest and smoothest ride possible. “Enjoy, come alive.” With AIRSAFE™, you stop the flow of shock current between the towing vehicle and the trailer, greatly reducing the energy blast when these two forces meet. Patented AIRSAFE™ couplings are designed so that the connection to the trailer is separate from the connection to the tow vehicle with an industrial strength airbag.

Air Ride Fifth Wheel Hitch

AIRBOX 10K, 16K & 18K This is the revolutionary AIRBOX™ line of 5th wheel couplers. This patented system places two airbags under the head of the 5th wheel that are 90% flexed, flexed and twisted. AIRBOX™  Revolution is the most versatile and compact 10K, 16K and 18K air system ever developed. Its economical price and AIRSAFE™ is difficult. Whether you have a long box or a short box, AIRBOX™ is your ticket to first class.

Reece 5ab E79200e Fifth Airborne Fifth Wheel Air Ride Coupler 5th Wheel Rv Hitch

OMNI-DIRECTIONAL AIRSAFE™ 20K & 25K For the big stuff, AIRSAFE™ offers our patented 20K and 25K Omni-Directional Air Hook 5th Wheel products. Once attached to the trailer, simply adjust the air level to the correct ride height. This patented, maintenance-free Omni-Directional system features 4 unique airbags located at each corner of the towers, all airbags connected by lines that allow air to flow freely from bag to bag, giving you a smooth, controlled ride. . If for any reason AIRSAFE™ products lose air pressure, they simply become a tight fit. With the proliferation of trailers and accessories like skid steers, the need for AIRSAFE™ products has never been greater. What’s surprising is the impact these large trailers have on the tow vehicle and how the versatile AIRSAFE™ system absorbs that impact.

32K AIRSAFE™ Class 5 Commercial Tire We also offer the AIRSAFE™ 32K Commercial Class 5 Tire, ideal for medium trucks and Class 8 conversions. GVWR. We use 1 ¼” Binkley full locking jaws and patented Hyme swivel joints for better lateral movement and energy absorption. We have a full 5/8″ steel base plate to ensure a commercial grade product. AIRSAFE™ 5th Wheel Hitches [associated_posts]Old Doe Hunters Inc. The company’s president said he was looking at a new 5th wheel to start a western expedition after his retirement. As treasurer and chairman of the entertainment and fuel committee, I told him we had exactly six. $.83 at the ODHA box office. Hizoner scratched the gray stubble on his chin, looked thoughtful for a moment, and offered a solution in one word:

Mind you, I’m not the type to recommend a 20-year RV loan go back to someone in his seventh decade, but I’ve seen him make a decision, a final decision by opening a Bud Light (not a crappy product plug-in, those will come later).

So I started offering my extensive knowledge so that the Hizzoner DIW (Dead in the Water for Non-Navy People) wouldn’t be stranded on Interstate 75 between the great white north and the land of the sun. . I said the tow truck needs to be upgraded first. A ½ ton pickup usually doesn’t do well with decent full-time fives. Some of the smaller varieties have pin weights low enough to run on a standard truck.

Lippert 155943 21k Air Ride Fifth Wheel Pin Box Med Tow, Vehicle Lifts, Hoists & Jacks

After I convinced the president that he needed to buy a new truck with heated seats and XM radio so he could listen to Dr. Phil, he had to decide if he liked the long box or the short box. Most of us like the short one because it’s easy to park and fits in my garage (but that’s just me). Once when the cradle came, he was stuck in the 8-meter bed. Then someone came out with a hook on a slider. Then someone got really smart and started designing 5th wheel trailers so they didn’t need an 8 foot bed or slide. When Hizoner went to Sam’s Club for free lunches on the 3rd, 7th and 12th aisles, he was pleased to learn that he might have “shorts.”

Now that we’ve decided the slider doesn’t need a plug, give it some mechanicals to fiddle with and eventually break, and the next RV show isn’t for another three months, we decided to do a little research. Now I could be of real help.

“Your back. The pan. The frame of the trailer.” This is true. While the 5th wheel offers a stable towing experience, it is notorious for bumping spines and redistributing the contents of your five. The solution is a pneumatic 5th wheel. It takes several forms.

Air Ride Fifth Wheel Hitch

The pin box variety is the most common. Dealers like them because they usually come standard from the trailer manufacturer and require no installation. They work well for small 5th wheels and short trips, but they are limited by space. They usually use one small airbag and shock absorber.

Curt Q25 5th Wheel Hitch 16265

If you want to go real airborne, mount it on a hook, not a pin. TrailerSaver makes the best air drives in the RV industry. TS3 22k air hook

Perfect for full time work. It set the standard that was introduced ten years ago. The pivot point of the TS3’s “swing arm” is the same as the heavy head

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