Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Comic Book

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Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Comic Book
Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Comic Book

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The animated Avatar: The Last Airbender ends with Aang, the Avatar, completing his mission to bring peace to the world by stopping the expansion of the Fire Nation. The promise continues with Gene Luen Yang, who deals with the problem of what will happen to the community they live in if all the Fire citizens are forcibly removed to their homeland. As real-world politicians have long recognized, this is a contentious issue with no single solution, and has driven a wedge between Aang’s disparate era allies. . Hanging over it all is a promise to the leader of the Fire Nation Zuko, made by Aang, that he will kill someone if he ever shows signs like his father.

Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Comic Book

Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Comic Book

Much of the first part focuses on establishing the central premise, so that now Yang can take a step back and appear in a new world. They have a great cast, and Sokka follows Toph to her metalbending school, now once again ruled by Fire Nation adepts. It seems that his students are not strong enough to push him away. Meanwhile, Aang and Katara get stuck with their zealous fan club when they have to meet the Earth King.

Avatar: The Last Airbender The Promise Omnibus Von Bryan Konietzko

Part of the reason the animated Avatar did so well was because almost everything was benevolent, and Aang himself, a strange spirit, influenced the series. The Legend of the Monkey King is definitely an inspiration, and is a character Yang is familiar with. He infused

With the same positivity, and it is noticeable that the optimistic character does the best. When Zuko began to doubt, he weakened despite the project of strength. Of course, when Gurihiru’s art team makes everything look bright and fun, there is an instant connection and the audience wants to read more.

The lack of a positive attitude is the plot of Disney, but at the end of this chapter, the war again seems inevitable, and it is a bet for the conclusion of the third part. Alternatively, The Promise Hardcover collection brings together the entire story. I’m going to be honest with you all right now and say that one of my favorite series in a long time is

Here). The pacing, world building, characters and character development are all brilliant. So I am delighted that one of my first posts will be a review of the collected edition

Avatar: The Last Airbender

So in the review! Be warned that this is a spoiler-filled review, and I’ll talk freely about plot developments as if you’ve read them. Read at your own risk if you want to avoid spoilers!

First, the story in a nutshell: After the end of the original avatar series, our heroes celebrate their victory over Ozai and the end of the war. The Harmony Restoration Movement (HRM) was founded to restore balance to the world by decolonizing the Fire Nation from its former colonies. Zuko promised Aang that he would kill him if he became like his father. Zuko is attacked by the citizens of Yu Dao in rebellion against HRM. When Zuko visits the city, he withdraws his support for the movement. Aang and Katara visit Yu Dao and decide that Kuei and Zuko will meet because simply breaking the colonial rules will disrupt life in the city. Mediating between the two, Team Avatar leaves Sokka and Toph behind to see Toph at the Metalbending Academy. While there, the owner of the Fire Nation school previously challenged Toph and her students for ownership of the academy/dojo. Zuko goes to his father for advice and decides to defend the colony, a secret that leads Mai to leave him when he finds out. Back in the Earth Kingdom, Toph’s student can’t bend metal despite Sokka’s ideas and machines. When the firebenders came up for their challenge, however, they managed to fight the dead using a metalbender influenced by Toph’s belief in their potential. Aang and Katara meet with Kuei and he insists that this time he will not be a coward and face Zuko. When the two nations were at war, all sides approached Yu Dao. The two forces face each other until Aang meditates and then interrupts the fight, saving Zuko from falling to his death. Kuei decides to stop fighting and visit Yu Dao alone, while Zuko collapses in exhaustion, realizing that his decision was the right one. He wakes up in Iroh’s tea shop, and he and Aang decide that a new future must be created for Yu Dao beyond the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation, which Kuei will decide. Aang turns the fan club into the Air Acolytes, with him as their teacher. Zuko decides to continue his mother’s search to connect with the better part of his bloodline and asks his sister to coax information from Ozai that he cannot accept.

One of the first thoughts after writing all of the above is that there is quite a lot going on in this book. That’s true, but the pace of the story flows really well and doesn’t lag too much, except when switching to Metalbending Academy. Otherwise, even though Part 2 is essentially a follow-up, subplot, and set-up for Part 3, it still feels like a part of a larger narrative, and the amount of time spent on characterization is fantastic and underwhelming. feel humiliated.

Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Comic Book

Many main plots. Having all three volumes in one hardback definitely helps in this regard, as they read better together as one book.

Avatar: The Last Airbender North And South Part Three Comics, Graphic Novels Und Mangas Ebook Von Gene Luen Yang

For the story, one of the main themes is colonialism and its effects, which Yang works with vividly. This issue is especially close to my heart because of my country’s history. After about 170 years under British rule, most Maltese people really fear being separated from the colonists, because they are in daily contact with them and because their livelihoods often depend on the British services stationed here. Yu Dao is a beautiful reflection of the human reality brought about by long-term colonization and cross-cultural integration, which must exist during war. Having Kunyo is also a good way to symbolize the lingering anger against anti-colonialism that ordinary citizens of the Fire Nation can feel. After a hundred years of war and colonialism, not everything changed overnight.

While dealing with the relationship between cultures, it is also interesting to see how Yang deals with cultural appropriation in the world of Avatar. The fan club is shown to be well-intentioned and genuinely interested in Air Nomad culture, but their fandom gets the better of them and they insult Aang without knowing it. I also like the way Aang portrays his role as the last Airbender. He took on the responsibility of being the protector of his people’s culture and took responsibility to ensure their survival by founding the Air Acolytes organization through a fan club.

Book 2; Aang’s understandable sense of responsibility towards his culture leads to a greater love for his Airbender son (Tenzin), which causes resentment towards the other siblings (Kya and Earth). Issues related to cultural ownership, assimilation and recruitment are also directly addressed in the first chapter of book 3 (

Specifically) when new Airbenders appear on Earth Realm after the Harmonic Convergence. Tenzin sees it as an opportunity to rebuild the nation, but fails to realize from the beginning that most people have grown into their own culture of origin; they may be (new) Airbenders, but they are not Air Nomads. See how this looks on the screen after reading

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise, Part 2

Made me realize how the first Air Acolytes must be young and enthusiastic members of the fan club.

I also like how The Promise deals with the conflict between ideals and relationships. In the post-war world of Avatar, good means dividing the nation as before the war, but the human reality of the Yu Dao people must lead to a compromise. Sneers begins to try to live his dream, but when he has to choose to live with the one he loves, he has to give up because of his relationship with Kori. Kuei also decided not to take Yu Dao back after seeing how people live together there. This point is further illustrated by combining Yu Dao’s fate with Aang and Katara’s own future. It’s a smart move that raises the stakes by making it more personal.

Other than that, I like Yang’s situation

Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Comic Book

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