All Of The Marvel Avengers

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All Of The Marvel Avengers
All Of The Marvel Avengers

All Of The Marvel Avengers – A third-person adventure? Different locations and levels to smash, blast and blast your way through? Then you shouldn’t be surprised at how many Marvel Avengers collectibles there are.

The collectibles in Marvel’s Avengers come in two different flavors. First, there’s a cartoon that features your favorite characters throughout the campaign, providing both comical and static progression. In addition to that, there are also intellectual collectibles that increase the power of the game and the world (and your achievements).

All Of The Marvel Avengers

All Of The Marvel Avengers

Most of these can be spread throughout the levels of the single-player campaign, but some are randomly found in the various chests you come across. This guide may not show all available crates, but rather a detailed list of every collection that can be found outside of crates.

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They’re sorted by the level you’ll find them in, but be aware, some levels don’t have collectibles.

Every collectible in this level is found if you play as Kamala in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Five of them are optional (Avengers comics), but there are two you might miss amid all the excitement.

The first and easiest to find. This collection is located in the most important area of ​​this grade. It’s on the table in the first place you come to, across from the Iron Man exhibit.

Tucked away between two entrances to the Captain America exhibit, this piece of mind sits alone on a wall shelf.

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After the merry-go-rounds, we go a little further, and you can find collectives as you roam the rooftops and other places of New Jersey.

You can find this first piece of intelligence at the beginning of the level. After breaking your first wall and before using the second path, notice the tree on the left. The mind is behind the grill, next to the barbecue.

This first joke in The New Normal is at the top of the scale. After the second lane, go to the next roof and you can find this joke on the box on the right.

All Of The Marvel Avengers

After entering the secret hiding place, you can find it on the table to the left.

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On the second floor of your secret hideout, this time you’ll find the psyche on the table to the left.

You can find it on the other side of the stack on that floor, between the Thor statue and the squishy toy.

Outside, it goes a little further than that. After you cross a line and look at the couple in their apartment and go to the next roof, look for a roof on the left with some clean tiles on the wall. Jump back and forth around the corner to find it.

At the end of the block, you will find another roof on the left (facing Heroes Park). You will find this collection sitting on a pallet just waiting for someone to pick it up.

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There is no public transportation in the park, but once you get out of the sewers, you can continue under the tunnel, ignoring the stairs you have to use. It will be on the table on the left, next to a block that prevents you from going any further.

The area is crawling with buses to get out of the city and into the wild canyons of Utah.

It can be found here in a concrete bunker near the start of the first collectible level. Check the open safe on the right as you enter.

All Of The Marvel Avengers

Outside the bunker is an iron box on the rock wall to the right, and the second one is there.

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After riding the chimera, you should see your chest directly in front of you. There’s always something fun about it, but it’s not always guaranteed to be the same thing.

Behind the chest with the clown is a short corridor made of junk that turns to the right. You can find this mind by following it around the corner.

On the Chimera bridge (or command post or whatever they call it), you’ll find this feeling near the windows. Look for the pièce de résistance in front of the sleeping mats and you should find it in a chest nearby.

By taking the name of the dock, you can find it at the end, right next to where you started.

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After meeting the incredibly friendly Hulk, you’ll gain the ability to smash through walls. After breaking through the first set of doors, go up the small stairs ahead and find this part on the rubble.

After exiting the hangar, take an immediate right, go up the first set of stairs and find a door you can break down. Do that and you’ll find the interior on the left.

Hover over the same plane and you’ll find the first Hulk comic in the work area, near the cockpit. I think it’s cool that Banner is reading Hulk comics.

All Of The Marvel Avengers

At the far end of the hangar bay (in front of where you enter) this piece of information is hidden on a table next to some oil drums.

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Go back to the fighter planes and look through what you didn’t investigate, you should find this information on the table against the wall behind it.

Don’t be afraid to look for collectibles as you go through the Hulk Canyons, there are tons of chests in his department. But once you get into the basics, it’s time to start paying more attention.

After you destroy the green glowing gamma ray objects you will be in a room with a small ramp leading up. Go straight over the panel, immediately turn right and Hulks strong hands can grab this information from the top of the box.

Once you start climbing the inside of the structure, be careful as you step onto the half-high yellow platform. Once on the floor above, target some AIM soldiers and jump to the right. Ignore them and turn around and go through the security wall to find this information in the corner.

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After going through the labs, pay attention to the 1D lab. This information is located on the desk next to the automatic doors behind the door.

Once you return, look to the left to find this collective waiting for Kamala on the table.

After turning the power back on, you’ll find a room full of antique computers and Avengers museum pieces. You’ll find this comic on the wall to the left, next to a computer bigger than Kamala.

All Of The Marvel Avengers

Once the mission is over, you’ll return to the Chimera and explore the ship in a more orderly fashion before moving on to your next adventure. There are many chests to find, but when you start this adventure, you can take the stairs to Bruce’s room. On the table inside.

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Once you start playing as Tony, the first collectible you’ll find in House Call are some crates around the rocks to find as Kamala.

Tony, as soon as you enter the room right, you will immediately see a painting at the other end of your room. Intel is directly below it.

After that, enter the next room. Ignore the large dining table with the lights and go around the wine crates to the corner on the right. The joke is on a bunch of old dusty lines out there.

After that level, you’ll go through a bit where the collectibles aren’t there, but there are chests to look out for. However, you will play as different Avengers as they explore their base and prepare for their next mission. You can sometimes find information or fun things during this time.

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If you play as Tony Stark while navigating/repairing the Chimera, you can find this joke on it (Tony Stark’s room).

You can find this comic on the workstation next to Pym when you check out Ant Hill as Kamala, I think it’s Stargate.

After helping restart the Avengers program, Kamala sets out on her own to help other Inhumans. There are a lot of collectibles and chests to be found in this mission, so take your time.

When you’re outside, you’ll be jumping over several rocks and platforms. After a few jumps, you will find yourself heading to a cave, the information will be in a chest on the right, which is difficult to do.

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