Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box

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Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box
Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box

Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box – We offer a variety of 5th wheel pin boxes and heavy duty options to ensure you get the perfect compliment to your 5th wheel trailer, including innovative designs like our cushioned, shock absorber king boxes.

Hauling heavy loads with RV trailers is serious business. Choosing the best pin box equipment for your vehicle is important to ensure a safe, stable and convenient experience and setup. These are the best represented brands Curt, MORryde, Lippert, Gen-Y and Resse.

Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box

Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box

While biting usually occurs as a result of the king pin flying in the pocket, the Rota-Flex features a pivoting head that controls the force of the king pin back and forth in the hole which reduces jostling and makes for a longer ride. Curt 16116 E16 5th Wheel Hitch With Base Rails, 16,000 Lbs

Air Ride includes an internal airbag and built-in strut that absorb road shock and vibration to reduce friction, vibration, and bounce, providing a longer ride that improves handling and prevents stress on every bit of your truck and trailer.

The Flex Air features an internal airbag and a built-in strut which both work together with a rubberized pivoting head to reduce splitting and virtually eliminate bouncing and jarring. The pivoting head controls the movement of the king pin inside the pockets while the rubber compound absorbs road shock, for a smooth ride that keeps things under control by the rigors of the road.

Defined by a low profile mounting system, this pin box does not sacrifice the truck bed space that is important when combined with a Gooseneck hitch. Best of all, it allows you to move your big fifth wheel in and out of your car’s car bed when your washer needs changing.

Rubber Pin Box system reduces back and forth jolting when pulling your 5th wheel. It goes back and forth and side to side to cause power transfer from the trailer to your truck for some distance in the car. Lippert Gooseneck Connect Fifth Wheel Gooseneck Pin Box 21k

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Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box

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Q20 5th Wheel Hitch With Rails Sku #16131 For $1036.58 By Curt Manufacturing

Technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to deliver advertising, or track users on one website or across multiple websites for the same marketing purposes. A MORryde Pin Box is a brand of pin box for fifth wheels that are specially designed to reduce sway (which is the back-and-forth movement that the trailer’s weight can create when towing). It’s a rubber pin box system that moves back and forth and side to side to transmit power from the trailer to your truck for some distance in the car.

To pull a fifth wheel, you must have a fifth wheel assembly. There are different styles that offer different benefits and address different needs for each application.

A pin box (also known as a king pin box) is an assembly that attaches to your fifth wheel that has a swivel arm and a king pin that locks into the hitch assembly on your truck.

Since every vehicle is different, you may need to modify or even change your standard factory pin box, as some are designed for sharp turning radio and some work very well for pulling the car with short truck beds.

Best 5th Wheel Hitches On The Market

If you have the wrong pin box (and location), you can run into cleaning issues and damage your truck or RV!

As mentioned above, king locks are part of the hitch assembly on your car. There are different king pin styles, depending on your pin box choice.

In addition to the turning radius, it is necessary to take into account the total pump weight capacity, customer reviews, time on the market, product warranty, and additional features of the pin box option: such as the cushion pin box with shock absorbers, as the case with Morryde.

Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box

Pin box options are plentiful, with three different lengths (short, medium, long) and two different angle options (45-degree telescoping and 72-degree telescoping).

B&w 25k Companion 5th Wheel Hitch

Below is a link to very useful information about different pin box models, their specifications and other information to help you choose the right pin box for your fifth wheel and trailer combo:

When it comes to king pin sizes, there are industry standards: they are either 2” by 3.5”. 2″ is the most common size.

The MORryde pin box design will accept most, if not all, fifth wheel pin box assemblies from companies like Lippert, Leland, Fabex or Venture.

To find a MORryde pin box replacement that matches the one on your RV, you need to identify its brand and model number, which is usually found on the pin box.

Tips For 5th Wheel Hitch Maintenance

If you can’t find the pin box model number, the dealer or RV manufacturer should be able to help you track down the assembly based on its VIN number.

There are different applications and common uses for each different design in a 5th wheel drive:

The MORryde Rubber Box has a clamping mechanism that reduces back and forth and side to side chucking, making for a long ride, regardless of terrain or road conditions.

Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box

Please note: this is a minimum two person job. Do not attempt to do this yourself, as you may risk injury, death or damage (or both) by letting go of the pin box.

Gen Y Hitch Executive Torsion Flex Rhino 5th Wheel King Pin Box (1.5k

Make sure your truck is in park (or off), your fifth wheel is secured from moving (use chock blocks and stabilizers) and that no one is under the fifth wheel between the pin box and the ground .

Step 1: Measure the distance from the bottom of the factory-installed king pin to ground level.

Step 2: Note the location of the pin box bolts. They should be on both sides of the pin box assembly. The MORryde pin box should use the same bolts as the factory installed pin box. Note: due to the misalignment of the holes, some telescoping pin boxes may require re-drilling of 1 or 2 mounting holes.

Step 3: Remove the attached items, such as the power cord, washer, external lights, etc. This is not always true, however.

How To Install A Fifth Wheel Hitch

Step 4: Remove all the bolts except the two pin boxes: leave the left side of the front system and the right side of the back system of the bolts in place. DO NOT remove the last two bolts until they are removed later in Step 7!

Step 7: Now remove the remaining two bolts. Before you do that, make sure you put a piece of plywood on the bed of the car to protect it because the pin box arm will fall off after it’s disconnected. Remove the first bolt, then remove the last bolt. Make sure there is no body part between the pin box and the truck bed when you do this! Use an impact gun to remove the last bolt.

Step 9: Remove the factory pin box from the truck assembly and replace with a MOrryde one.

Best Fifth Wheel Pin Box

Step 10: Place a space under the back of the pin box or horse head and position it for installation.

Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Hitch Review: I Love This Hitch!

Step 11: Plug in any wires that were disconnected before removing the PIN box. Make sure you use still, warm water that reduces excess.

Step 12: Back up the truck under the trailer. Have your assistant help you assemble the pin box with the mounting brackets. Move the truck back and forth and the landing gear up and down to align the mounting holes.

Step 13: Using a pin in the middle or a screwdriver, center the holes and install one bolt on the left side and one on the right side opposite each other. This allows the pin box to turn the bolts.

Step 14: After moving the trailer to meet the rear holes, add a third bolt to prevent the pin box from rotating.

Fifth Wheel Hitches

Step 16: Make sure the pin height is within +/- ½ inch of factory height (as measured in Step 1) before adding and tightening all bolts. All holes in the pin box should be filled with a complaint.

Additionally, below is a link to the pin box measurement guide for reference prior to installation:


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