Best Cheapest Suv To Buy

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Best Cheapest Suv To Buy
Best Cheapest Suv To Buy

Best Cheapest Suv To Buy – 10 Best Small SUVs and Crossovers to Buy in 2023 There are many crossovers and small SUVs on the market today. These are our top ten picks

Small SUVs, also known as crossovers, are big business for automakers. Most models are based on supermini chassis, but boast the high riding position and added comfort that many riders want. The combination of low running costs and plenty of space makes these small SUVs appealing not only as practical superminis, but also as ambitious vehicles for many families.

Best Cheapest Suv To Buy

Best Cheapest Suv To Buy

Early cars like the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur set the standard for small SUVs, and today the market is changing rapidly, with many manufacturers now trying to attract buyers.

Best Small Suvs 2023

There’s a small SUV for everyone, so whether you prefer comfort, performance, sportiness or performance – or a combination of these – there should be something for you.

Our list only scratches the surface of what’s available in the small SUV market, but we consider the top 10 models to be the best of the bunch right now.

Kia has gone bold with its latest Niro. Combining head-turning style with cutting-edge power, the Korean car won the small SUV award at our annual New Car Awards earlier this year. Built on a new platform, the Niro recently has more space than before, while its stylish interior looks good, well-designed and packed with technology.

However, the compact crossover really impresses in the skin, with buyers able to choose between self-charging and plug-in hybrid versions, the latter of which delivers up to 40 miles of zero emissions.

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The confirmed star of the line-up, however, is the all-electric Niro EV, whose massive 64 kWh battery provides a guaranteed range of 286 miles. It’s also full of high-speed feel and refined power, and like the other models, it has good handling and a good ride.

The importance of attractive prices, a seven-year warranty on equipment and loads of products, and the Niro will not warm the cockles in the cold winter.

If you want style and substance in your small SUV, then look no further than the Captur. The family-run car is a past winner of the New Car Awards. Although it has been dethroned this year by the Kia Niro, the Renault still has a lot to offer.

Best Cheapest Suv To Buy

Despite its diminutive size, it does wonders for interior space, while its under-seat slide adds an extra element of efficiency. The interior also combines a high level of quality with an elegant design, plenty of advanced information and an eye-catching portrait-style infotainment unit.

Top 10 Best Suvs To Buy 2023

It doesn’t feel as good to ride as some rivals, but the suspension and improved power means it’s more comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, unlike most of the class, Renault has a powerful and efficient plug-in hybrid version with 158 horsepower and a range of 30 miles.

The Puma is currently the second best selling car in the UK and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you want to have fun behind the wheel or bring your family and all their gear, the bright blue Oval engine has it covered.

Speed ​​control and performance make the Ford a real pleasure to drive, and the ST has 197 horsepower. The interior of the Puma is spacious and functional, and a useful 80-liter Megabox is hidden under the trunk floor. While the cabin isn’t as businesslike as some rivals, Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system provides seamless connectivity.

Kia Soul EV offers outstanding performance with high levels of refinement, comfort and technology. The high list price will be off-putting for some, but it comes with the benefits of low running costs, zero road tax and no congestion charges to worry about.

The Best Family Suvs In 2023

Performance is pretty good, with 315 liters of boot space, and a whopping 1,339 liters if you fold the rear seats. You also have the option of lowering the boot floor to free up a bit more space. Legroom and headroom are good, and while the middle seat in the back seat is child-friendly, tall passengers will be able to walk around comfortably.

There is enough power to ensure speed and efficiency – the front wheels are answered by an electric motor that delivers 201 hp and 395 Nm of torque. The 0-100 mph sprint is accomplished in 7.6 seconds, and on paper at least, the Spirit EV will have a range of 280 miles on a single charge.

Capitalizing on the current SUV sales trend, Toyota has developed a rugged, off-road-themed version of the Yaris supermini. With its high ride height and rigid bodywork, the crossover certainly looks the part, while four-wheel drive goes where other small cars can’t.

Best Cheapest Suv To Buy

The Yaris Cross gets the same 1.5-litre petrol-electric hybrid powertrain and CVT as its hatchback sibling, which means a fuel return of over 60mpg. While not fun to drive, the Yaris handles properly and efficiently. If you want quality and compact every summer, then it should be on your short list.

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The Kamiq may be the entry into Skoda’s excellent SUV line-up, but it’s a small car that likes to think big. It’s based on the same platform as the SEAT Arona and VW T-Cross, but clever packaging means slightly more room for passengers as well as a bigger boot.

As with other models from the Czech brand, the interior looks and feels elegant, plus it has all the technology you need. The Skoda is also a better choice than the members of the VW Group thanks to the suspension kit, although it’s not as sharp to drive.

However, it gets the same range of petrol engines, including the 1.0-litre TSI.

Volkswagen’s offering is one of the best in the small SUV class. The T-Cross is broadly similar to the Skoda Kamiq, but unlike its Czech sibling, it adds a bit more style and flair to the mix.

The 7 Best Small Suvs Off Road Adventures

If you want all the benefits of the VW Group’s MQB A0 platform, but want to educate yourself, the T-Cross is a good choice: Volkswagen offers a wide range of design packages, each of which adds a special quality to its existing SUVs. .

An experienced range of engines covers all the bases, with the more powerful 1.0-litre petrol units offering a unique combination of performance, economy and refinement. The Volkswagen SUV rides well, feels nimble and grippy, but stops short of providing real thrills, while light steering is good around town and around tight corners. Overall, the T-Cross is easy and comfortable to drive.

It’s similar to cheaper cars from sister brands Skoda and SEAT, but if you’re willing to pay a bit more for the privilege, the T-Cross is a good choice. However, it’s not all about the add-on specs and extent of customization, as Volkswagen has brought back the rear seats for easy installation, plus the rest is better than its Skoda and SEAT rivals.

Best Cheapest Suv To Buy

Apart from its beautiful exterior, it is identical to the 2008 Vauxhall Mokka. That means you’ll get the same engine options, including all-electric drive.

Best Used Small Suvs And 4x4s 2023

Although very similar, the two cars have different characters. For starters, the soft Peugeot works to be more comfortable and a little more practical.

Inside, it’s neatly designed, but the infotainment system is simple and the i-Cockpit dash layout won’t suit all drivers. However, Peugeot is back with a Grip Control system that helps boost confidence in the penalty.

Combining family-friendly performance with robust French design, the C3 Aircross is one of our favorite small SUVs. Clearly designed with an emphasis on practicality, the cabin is surprisingly roomy and features an easy-sliding rear seat, plus a large boot. There’s plenty of equipment, though the touchscreen infotainment system is unremarkable and some of the information is difficult.

The Citroen is no fun to drive, but the soft seats and soft suspension make it comfortable, plus the petrol and diesel engines are efficient and enthusiastic. A key feature is the optional Grip Control system, which allows the two-wheeled C3 to go more off-road than you might think.

Top 10 Best Small Suvs 2023

Dacia has quickly earned a good reputation in the UK for its low prices, so if you’re willing to give up the latest and greatest technology and some luxury comforts, the Romanian brand has versatile advantages that few other companies can match.

The Duster is an interloper from the class above, a mid-size SUV that can be had at a lower price than the smaller, supermini derivatives in the market. Refreshingly, it’s also a ‘proper’ SUV; With its high suspension and optional four-wheel drive, the Duster is a truly capable off-roader and is recommended for those who need their vehicle to cope with farm roads, bad weather or the odd slip in a field.

It may not be the most interesting model

Best Cheapest Suv To Buy

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