Avatar The Last Airbender Free

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Avatar The Last Airbender Free
Avatar The Last Airbender Free

Avatar The Last Airbender Free – Celebrate the world of Four Nations with two new Avatar stories: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra! Favorite characters from two generations of the Avatar team will give you food for thought – and more than a few laughs along the way!

The writing here is great! I wanted more because I could hear Aang and Tenzin’s voices in my head. I need more from the Avatar: The Last Airbender era. It’s the time between A:TLA and Korra where we see Aang older. Our characters are middle-aged and we see their personalities as adults. This is a very satisfying and heartwarming read for a fangirl. I need an anime series from this era or a whole novel with all my favorite characters. We need to know that: (1) Is Aang a bad father? (2) How did Zuko become Fire Lord? How did he find the dragon? Who did she marry? I need to see him as a father. Please! Dadko is clumsy and angry. (3) Has Azula recovered? Are they ever happy? (4) Who does Toph end up with? (5) Are Sokka and Suki together? Do they have children? This book gave me some of what I was looking for, but now I need content like this.

Avatar The Last Airbender Free

Avatar The Last Airbender Free

This edition contains 2 short comics. The first tells the story of Tenzin telling his children (we meet Aang, Toph and Katara again!) about his childhood experiences that matter. And the other is about Iroh and the tea shop! I can’t stop laughing during this story, it’s heartwarming

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These are two great stories with fun characters and good lessons. What I like best is a perfect short story with a realistic ending. What a great free comic to publish!

Going on a date with Iroh is fun. I also want to see tenzin’s story and get some idea of ​​some of the things he may go through as a child as aang’s father and talk as a military leader. It’s like seeing him as a father and also trying to teach his son air culture, it’s weird to me because I grew up with him as a child and so he became a father and an adult and saw Toph as an adult. something weird.

Cute, but entering this world doesn’t give me enough background to understand what’s going on. As a result, I think I’ll leave this one: I’m more into superhero comics than pure fantasy, but I tend to pick up and read FCBD stuff on Comixology, and this isn’t bad – but it doesn’t entice me enough to read more about Avatar. or Legend of Korra.

Two great little stories (that are stronger than other recent comics) – Tenzin in particular gives us a chance to see more of the Gaang as adults, and Iroh goes deeper into his character. That’s exactly what we want to see at Avatar Studios! Here’s hoping.

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Fcbd offer. For fcbd we got two stories, one about police work and one about romance. Suitable for all ages. Beautiful colored artwork. One of the best Free Comic Book Day deals ever.

I liked the first story and the second one was fun too. I can’t wait for my sister to read this because she wants to have tea with Uncle Iroh SO BAD

I love the first story, it’s very cute and it’s fun to see young Tenzin and mature Aang. The second story is also funny. Iroh is always happy.

Avatar The Last Airbender Free

Sehr unterhaltsam. Wunderschön illustration. A story with charm and wit. Besonders der letzte Comic is good, empfehlenswert und unfassbar herzlich.

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This is a really sweet story, I love seeing Aang and Toph again and I love tenzin’s story. This is a fun read

Nice story, I didn’t know much about Last Airbender. That being said, I think the two stories included are pretty good.

I like this. Personally, I’m not a fan of Legend of Korra. But it’s fun and has a great message about respecting property and fixing what’s wrong.

Irohi’s story is charming and always happy to see more of Team Avatar as an adult (+ a very young Tenzin!). 4.5/5

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I found the comic by accident. And oh, the first story was great, but the second one with Iroh was absolutely wonderful 🥺

Tenzin’s story of his youth and Uncle Iroh’s story of stepping out of his comfort zone.

Good story Good story about Avatar, the last airbender universe. I love the art, the location, the background, etc. it kind of reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s stories and anime art style.

Avatar The Last Airbender Free

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