Avengers Age Of Ultron Hd

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Avengers Age Of Ultron Hd
Avengers Age Of Ultron Hd

Avengers Age Of Ultron Hd – During the mission to rescue Loki’s staff from the Hydra fortress in icy Sokovia, the Avengers must not only protect the artifact, but also the artificial intelligence it contains, based on Stark, Banner, and Jarvis’ initial analysis. Eternal peace to the construction. Desperate to return Thor to Asgard with his scepter, Tony and Bruce have only days left to transfer this precious product without consulting others to Stark’s Ultron program – a program originally designed for global security. But the AI ​​seems very zealous and hostile. The first victim is Jarvis, who has been infiltrated by her neutron connection. After being placed in a broken robot from Stark’s garage, the AI ​​directly explains his version of peace to the Avengers and initially predicts the heroes’ doom. So Ultron isn’t what Stark thought he would be, and he’s still on the run. In twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, he has two powerful allies who have unique superpowers and still have a point to agree with Stark. Because of this combined power, good advice is sound because Ultron is on the brink of destroying almost everywhere, at all times, and all of humanity—to create a new system based on a loose principle, you must first create a great upheaval. .

Joss Whedon wants to know in his sequels and reboots with the dramatic attack on the Hydra base in Sokovia. It gives us a ten-minute sequence that feels like a mini-war and introduces all the familiar characters well, including their personalities. But not only this, but we will see directly two new characters that will enrich the universe Avengers: Age of Ultron: Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, the twins with very special characteristics. Pietro presents speed as “Quicksilver” and Wanda captures his psychological side as “Scarlet Witch”. It can affect its victims with telekinesis. Both have personal accomplishments to contend with Stark, and their abilities have caused some confusion among the Avengers.

Avengers Age Of Ultron Hd

Avengers Age Of Ultron Hd

But while we’re on the subject of new characters: Ultron, the antagonist in the second Avengers adventure, is unfortunately the weakest point in Whedon’s film – and only because he’s wearing a Stark robot suit and therefore doesn’t seem very special. It is not for nothing that a superhero film is said to be as good as its competitor. While Whedon doesn’t make the mistake of including multiple villains (like the two sequels in the original Spider-Man franchise), Ultron as a companion is too outlandish and, above all, too stupid at times. After all, a super-intelligent AI is out to destroy humanity and create a new race in its own image, so as a viewer, you should expect this AI not to spend its time on crass jokes. Moments like these bring the horror out of the character and you don’t fear that the assembled Avengers might not do that. This was the case with the former three years ago, though witchcraft and irony played a major role in the film’s high entertainment value.

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Of course, Age of Ultron has a well-executed joke that gives the first glimpse of the other Avengers trying to take Thor’s hammer. It’s funny to see experienced people trying in vain, Whedon once again upped the ante, when Steve Rogers managed to move the amazing device, at least for a short time – Thor’s facial expression at the moment: worthless.

Anyway, it’s the arrogance of the people/heroes that is used to lighten things up – similar to the story, because the villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron grows out of the arrogance of people who think they can solve everything once and for all. For all: problems with their technical improvements, superior intelligence and strength. Time and again (especially in long flashbacks of characters under Wanda’s telekinetic influence) it’s made clear that the Avengers are always part of the problem, not just the solution.

Whedon addresses the same themes that have been expressed repeatedly in the films of the X-Men franchise: Should you believe in superheroes with superpowers, or are you better off without them? Of course, this isn’t overdoing it or politicizing dissatisfaction, but the superhero movies from the Marvel Universe are deep enough to not devolve into simple science fiction in the style of Hollow Transformers shells. The most controversial scene in this context is the first highlight of Age of Ultron: in the big fight between Hulk and Iron Man, when a high-rise building collapses and people on the street are disturbed by dust and ash, the symbolic power cannot be too big for the danger that the Avengers are supposed to bring. – After all, Whedon is painting a picture here based on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It’s a shame the movie started so quickly. It rushes to the next climax of the action, without the disbelief that the heroes have arrived – here Age of Ultron feels rushed. Despite all the views, it will certainly take time to see some reactions from the public and/or relevant government officials.

This brings us to the values ​​of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which are truly amazing. Every single fight is amazing, even fun, and towards the end Whedon will uproot an entire city and leave it floating around. Quicksilver’s shocking slow-motion sequences are also a lot of fun. However, on the one hand, it lacks a scene that can be compared to the previous helicopter (although a good airship has a short guest appearance) and on the other hand, the director is clearly using some other levels. You can’t shake the feeling that you’ve seen a lot of action sequences before – Quicksilver’s character and actions in particular suffer a bit (despite the beautiful visuals). Compared to other representatives of the sci-fi genre, the second part of the Avengers universe has an expressive character ahead of its colleagues: as in the past, Whedon is amazing to give space to each individual character, and especially during action scenes. To make them work hand in hand very fluidly. And so Avengers: Age of Ultron has something that many other sci-fi movies lack: a soul.

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron footage on Blu-ray leaves somewhat mixed impressions: Robert Downey Jr.’s close-up. The Iron Man suit behind the HUD is incredibly sharp and extremely 3D even in 2D. However, some of the dark sequences and the slow-moving opening sequence in the snow could do with a bit more contrast – here the blacks are gray and the large-scale overview scenes lack particular depth of detail. While the sequences are entirely computer generated, the feel is somewhat bland. On the other hand, the spatial depth in the best scenes is very good, because if Whedon does, you can still make every detail in the background, for example in the command center. The reflection on the banner glasses is also very good. Anyone who wears glasses knows how hard it can be to keep your glasses looking clean. The colors are also very strong, but they are filtered differently depending on the location. Sometimes brown tones dominate, sometimes it is blue and cold.

Vocally, Avengers: Age of Ultron deserves more criticism: even the opening sequence features an underrepresented mid- and high-frequency range. Iron Man spins and pops and grunts as he fires his energy waves, but somehow he seems musty and dazed. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of where they should be. If the green rage gets into the act, it will visibly choose two or three opponents. But you don’t hear anything about it. Now one could blame the German audio, which (typically Disney) is re-available in slightly thinner dts HD hi-res, the original recording was mixed on a DT HD master, but it sounds a little flatter and quieter on these shows. Although it comes with two more channels (7.1 vs. 5.1 in the dubbed version), anyone who watches the title sequence two or three times will clearly notice the difference.

The German version offers a consistently incomplete sound reproduction through the center. All in all, there’s a critical trend here, which Disney has also done with the following Marvel titles, and which drives true home cinema fans crazy.

Avengers Age Of Ultron Hd

After all, subwoofers are used most often when Thor shakes the ground with his hammer or the Hulk dives into his mini-machine gun stash. You can’t shake the feeling that the opening scene was a little neglected during Mastering, as both the visuals and audio could be a little better. Because the first Ultron’s short run seemed very balanced with our superheroes, and the machine guns on the abandoned ship blared in a strangely strange way. For example, the sub-sonic sweep after Stark throws the Hulk into the shell of a skyscraper (58’12) is really impressive and really bassy.

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No less than nine! During the recording, different cameras came

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