Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock

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Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock
Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock

Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock – If you need to change the length of the gooseneck ball, you may need a connecting tube to extend the Ultimate Connection to attach to the gooseneck ball. Refer to the Connecting Pipe Diagram for the correct size of connecting pipe.

Andersen Hitches is proud to present the future of 5-wheel trailers. The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is the easiest and most affordable way to connect your 5th wheel trailer to a short bed or long bed truck. In fact, it is the fifth best wheel lock on the market.

Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock

Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock

Strong, durable and lightweight, our rail mount and gooseneck design gives you an incredibly smooth and quiet ride unmatched by any fifth wheel lock on the market today.

Towing & Hitches

The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection balls mount oil-free connectors. This means that unlike other five wheeler short bed trucks, the Ultimate Connection eliminates dirty hands and messes! Also, because the linkage has a ball, it rotates more in all directions than any other 5th wheel linkage. This allows you to attach or detach your trailer on an uneven surface.

By providing a remote cable that connects to the coupler, we no longer have to climb into the back of the truck to remove the coupler from the 5-wheel trailer. With nearly 3″ of height adjustment, the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection sets new standards in the industry. This is what makes the Ultimate the best fifth wheel lock on the market. After 2 years of owning an Andersen wheel, it’s time to write a review. Would I repurchase this? Is it easy to install? Does it work well? Get the answers.

Is this the right store for everyone? No, but I believe it’s the most innovative thing ever and it’s backed by a big company. Learn why we love this hamper and why it might not be for everyone.

This means I also have to change my trusty Equalizer connection to 5

Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

The name of the website is because I am a weekend warrior. I use my truck every week to haul everything from rocks and wood to my son’s ATV. With that in mind, I wanted a mount that was easy to assemble and remove from the bed of my truck. I quickly discarded the automatic slider option due to weight. Compared to the manual slide, the Andersen hub passed the test for ease of installation and removal.

I already had a Ram 3500 with a 6-1/2′ bed, so I needed a good convertible mount. I have seen horror stories and pictures of someone cutting the back window with a very sharp blade and damaging the windshield of their car from the back window of the truck.

I knew it was difficult to get in and out of the truck, but the thought of what was happening made me lean more on the skid.

Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock

I read as many forum posts and watched as many YouTube videos as I could about Hitch and short bed trucks before solving the Andersen issue. I even called the factory and asked what combination of truck and trailer I was going to use. Finally, I decided I had enough evidence to try Andersen.

Andersen 3200 Rail Version Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection With Ball Funnel

After solving Andersen’s problem, the next step was to choose an option. Andersen was making 4 versions of Ultimate 5 when I bought it

I chose the gooseneck over the train version for a few reasons. My truck is equipped with a factory setup kit that allows me to quickly and easily drop the gooseneck balls into the bed. In order to use the rail version, I will need to purchase a rail adapter that plugs into the factory preamplifier. A rail adapter is heavier and more expensive than a gooseneck ball. Lastly, I believe the gooseneck version is more secure and has less clearance between the mount and the truck.

At first I decided to buy a metal gooseneck mount (this model is no longer available). It weighs much less than any other mount I’ve seen and costs less than the aluminum version. I waited until the last minute and ordered 1 week before replacing my Shamrock Hybrid with the Cougar 5.

I had Kurt’s gooseneck ball and ram training anchor kit, but the car hadn’t arrived the day before and I had to make the 6 hour drive from Ohio to Kentucky to pick up the new camper.

Lowered Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

I checked the tracking number and found that my new delay was 2 days away, something happened with shipping and the delivery was delayed.

So, I have 1 day left to hit the road or I will have to postpone my trip. I called Andersen and was given the phone number of our district attorney. My calls to him went to voicemail but he called me back within 1 hour. He was able to give me the names of several dealers around me that should be on my way.

I called the nearest dealer and found that they have 3 versions of the aluminum goosenecks in stock. It was late at this time. I asked them to build for me. He said he would come tomorrow morning to pick it up.

Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock

My original plan was to buy the steel version because of the cost savings, but after looking at both models, I’m glad I got the aluminum version. About a week after I got the aluminum version, I got the metal mount and shipped it.

Andersen Hitch (roto Flex) Lockout Kit (pics)

Another argument is that steel is stronger than aluminum. While that may be true in this case, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because the material was part of the fastener’s design, aluminum fasteners are capable of carrying normal loads, even if steel is stronger.

Now let’s talk about using the lock. If you’ve been following along, you probably figured out that I’ll be hitting roadblocks on my way to pick up my new camper. I had a lot of faith in the easy installation of this mount. Otherwise, with a new camp 6 hours from home, there was no way to pull.

So, I attached a balance lock to my travel trailer, grabbed an Andersen coupler, and headed out to find a new RV. Based on what I read about the installation process, I used a socket set, an allen wrench, and an adjustable wrench. a set of instruments are packed.

The Andersen installation guide has 2 sections dedicated to measurement. These measurements will help you determine the turning clearance of your truck and RV. You can use my measurements to help you calculate the turning distance of your combination. Ft. Knox Locks Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Lock ( Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Lock)

If you are thinking of buying this whistle, please take your measurements and compare them to mine. This will help you understand how well you can steer your RV using the lock.

These measurements give you an estimate of your turning distance. In this manual, “full clearance” is defined as a rating of 1 shorter than a rating of 2.

Even if the wheels are at a 90 degree angle on your truck, you will still have space between the side of the RV and the back window of the truck.

Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock

I don’t have “full clearance” but I’ve had no problems getting into hard camps, even in heavily wooded areas.

Best 5th Wheel Hitches (reese, B&w, Curt, Andersen, Blue Ox)

For me, M1 – M2 = 53” – 42” = 11”, so I am 11” short of the total output.

Part of the reason this isn’t as bad as it sounds is that the first measurement isn’t taken directly from the side, it’s taken back behind the front cap radius. This means that the actual interference between the truck and the camper is much less than 11.

They measure the distance between the center box, the bed side rail (or tonneau cover) and the tailgate. These measurements will help you decide which way to attach the connector to the 5

Measure 3 is made with ball sockets in front and back of the kinpin. If you are measuring in the middle of your kingpin, just add or subtract 4″ to get these 2 measurements.

Pullrite 2315 Oem 24k Superglide For Ram With Prep Package 18

These measurements were taken with my American Roll Cover tonneau cover and rails installed, so my 4 measurements are shorter than normal.

With the connector in position 1, the back edge of my pin box interferes with the bed cover rails by 4 inches. Even with a long bed truck, you can’t turn 90 degrees

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