Bealls Outlet Near My Location

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Bealls Outlet Near My Location
Bealls Outlet Near My Location

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With locations in 20 states, Burkes Outlet is a well-known market retailer. But if you are not familiar with the name “Burkes,” you may have heard of Bealls Outlet. Both retailers report to parent company Bealls Inc., which also oversees Home Centric, Rugged Earth Outfitters and Bealls Department Stores of Florida. In total, Bealls operates more than 500 locations, and if you frequent one of these stores, you’ll want to hear about the lesser-known aspects of their business practices. Read on to find out five secrets Burkes Outlet doesn’t want you to know.

Bealls Outlet Near My Location

Bealls Outlet Near My Location

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Bealls Outlet Atlanta, Ga

Several stores have come under fire for throwing away inventory, including Bath & Body Works and Ulta, which allegedly require employees to destroy returned products before throwing them away. According to a YouTube video, Burkes Outlet is also guilty of throwing items in the trash every now and then.

In the video, user Renegade Thrifter showed three items found in the trash at a Burkes Outlet store. The YouTuber said he and his wife were looking for cardboard boxes in dumpsters, but they also came across some decorative items. In the video he shows a decorative vase with fake flowers and a large decorative lantern that was missing a glass front panel.

“The wood itself is in perfect condition and so is the top you hang it on,” said the YouTuber. “I don’t see a price, but I think in this kind of store the item would sell for $14 to about $30, not too cheap.”

The latest item is a pair of earrings, priced at $3.99, which she called a “nice find.” The YouTuber didn’t clarify if he knew why the Burkes items were in the dumpster, but you might want to think about what you’re returning to your store and where it might have ended up.

Bay Attempting Zellers Revival With New Store In Cambridge Centre Mall

Returns are easier, but it’s even worse when you have to go back to the store because of an incorrect price on the receipt. According to employee reviews on Glassdoor, Bealls’ IT department leaves something to be desired.

“IT staff and technology development are below acceptable standards,” the employees wrote, adding that servers went down during the holiday season, resulting in double billing for all customers. “There have been a number of problems with our POS [point-of-sale] software and services since I started a few years ago.”

This may have been an isolated incident of double charging, but it’s worth scanning the receipt every time you buy after that.

Bealls Outlet Near My Location

Depending on your age and where you live, consider stopping by your local Bealls store on certain days. According to WINK News, joining the Bealls Loyalty Program will save you 15 percent every Monday at Bealls Outlet, Burkes Outlet and Home Centric stores. As for Bealls Department Store, you’ll want to shop on Tuesday, where you’ll also save 10 percent.ae0fcc31ae342fd3a1346ebb1f342fcb

Bealls Outlet Tampa, Fl

These offers can only be applied in stores, but as noted by TikToker @amberrnoelle34, you can save an extra 15% on a transaction during your birthday month. Your birthday reward is a little different, as it can be conveniently used in store and online. According to the fine print on the Bealls’ website, you have until 11:59pm. Eastern Time on the last day of your birthday month to redeem your reward.

Is there a better feeling than getting something you wanted for a fraction of the price? When you shop at Burkes Outlet, you know you’re already getting low prices, but you can find even better deals on the clearance shelf, former employees say.

According to a post on about the best days to shop, Burkes has markdowns reserved for certain days. “Burkes start doing [markdowns] on Tuesday and it’s usually done by 3am the next day!” former employee wrote in a comment. If you want to scour the clearance shelves, consider heading to your local store after work on Wednesday.

Since the stores under the Bealls umbrella have so many different names, things get a little confusing. Bealls Department Store is exclusive to Florida, but Bealls Outlet stores are located in Florida, Georgia and Arizona. On the other hand, Burkes Outlet stores are found in the other 20 states in the Southeast, Southwest, South Central and Midwest regions of the United States.

Beall’s Outlet Deerfield Beach, Fl

On social media, users are surprised to see others shopping at Burkes Outlet, noting that there is a similar store called Bealls Outlet, not realizing they are owned by the same company. Some say they have never heard of these outlets, and one commenter asked “WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL PLACE?”

In another video posted to TikTok in June, shopper @chigshopaholic filmed her shopping experience at a Burkes store, calling the store “sleepy” for more fashionable items. Employees were quick to comment, noting that these outlet stores are not known for the inventory they carry.

“I’m the manager at Burke’s! It’s so sleepy that we get all the trendy stuff, like a Steve Madden bag, but no one knows it’s there,” read one comment.

Bealls Outlet Near My Location

To keep secret to save business for themselves especially on the hottest brand name items. “Stop it, it’s my secret shop,” a TikToker wrote in response to a “pulled” video showing Wrangler Burkes gear, while another commenter called in to “pull” the store.

Burkes Outlet Plans Grand Opening For First Clarksville Store

Abby Reinhard is an associate editor for Best Life, covering the daily news and keeping readers informed about national parks, scientific studies and the best pet tips. Read more A new Bealls Outlet store in Rincon’s Fort Howard Square Mall is expected to open in early November, creating between 20 and 30 new jobs.

The store will be located in the 3,300-square-foot space where Goody’s closed on Sept. 1, according to leasing agent Denbeigh Marchant.

The Bradenton, Florida-based retailer is tentatively planning a “soft opening” on Nov. 2, according to Bealls spokeswoman Karen Filips.

There will be job fairs in the shop from 11am to 3pm. Tuesdays and 1pm – 6pm Wednesdays, with openings in all positions and competitive salaries and benefits. Interested candidates can apply at

Bealls Outlet Stores

Among the stores under the Bealls Inc. banner. there are Bealls Stores in Florida, Bealls Outlet, Burkes Outlet, Bunulu and Home Centric.

Bealls/Burkes Outlet is a low-price retail chain located primarily in the Sunbelt states, Filips said.

“We cater to customers of all ages with a variety of branded clothing, accessories and footwear for the whole family. We also offer a large selection of homeware and giftware.”

Bealls Outlet Near My Location

Some of the brands include Champion, Nine West, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Tommy Bahama, Columbia, Adidas, Anne Klein, Jones New York and Carter’s. Some of the house brands are Calphalon, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Samsonite, Beautyrest and Sealy.

Bealls Outlet Stores 612 E Highway 50, Clermont, Fl 34711

Fort Howard Square Mall on the east side of Ga. There is only one other vacancy at 21 north of Walmart: the former 5,500-square-foot Rue 21 store, said Marchant, who works for Wheeler Real Estate Co. in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

He said for retailers who were struggling before COVID, “COVID was kind of the kiss of death.” Large retailers are taking advantage of new leasing opportunities that have come out of the pandemic, he said. BusinessFL-based department store rebrands its two largest retail chains Bealls, Inc. based in Bradenton is rebranding its two largest retail chains: Bealls Outlet and Burkes Outlet — like bells.

Bealls, Inc., headquartered in Bradenton, is rebranding its two largest retail chains – Bealls Outlet and Burkes Outlet – as Berries. (Eric Glenn/Shutterstock)

BRADENTON, FL – In an effort to compete with stores like TJ Maxx and Kohl’s, Bealls, Inc. is rebranding two of its largest retail chains, according to a press release.

Bealls Outlet, 1209 Homestead Rd N, Lehigh Acres, Fl, Department Stores

The Bradenton-based company’s 600 Bealls Outlet and Burkes Oulet stores in 23 states are merging under a new name: bealls with a lowercase “b.”

The word “outlet” will also be removed from the name, as it is “dated and could lead to misunderstandings about the origin and quality of their goods,” the company said.

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Bealls Outlet Near My Location

Burkes can be rebranded as Bealls, Inc. by national naming rights. will acquire Bealls in 2020 from Stage Stores Inc., according to the press release.

Tj Maxx Set To Open In Fall Of 2022

The company also operates a retail chain that exists only in Florida and is called Bealls Department Stores or simply Bealls. The 68-store chain will be rebranded as Bealls Florida to align with the company’s and Live.Life.Local e-commerce business. marketing campaign.

These changes also underscore the company’s “desire to differentiate and distance itself from the traditional department store model,” Bealls, Inc. said.

“We are very excited about the

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