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Baywatch Movie
Baywatch Movie

Baywatch Movie – “The Watchmen of Malibu tried to update the source material to be self-aware and ironic.” Photo: Allstar/Paramount Pictures

The series was a product of the 90s, billing itself as simple entertainment with the obligatory slow motion. Doing it again now has lost its charm

Baywatch Movie

Baywatch Movie

Like “21 Jump Street” and “Charlie’s Angels” before it, “Malibu Rescue” has been plucked from the graveyard of the small screen and remade for the big budget. Now, instead of David Hasselhoff fighting alligators and rescuing surprisingly unstable women from the ocean, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has donned Mitch Buchanan’s flip flops. Zac Efron is the new addition, a cocky Olympic medalist sent to the Rescuers to do PR. The feedback was not good. “Even emptier than its source material,” the AV Club wrote in a particularly scathing takedown.

How Dare The ‘baywatch’ Movie Be This Bad

This source material may be empty, but it belongs to another era. Watching old episodes of “Malibu Rescuers” is like being transported to the distant past, before the words “prestige”, “box set” or “golden age” were used on television. It’s a show that exists in primary colors: red swimsuits, yellow trucks, blue sky and sea. The acting is flat and delightfully awful, the plots are crazy, the camera lingers on the bodies of the characters, a fine holdover from what was considered great 25 years ago when c was a Saturday tea staple in the UK. In fact, its popularity in Britain is part of what saved it from early cancellation – strong overseas sales made up for poor ratings in the US and gave it reason to stick around.

The show spanned the ’90s and in many ways was a big part of what defined it: full of magazines, ladettes, Pamela Anderson roaming the airwaves. It was so iconic that it became part of the hit TV show of the decade, Friends, where Joey and Chandler regularly went on dates to watch Yasmin Blyth jog slowly down the beach. If you re-watch the show expecting the views to be less bad, you might be in for a surprise: there’s a scene in season two where a woman escapes the clutches of a crazed knife-wielding kidnapper and runs, runs, runs into the sea, slowly , as the camera insistently lands on his upper body. Assassination attempt? Nothing a little slow motion surge in the ocean can’t solve.

It’s absurd, camp, and silly, and it would take a tough soul not to take pleasure in how delightfully awful it is. But I didn’t expect Guardians of Malibu to make me regret the innocence of bad television. Television is going through a period of great invention. Hollywood’s most unique and experimental filmmakers have turned to the long story, this year alone seeing new TV shows from David Lynch, Gus van Sant and Jane Campion. There are countless must-watch dramas that demand time; even the thought of keeping up is exhausting. I’ve long been on the edge of guilt for mindlessly watching TV when I needed to know why everyone loves The West Wing so much, and yet sometimes all you have to do is turn it off when you turn it on.

Baywatch didn’t pretend to be anything more than simple entertainment. He’s so soapy it makes Hollyoaks look like a Ken Loach movie. It was cheap eye candy and she knew it, and despite all the infamous slow-motion “running” shots of the female characters, there really was something for everyone, whether it was Hasselhoff’s chest hair or the endless lifeguards- bands of guys with floppy bangs. and a belly on a washboard, or even just the bright and beautiful coast of California (or Hawaii, for those who came to the series when she collapsed at the end of her life). Any storyline, whether it was Stephanie’s helicopter phobia or the inexplicable teen runaway storyline that somehow included a cameo from Little Richard, existed for the sole purpose of showing bright, smooth people having fun in the sun and falling in love.

Seth Gordon Has Achieved The Impossible

“For reboots like this to work, they have to be loving and respectful.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron in Malibu Watch. Photo: Allstar/Paramount Pictures

In the new enhanced Baywatch, Efron’s character stares at the lifeguard’s chest; she tells him he should look at her face. “I’m trying. But it’s so close to your tits,” he lets out a nonchalant reply. It’s cynical to pretend you’re on top of something and reap the rewards. Like 21 Jump Street, there’s an attempt to update the source material , with insight and irony, but for these types of reboots to work, they need to be loving and respectful as well as witty. It is proven that the gloomy 22 Jump Street is not as simple as it seems. No wonder Baywatch 2017 looks like this The new Guardians of Malibu movie is “much dirtier” than the TV series, with “more gratuitous boobs per minute than you can imagine,” vowed frontman Dwayne Johnson.

Former jobber wrestler Rock, 44, jumped at the chance to direct a film version of the cult series, which he says “looks like children’s TV” compared to the gritty big screen version.

Baywatch Movie

He laughed: “We’re a lot dirtier than we’ve ever been on the show – obviously the show was a family show that aired during family time – but we could have been dirtier in the film.

Baywatch Movie Scene Hd Wallpaper

“I think people will be shocked that ‘Malibu Rescue’ has gotten dirty, but there are a lot of laughs.

“We’ve worked hard to make sure the flesh quota is high so that there are more free boobs, pops, abs, whatever you can imagine per minute. Don’t get me wrong, the plot was important, but so was the breakdown of our reps.

He says it was important to work on the slow-motion sequences that were iconic to the original seriesCredit: Ruckas

“There’s less chest hair, but I like to think I’ve paid tribute to the TV series in a different way. We have the Hoff to maintain that atmosphere.

Image Gallery For Baywatch

Muscular Dwayne, who also starred in the latest Fast and Furious film and the Jumanji reboot, said he was jealous of Zac Efron’s abs as he worked on his role.

He laughed: “The ladies were too impressed, for my taste, with Zach’s body during filming. They thought he sprayed the press. I’d like to say that’s true, but I have to give him credit, he worked hard – we all wanted to keep the airbrush budget low. Mit an Bord: Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron rocking testosterone tunes in Sixpack’s Sommerkomödie at Sixpack. Wie viel Spaß der Zuschauer dabei hat, das boar ich in meiner Kritik

Here’s this Griff holiday: Mitch Buchanan (Dwayne Johnson) is the latest Miami Beach swimmer with the highest team on the web. Nur Neuzugang Matt Brody (Zac Efron) defined the authority of charismatic aufeurs in Frage und stiftet Unruhe. Doch als das Team in einen steriösen Kriminalfall hineingezogen wird und die Zukunft der geliebten Bucht auf dem Spiel steht, müssen sich die beiden Lifeguards wohl oder übel zusammenraufen…

Baywatch Movie

Als das Regieduo Phil Lord and Chris Miller (“The LEGO Movie”) vor fünf Jahren die Kultserie “21 Jump Street” austere eines Kinofilms zu neuem Leben erweckte, geschah dies nicht ohne ohne Risiko. Nicht alle TV-Shows, die später einen Spielfilm-Ableger erhielten, konnten hieraus Erfolg generieren. “Starsky & Hutch” functions, “Miami Vice” less so. Ein “Wild Wild West” ging trotz Starbesetzung als bis dato gröster Flop in Will Smiths Vita ein, dafür erlangen die “Star Trek”-Filme nach wie vor Blockbuster-Status. Auch “Twin Peaks”, “Entourage”, “Veronica Mars” or “Codename U.N.C.L.E.” will be in der abendfüllenden Variante kaum einer sehen. For this reason, the two “Sex and the City”-Films are Kassenschlagern, ebenso wie man “Mission Impossible” heute vornehmlich als Film-Franchise wahrnimmt und die Serienwurzeln dabei gerne mal unter den Tisch fall down lässt. Man sieht also: Für ein Filmstudio ist die Idee, aus einer Fernsehshow einen Kinofilm zu spinnen, alles andere als sicheres Parquet. Da sich die „Jump Street“-Filme als eine Art Meta-Tribute jedoch aktuell als Wegbereiter gelungener Film adaptation feiern lassen dürfen, lag es für Regisseur Seth Gordon

Pamela Anderson ‘didn’t Like’ Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch Movie

Sowie die geldgebenden Studios nah, für ihr neuestes Projekt einen ähnlich augenzwinkernden Kurs zu fahren, wie die Kollegen Lord und Miller. Tatsächlich würde eine Serie wie „Baywatch“ – ganz gleich ob im Kino oder im Fernsehen – heute kaum mehr so​​funktionieren, wie damals in den Neunzigern. But in contrast to the passionate „Jump Street“-Actioncomödien merkt man dem „Baywatch“-Film das calkulierte Ringen um Aufmerkent deutlich an.

Im Laufe der very kurzweilig inszenierten 116 Minuten von “Baywatch” wird man ein Gefühl nicht los: Diese feuchfröhliche Sommerkomödie könnte eigentlich richtig lustig sein (und ist es ohne Zweifel auch stellenweise), doch gegleichten wirken die Pointsen und Gags vielerort s so gezwungen, dass der Leinwand-Comedy die für das Zünden derselben so wichtige Leichtigkeit abhanden kommt. Vor allem die in erster Linie vom ständig betonten Größen- und Muskelunterschied der beiden Männer Dwayne Johnson (“Fast and Furious 8”) and Zac Efron (“Bad”

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