Avengers Age Of Ultron Figure

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Avengers Age Of Ultron Figure
Avengers Age Of Ultron Figure

Avengers Age Of Ultron Figure – Of all the different Avengers Age of Ultron toy lines out there, the only one I immediately wrote off as trash was the Hasbro 4″ Avengers Age of Ultron figures. With the line’s unusual deco and five points of articulation, I really thought Hasbro had no plans for this line to excite collectors. I was wrong. Coming soon to Avengers Age of Ultron 4″: Scarlet Witch, Ultron 2.0 and Iron Legion figures!

With the first wave of this year’s Avengers Age of Ultron toy line in the Marvel 5POA scale consisting of only the four “popular” core Avengers (Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor), things looked bleak for any continuation of the line. .

Avengers Age Of Ultron Figure

Avengers Age Of Ultron Figure

But Hasbro sure wanted to defy the naysayers this time, because they have five additional figures for the 4-inch Age of Ultron line produced and now on their way to stores!

Beast Kingdom Ls 023sp Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron Iron Man: Mark Xl

I know there’s going to be a lot of hate for the fact that we’re getting a Scarlet Witch movie figure in the Marvel Universe scale instead of the Marvel Legends scale, but it’s much faster to have a low detail, 5POA Scarlet Witch production figure as authentic, super -articulated Marvel Legends movie Scarlet Witch.

Although I loathe five points of articulation figures, I think Scarlet Witch might be “okay” in this style. She’s not Black Widow or anything, so I think her figure with (very) limited articulation could be acceptable. And at least the Scarlet Witch sculpt looks better than most of the other Happy Meal toy figures in this line.

What I think is a bit bizarre is that Hasbro’s 3 3/4″ Scarlet Witch figure has the exact same (gorgeous) translucent pink witch effect pieces as Marvel’s 6″ Scarlet Legends that came out this winter. I love them. these effects, but come on – they’re big enough for this Scarlet Witch movie figure to be used as a hula hoop!

I doubt anyone will consider the inclusion of a 4″ Iron Legion figure and War Machine a surprise here, as Hasbro has countless Iron Man and War Machine molds they can paint for minimal development costs. I really want to like this Iron Legion figure because I think the armor design is actually pretty cool, but this figure doesn’t look that hot painted in the Iron Legion colors.

Marvel's Avengers Age Of Ultron Iron Man 3.75 Action Figure B0976 New

However, the strangest inclusion in this series is Loki! This is the first time we’ve seen Loki on any released Avengers: Age of Ultron merchandise – but it’s not Loki’s movie style either! This is a repaint from last year

– resemblance to Tom Hiddleston, as it was never intended to be a film-based Loki figure. However, this isn’t a straight repaint – the green and black areas of the figure have been replaced since his previous release (Dollar Store Loki owners, calm down!).

The 4-inch Ultron 2.0 action figure, on the other hand, looks like a brand new sculpt to me (and if Hasbro reused an old mold for him, I don’t know what that is.) It’s a decent enough Ultron, I guess, but I think it will I’m sticking with my Hot Toys Ultron Prime and Marvel Legends Ultron Build-A-Figure this year and ditching the toy-like version of Ultron for Happy Meal.

Avengers Age Of Ultron Figure

Are you happy to see the Avengers Age of Ultron Marvel Universe scale line expanding, Marvel fans? Or will you pass on the five figures that make up the 4-inch Avengers AOU Wave 2 (even the Scarlet Witch)? Although some stores accidentally started stocking the product a few weeks ago, this week is the official launch window for most Avengers: Age of Ultron toys! And, as with most Marvel Studios movies, Hasbro has now released a line of 4-inch Marvel Universe toys from Avengers of Ultron. But while Marvel’s Hasbro 4 figures are traditionally some of their most beloved offerings, I have a feeling that the Avengers Age of Ultron All-Star figures won’t be greeted with warm, loving arms by many collectors…

Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron Savage Hulk Exclusive Pop! Vinyl Figure Merchandise

As soon as I saw the first image of Hasbro’s 3 3/4-inch Avengers Age of Ultron action figures, I knew the line was going to be a bust. See, while we’ve gotten used to super-detailed, super-articulated Hasbro Marvel action figures of this scale over the past half-decade, those days seem to be coming to an end.

Hasbro now favors the under-detailed, under-articulated 2.5-inch figure scale as a cheap alternative to the classic Marvel Universe 3 3/4-inch scale, and from this point on we can expect most of the MU-scale figures (which are not repainting old figures is not) to contain inferior sculpting and paint, along with a powerful five points of articulation.

Yeah, I’m sure it won’t surprise anyone that only the “core” four Avengers are featured here (although I’m not so sure I’d want to see what Scarlett Johansson would look like in this line anyway).

4-inch figures from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie released, you’d think that anything Hasbro released in this scale for Avengers AOU would be an improvement. But after seeing these numbers in person, well…I’m not sure that’s really the case.

Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron Hulk Vs Sub Ultron Action Figure Pack: Amazon.de: Toys

Some positive aspects of these figures: the fact that they have individualized cards (with a lowest common denominator such as “Tony Stark’s ultra-high-tech armor makes him an unstoppable super hero!”) and that three of the four figures include an accessory (Shield Cap’s, Iron Man’s energy effects piece, Thor’s cape and hammer).

I’m not a fan of five points of articulation figures – Hasbro has actually released some nice 5POA Rebels figures in the past year. But this, well… this looks really bad. Even as a child I don’t think I would be satisfied with numbers that look like this.

The paint decoration on these figures is sloppy – not to mention the vast majority of Iron Man Mark 43’s armor detail is completely unpainted. With limited articulation, subpar craftsmanship, and a lack of great paint detail, it looks more like glorified 1990s Happy Meal toys than a Hasbro product I’d go to a store and pay real money for.

Avengers Age Of Ultron Figure

The Hasbro Avengers Age of Ultron All-Star Figures are available online as a set for $24.99 and are sold individually for $5-$6 (plus tax) at retail stores. As much as I’ve loved collecting Marvel Universe and Marvel Infinite Series figures over the years in this scale, it’s not for me, but your collecting tastes may vary.

Talking Interactive Thor Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron Titan Hero Tech

What do you think of the Avengers Age of Ultron 3 line of 3/4-inch figures, Marvel fans? Anyone out there planning to collect these figures for whatever reason, or are you planning to vote with your dollars and stay away from the Avengers Age of Ultron All Stars figures?

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