Best Internet Provider In My Area

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Best Internet Provider In My Area
Best Internet Provider In My Area

Best Internet Provider In My Area – This survey data was collected from customers in 2016. If you​​​​​​are looking for more up-to-date customer satisfaction numbers, check out our 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Finding the best internet speed at an affordable price can be a difficult task. Take heart, because we are here to help. We asked thousands of high-speed Internet customers to rate their providers based on several key areas of satisfaction. From easy installation to superior customer service, from lightning speed to affordable monthly pricing, we’ve tapped into the complex industry to bring you an informed view of your Internet service choices. Now we are ready to announce the best internet providers of 2016.

Best Internet Provider In My Area

Best Internet Provider In My Area

Because we sell cable and Internet services, we work with a third party to ensure that our results are objective, unbiased and representative of Internet service customers. We have compared the following major brands and types of services:

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We separate service types (fiber and DSL) for providers that offer both, because satisfaction can vary depending on the type of Internet customers use.

Need more data for a website or publication? We’ve got you covered. Contact us directly and we will send you the data you need.

Let’s look at the list of providers and the customers they serve in our survey, but first find and compare ISPs in your area:

Many customers in rural areas do not yet have high-speed Internet access, so they are more likely to use DSL or satellite providers. The market for fiber in urban areas is growing rapidly, and the infrastructure to support it is expanding rapidly in the United States. After determining who the service provider was, we asked users to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5 stars in five different areas. Here is an example that users can see:

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Our overall Internet service provider customer satisfaction is the average of all responses in the five customer satisfaction areas.

Overall, customer satisfaction with Internet services is increasing. Most providers could show gains in all satisfaction categories compared to last year’s results. And as you might expect, higher speeds between fiber providers make for happier customers. Frontier, AT&T and CenturyLink Fiber dominated the rankings overall and in every category.

The note is the continuous development of SuddenLink and Bright House. These cable providers showed significant improvement in satisfaction ratings from last year, with overall scores behind Optimum and newcomer RCN. This shows that cable internet service still has the speed and reliability to compete with fiber in many areas of the country.

Best Internet Provider In My Area

New to this year’s survey are RCN and Exede. RCN is a cable provider with a small footprint focused on major metropolitan areas such as Boston, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. What this provider lacks in size, it makes up for with excellent service and superior speed. RCN received PC Magazine’s 2015 Inches Best in speed and reliability, and its ranking as a newcomer in this year’s survey reflects customer satisfaction. In contrast, Exide’s satellite carrier comes in near the bottom of our overall rating with lukewarm reviews. To compete with other well-established providers like HughesNET, they need to make significant strides in all areas of customer satisfaction.

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In our internet service provider satisfaction survey, Mediacom is at the bottom of the barrel across the board. While they offer reasonably fast speeds in most areas, their customers Mediacom has been unable to deliver these speeds consistently. A confusing pricing structure, hidden fees, poor customer service, and lack of a self-installation option all contributed to Mediacom’s below-average rating. Apparently, despite the easy speeds, customers would rather struggle with satellite internet than talk to Mediacom. That call is not support.

Frontier has expanded its service coverage in recent years, providing fiber to rural areas that until now only had satellite or cable Internet. Their dominance in the overall ranking may be the result of these customers enjoying the joy of unlimited speeds for the first time. Frontier is making fiber more affordable by offering some cheap packages with lower speeds. It’s hard to beat Frontier’s no-contract, three-year price lock. According to the average customer, Frontier is doing just fine.

In the year While 2015 saw some widespread problems with delays and reliability in Frontier’s holdings, this year’s results show that the company has recovered from the downturn. Frontier Fios leads in every category, including customer service and support.

This is a difficult service area for some internet providers. Customers often choose to install it themselves and it can be crucial to meet the support in the initial process. In general, fiber optic companies receive higher ratings in the installation satisfaction survey than DSL or satellite providers.

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Suddenlink and Bright House made significant progress on last year’s results. Like Frontier, SuddenLink is working to expand broadband cable service to rural areas where customers only have access to DSL or satellite. Bright House has a limited footprint in five states, but whatever their contract structure is, it makes them an attractive option.

Time Warner Cable responded to feedback about their disappointing customer service and lack of technical support, and they have attempted to change their installation experience with a stronger manual and better support. That effort seems to have paid off, as TWC was a little bumpy in the ratings for load satisfaction and overall.

Once again, Frontier outperforms the competition with a superior installation and setup experience. They offer self-installation kits for many areas, which will swing the costly $50.00 fee. A look at Frontier’s website reveals a healthy set of troubleshooting guides to accompany any installation, and they also provide modems for free. Yes. “Free,” I said. Who doesn’t love those four lowercase letters together?

Best Internet Provider In My Area

For many customers, this is the whole point of the Internet. Household balloon market uses many devices and wide distribution. And they all want it. Great upload and download speeds, fast enough to support streaming of online games and movies in HD. Suppliers who cannot keep up are slowly but surely phased out.

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While overall satisfaction among fiber providers is up, DSL customers are growing frustrated with slow speeds. Notable is the significant growth in satisfaction among customers of SuddenLink, Bright House and Optimum. All three providers offer speeds of around 100 Mbps, which is three times faster than DSL and satellite in some areas.

Windstream brings the rear in this category for good reason. As a DSL provider, their service is as high as 25Mbps. By comparison, what Winger calls “high-speed” Internet seems misleading. While the speeds are frustrating, this provider serves a large number of rural areas and may be the only Internet option outside of dial-up.

Frontier’s FiOS again takes top honors in this category. Frontier has equally high upload and download speeds on its network. The difference may be Frontier’s expanded rural customer base. Many of these users have never experienced the wonders of fiber optics and may be a little cross, wondering how these speeds will change their Internet experience.

Lightning speed is no comfort without the reliability of a constant connection. Which providers are best at preventing disruptions and maintaining customer relationships? Our satisfaction survey results indicate that fiber providers are still leading the pack when it comes to high speeds that users can rely on.

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Frontier and CenturyLink are ranked for loyalty by customer satisfaction. However, cable providers such as RCN, Suddenlink and Optimum are not far behind. As mentioned earlier, RCN has received praise from PC Magazine for both speed and reliability. Suddenlink is still relatively small, but is growing in rural areas that previously only had DSL or satellite. Suddenlink also offers customers a $20.00 credit any time they are unable to resolve an outage within 24 hours.

Mediacom and Frontier’s DSL service is placed at the bottom of this ranking for several reasons. Disgruntled Mediacom customers can throttle the provider to avoid ad speeds in some areas.

The Frontier’s victory in this category is less pronounced than in other areas. They barely finished fiber provider CenturyLink. The result in a safe situation was a virtual connection, with the cable company RCN nipping at the heels of the largest provider. Stay tuned on RCN, folks. They are still a new company, but their consistently strong scores in every category of this survey indicate that they may be on their way to besting fiber providers in customer satisfaction.

Best Internet Provider In My Area

Costs and billing have always been a pain point for high-speed internet users. You want speeds, you have to pay the price. All that modern infrastructure is interesting, but it’s certainly not free. We are happy to report that in almost all cases, suppliers have shown improvement in costs and billing customer satisfaction. Although this is still the lowest

Internet Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023

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