Alcachofas En Salsa De La Abuela

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Alcachofas En Salsa De La Abuela – Another way to prepare artichokes is to make them with stew. This is a simple recipe for a delicious dish with ham, onions and roasted garlic.

Artichokes with ham are always a safe bet. On this occasion, we stew them to get a unique first course of a winter menu.

Alcachofas En Salsa De La Abuela

Alcachofas En Salsa De La Abuela

Artichokes are flowers, the flowers that have not yet opened, are very tasty and healthy when cooked. It is a seasonal product that we can enjoy in winter and spring from October to April. To know how to choose good artichokes, you must make sure that their leaves are tight and closed and the stem is hard. Sometimes we find a brown leaf, this is due to the cold in the refrigerators, but if the artichoke remains smooth and very hard, we do not need to worry.

Alcachofas Con Almejas En Su Salsa

To clean the artichokes we remove the outer leaves, hard. These leaves can be tossed, cooked and absorbed, or made into artichoke cream. We use the softest part and the heart to make stewed artichokes. The stalks are also edible, so we can reserve them to make omelets or scrambled eggs. They are skinless and fleshy inside, sweet and rich like the heart of an artichoke. When all the artichokes are cleaned and cut, put them in a large bowl of water and a few drops of lemon or parsley to keep them from rusting. . . Since they are all well submerged in water, we can put a lid or wet patch on them.

When all the artichokes are ready, we put a drop of olive oil in the casserole and we mark it as cooked. We take them out and reserve them to add to the stew later. In the same casserole, add a little olive oil (about two tablespoons) and saute the onion with the garlic over low heat. We don’t want them to brown too much, but brown slowly.

When the onion is almost transparent (after about 10 minutes) and soft, we add a bay leaf, half of the ham and white wine. Saute everything and let the alcohol in the white wine evaporate.

The next step is to add the reserved artichokes, stirring gently and mixing them with the other ingredients so that they get the flavors. Add water that will almost cover them, and raise the heat to half power so they are cooked (but bubbles are tender). We cover them and reduce the heat so that they cook on low heat for about 30 minutes and are cooked like that. We corrected for salt by assuming that the ham contributes a portion of the salt to the stew.

Salteado Navideño De Alcachofas, Cardo Y Gambas

After the cooking time we will see if the artichokes are soft, if we see that they are a little less, we will leave for 5-10 minutes. We serve them and can decorate the rest of the ham we reserved.

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Alcachofas En Salsa De La Abuela

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Alcachofas Fritas Con Salsa De Ajo Negro Los Tragaldabas

Put all the filling ingredients in a bowl and mix well with a fork. Clean the artichoke hearts well with a small spoon. Make eight balls of the filling and place one on each artichoke, using your hand to try to get the filling inside the artichoke so that it sticks while frying. Pour plenty of oil in a not too big pan and heat it. Most of the time we roast the artichokes in pairs, but I like to roast them one at a time so that they don’t spoil when they rub against each other. First, I fried them for the filling for about four minutes, then turned them and fried the artichoke side for another two minutes. When we take it out, we put it in the pot to cook the sauce.

In a large pot, heat the water and add the meat or chicken stock. When we take the artichokes out of the frying pan, we put them in this pot.

Put very finely chopped onion, garlic and oil in a pan on high heat for one minute, lower the heat and fry for five minutes without stopping stirring so as not to burn the frying pan. When it reaches about four minutes, add the almonds and saffron to the sauce. We are dizzy in a few minutes, put everything in the glass of the blender with white wine, if we see that it is necessary, we also add some water. Beat well and place the artichokes in the prepared bowl. When it starts boiling, lower the heat and cook for half an hour. We tried the sauce to get the salt right.

Five minutes before turning off the fire, add a spoonful of flour dissolved in a little milk so that the sauce has a good thickness, add the tomatoes, reduce the sauce a little, and add the wine. This recipe for artichokes in sauce is simple and homemade, and it’s a delicious sauce. Artichokes in sauce is one of those recipes that should be added to the repeat cookbook because of how healthy and delicious it is. Sift the flour into the same bowl and add the artichokes, saffron water, lemon juice and hot water until absorbed.

Albóndigas En Salsa Con Productos De La Abuela Marga

Besides the fact that there are many sauces that can be made with boiled artichoke, we will focus on the most traditional ones. We are talking about a very simple dish, but it is not very tasty. We continue to cook the sauce over medium heat for a few minutes, constantly stirring to bind the sauce. Grandma’s artichoke recipe honors the plant’s natural flavor and gives it a touch of flavor with a sauce developed from wines. Boil the eggs in a pot for 15 minutes.

In my Murcian family, many artichokes are often eaten, boiled, baked, grilled or as a main part of the beautiful rice with vegetables prepared by my grandmother. Clean the artichokes, remove the log, foreign leaves and tips. Another casserole with water, a pinch of salt and a few sprigs of parsley, put them to cook. Peel and cut the onion and garlic and saute them in a pan with oil and a pinch of cayenne pepper over low heat.

Peel the artichokes with the help of a fine knife, cut off the tips and stems, and discard the outer leaves. Place them in the lemon mixture while cutting them. Boil the eggs in a pot for 15 minutes. If the artichoke sauce is too liquid, it can be mixed with some breadcrumbs. In relation, we see artichokes cooked, we serve them on a plate with soup cooked with artichokes, and we enjoy it. Artichokes are the protagonist in a simple rice with typical Murcian garden vegetables.

Alcachofas En Salsa De La Abuela

If you love artichokes, be sure to try this wonderful recipe. If you don’t have a Thermomix, adapt the recipe to a casserole, frying pan or wok. The absolute hero of this is the artichoke, as it is the only ingredient in the dish. The first step is to prepare the vegetables.

Recetas De Alcachofas

Add the tomatoes, reduce the sauce slightly, and add the wine. We clean the artichokes of the outer leaves and hard tips. We cut them in half lengthwise and dip them in a bowl with cold water and lemon juice. Adjust salt and pepper and add white wine to thicken

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