Alice Through The Looking Glass Official

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Alice Through The Looking Glass Official
Alice Through The Looking Glass Official

Alice Through The Looking Glass Official – Anne Hathaway is the White Queen, Johnny Depp is the Hatter, and Mia Wasikowska is Disney’s Alice … [+] ALICE THROUGH THE GLASS, a new adventure featuring the unforgettable characters of Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories .

, which opened amid negative reviews and bad press for one of the lead actors in its opening weekend Friday to $27 million / Friday to Monday $34.2 million. For perspective, that total of four days for

Alice Through The Looking Glass Official

Alice Through The Looking Glass Official

Received on opening day. The film will certainly make less money (domestic) than the original film ($116.1 million) earned in its opening weekend. The film grossed $100 million worldwide, but opened in multiple markets and failed to take off. Remember, everything great needs to be followed up.

Alice Through The Looking Glass

In March 2010. It was a mega-hit in early March. It was a (at the time unique) live-action variation on the animated classic. It featured Johnny Depp (a bit in his prime as a tie) and Anne Hathaway among others “I Know Who I Am!” movie stars. It was directed by Tim Burton and came out just as the generation was growing up

They had their own children to bring to the theater on its opening weekend. And it was the first major live-action 3D blockbuster to come after it

But the reviews were bad and the noise from the audience was good. The film took a long time, earning $334 million domestically from a weekend of $116 million for a multiple of 2.87x. And it crossed $1 billion when only five other films did. The audience may have enjoyed it more than the critics, but it wasn’t like the audience left the theater buzzing with the experience and dying to continue. Six years is a long time to go on. Six-year-olds who saw it in March or April 2010 are now twelve-year-olds.

) and eventually spawned a new Disney franchise with different types of action in their animated films. So, in May 2016,

Arts Margaret River

Different and unique. Johnny Depp is not the character he used to be, and it’s a continuation of a character that was not likable. Now it’s another big potential mid-season blockbuster. Despite the positive reviews, it will remain a big question mark in a very crowded summer.

The film opened with $89 million less than its predecessor, which is a record low when it comes to these things. Yes, it would be the first order to make $200 million less than its predecessor. I’ll have to check that as we get closer to the final percentage figure, but $90 million is a 73% drop from the first film. So this is a possible error. Ironically, this could have been completely avoided if the Disney of 2012 knew how many franchises the Disney of 2016 would have.

Disney really wanted to know if their live-action movies could provide a sequel. Besides, Disney has been knocking it out of the park with these storylines lately, but

Alice Through The Looking Glass Official

Was the first development of the series. Now that it’s blown up, it should serve as a reminder that not every live-action success story needs a sequel. So maybe you want to give up

Alice Through The Looking Glass Reviews

. It was a huge success at the time, and they had no luck building a franchise elsewhere. In 2010, Disney went crazy trying to create a new friend for the boy

Took Marvel to a new level in 2012, and yes, they spent a year buying Lucasfilm, but

In December 2012, it was a case of “Why, what else do we have?” Disney animation was already a year earlier

Even Pixar has struggled with the (perhaps absurd) language of “legacy.” They weren’t “judged” or any of that nonsense, but the idea of ​​Disney as an unstoppable tentpole machine is relatively new.

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So what happened between December 2012 and today? Well, Marvel had an amazing “Phase 2” there

It received solid reviews (a first for a new Disney franchise) and $543 million worldwide against a $95 million budget.

It almost sounds like a new idea. Disney did their usual marketing (I found the graphics incredibly interesting), but maybe the Disney of 2016 didn’t need it.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Official

He was always a failure, he left long after the first movie so Disney ended up in a healthy place. It has three of the biggest films of the year worldwide (

Alice Through The Looking Glass Stills Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Without assuming too much, it’s possible that Disney will have the top five movies of the year before the ball drops. So they can interact sometimes

. If they knew this in 2012, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation today. But just because Disney can afford to lose money doesn’t mean they want to. Education about

It’s pretty simple: if viewers flocked to the first one for any reason other than they “liked it”, it’s questionable how much they’d show up for the sequel.

It was a success of its time. But the sequel had no time and therefore was not lucky. There is no turning back. Alice Through the Looking Glass begins in 1874 when Alice Kingsleigh aboard her father’s ship, The Wonder, is forced by pirates to navigate the rocky Straits of Malacca.

Through The Looking Glass Maxton Books Lewis Carroll 1947 Alice Hc With Dust Jacket

A year later (in a text that perfectly matches the passage of time), Alice returns to London, slightly older than the young Mia Wasikowska (herself by six years) played in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland . She is, as others have said, very much her father’s daughter now and where she started – but everything has changed and so has she.

The stupid, evil guy (Leo Bill), whose marriage proposal he rejected at the end of the first film, has left and married someone else, and now threatens to drive out Alice’s mother ( Lindsay Duncan) out door to door if Alice. does not give up The Wonder (figurative warning!). Although Victorian Britain may tolerate young Alice’s pride and independence that gives her “a lot”, these traits are difficult to bear in an older woman and are considered signs of madness and hysteria. And it’s not like Alice can turn back the clock.

Or maybe he can. Because after the Absolem butterfly guided him to the magic mirror (voiced by the late Alan Rickman, dedicated to the film and another symbol of the irrevocable passage of time) and went with it to return In Underland, he discovers that his old friend Tarrant “The Hightopp The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) has entered a potentially fatal depression due to unresolved feelings for his dead father (the feelings of reflect Alice’s feelings for the late Mr. Kingsleigh).So that’s where she hatches a crazy plan to go back in time and stop Zanik Hightopp (Rhys Ifans) from being killed by the Jabberwock, despite Time’s warnings ( Sacha Baron Cohen, is fun as a very unusual “bad guy” that “the past cannot be changed, but something can be learned from it”.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Official

The amazing thing is that although Alice’s attempts to rewrite the history of Underland will fail time after time, Linda Woolverton is also able to rewrite – not only the writings of Lewis Carroll, but also the films of the main actors of the film. If the seas Alice sails in the opening scenes are similar to the waves of the time she will swim later, they also prepare the sea battles of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that made Depp a superstar in 2000. Meanwhile, the intricately designed cogs that make up Time’s castle and the “Golden Army” of shiny steampunk robots that obey Time’s command vividly illustrate (and Disneyfy) the magnificence of Guillermo del Toro, also played by Wasikowska in Crimson Peak.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Dolls Set Mad Hatter, Iracebeth, Mirana, Time

All this change makes the act of adaptation – trying to transform old materials into something new – one of the film’s main self-conscious performances. Alice’s madness through a parallel Victoriana universe reveals imaginative stories reminiscent of the prequels. Time is (literally) against this Alice. But during his travels, he meets much younger versions of the Hatter, Tweedledum and Tweedledee (Matt Lucas) and the Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry). We also learn how the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) has such a damaged head, how her destructive hatred of the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) stems from childhood conflicts over crumbs, and how the Hatter and how his friends were arrested. top with endless tea.

Director James Bobin, who previously worked with Cohen on the Da Ali G Show TV show, helped create Flight of the Conchords and directed the last two Muppet movies, here he manages to keep the topics serious ( grief, death) continue to carry them. Some very clever dialogue and some amazing design work – including the Red Queen’s staff of Arcimboldo-style fruit who aren’t happy that their annoying queen keeps eating them.

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