Best Internet Service Provider In My Area

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Best Internet Service Provider In My Area
Best Internet Service Provider In My Area

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Best Internet Service Provider In My Area

Best Internet Service Provider In My Area

Are you wondering how to set up your Internet connection in Germany? You are in the right place. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about connecting to the Internet in Germany. We will talk about the process of setting up your internet connection, prices, the best internet service providers in Germany, internet plans without a long contract, as well as tips on how to choose the best plan and save money.

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If you don’t have much time, here are the highlights of the top 4 Internet providers in Germany:

Read on for more details about connecting to the Internet in Germany. Scroll down for a detailed comparison table of the best Internet providers in Germany.

Let’s face it. Nowadays, it is difficult to live without the Internet. You need the Internet for almost everything in Germany: finding a place to live, finding a job, shopping online, streaming movies, finding dates, socializing and even making money from home in Germany. So, you need to consider internet costs as part of the cost of living in Germany.

If you’re moving to a new home in Germany, setting up your internet should be one of the first things you do. It’s not that complicated to get internet in Germany. Actually, it’s quite easy to sign up for an internet plan and you can do it online.

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In this article we will talk about the best Internet providers in Germany. They are usually the largest suppliers in the market. There are also many small local internet providers in Germany. I have not included it in this article because it is very regional and may not be available in all addresses.

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The main types of Internet connections in Germany include DSL, cable, fiber optic, LTE and satellite connections. You can see in the table below what they are and their pros and cons.

Best Internet Service Provider In My Area

▪ It does not rely on any wires in the ground and therefore can be found almost anywhere.

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▪ It can be a good internet option for people living in rural areas in Germany, where DSL or cable internet is not available.

▪ Can be slower during peak hours when too many people are online at the same time.

▪ Exceeding the limit means that the Internet will be very slow or you will have to pay extra.

In the past, it was difficult to find public Wi-Fi in Germany. There is a law in Germany that makes hotspot providers liable if their internet users do illegal things online. For example, illegally downloading a movie or movies from a piracy website.

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Fortunately, the law has now changed. Now, you can easily find Wi-Fi in public places such as restaurants, bars, hotels or airports. If you’re a student, you’ll probably find Wi-Fi at your university, too.

In addition, you can also easily find internet cafes in Germany. Internet connection prices in these cafes in Germany range from 1 to 3 euros per hour.

As anywhere in the world, you should be aware of online security if you use public Wi-Fi in Germany. Do not perform sensitive transactions such as online banking while using public Wi-Fi.

Best Internet Service Provider In My Area

I highly recommend using a VPN service when connecting to the Internet for the following reasons:

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Even the best VPN services like NordVPN cost only 2-3 euros per month. For more details, see: VPN in Germany – Best VPN comparison

If you want a very moderate internet speed in Germany (e.g. 50 Mbit/s download), the price is around 30-40 euros per month with a German landline included. However, if you want the fastest internet in Germany with a fiber optic connection, the price can go up to 50 – 70 euros per month.

Note that many Internet service providers in Germany offer discounted rates for the first 6-12 months of a two-year contract and the monthly price can increase significantly after this period.

If you buy a combined package in Germany (eg Internet + landline + TV), you can usually get a better price than with Internet only. Another advantage is that you pay one bill for all services.

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In addition, many companies have promotional offers from time to time, e.g. Black Friday sales. You can get a big discount if you sign up with a promotional offer.

Note that depending on your contract, you may have to pay a router or one-time setup fee. Review your contract carefully to understand the costs involved in providing Internet.

You will usually pay for your internet connection every month, either by money transfer or direct debit from your bank account. To set up your payment, you may need a German bank account. If you don’t have it yet, you can request it directly online. For more information, please see: Opening a bank account in Germany: Compare English banking options

Best Internet Service Provider In My Area

The answer depends on the online activities you have to do and the number of devices connected to the internet. According to Tom’s Guide, below are the recommended download speeds based on your online activity and number of devices:

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So, if you live in a shared apartment in Germany or really enjoy playing online games, you should try to connect to the internet with the fastest possible speed in your region. If you love watching Netflix like me, here are the average internet speeds Netflix recommends:

Besides Netflix, there are many other ways to stream in Germany. Check this out: Streaming in Germany – Different ways to do it legally

Depending on where you come from, you may feel that the internet in Germany is a bit slower than in your home country. Actually, the internet speed in Germany is not as fast as many other countries. In the table below, you can see an extract of the average internet speed (fixed broadband) by country in August 2022.

Although the average internet speed in Germany is quite slow compared to other countries, it is usually fast enough for common uses such as working from home or streaming videos.

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We need to look back at some history. Until the late 1990s, Deutsche Telekom was the only company providing Internet services in Germany. Instead of investing in a new fiber optic internet connection, he decided to upgrade his old copper phone line. It is much cheaper to improve old technology than to install new fiber optic cables underground.

That is why fiber optic internet is currently not available everywhere in Germany. Although they are available, many fiber optic cables are only installed up to a central point in the road. And the connection from the street to individual houses is still done with copper lines, which have less bandwidth.

You will probably have a faster internet connection if you live in a city, than if you live in a rural area in Germany. For example, some people living in small villages in Germany have very slow internet. This has become a problem for many people, especially when the epidemic starts in 2020.

Best Internet Service Provider In My Area

Many telecommunications companies have focused on building faster internet connections in urban areas. They ignore rural locations because customers are few and far between. Some small villages use Internet over 30-year-old copper telephone lines. This caused the residents of the village to be unable to work remotely. They had to risk their health by returning to the office during the outbreak. Children cannot attend online classes.

Many Local Isps Are Faster Than National Isps

The pandemic has actually motivated Germany to improve its internet infrastructure. Germany also passed a new law in 2021, promising all Germans the right to fast internet. This will especially help people living in rural areas to have the right to “function” internet.

If you live in a flatshare in Germany, your landlord or roommate may have chosen the Internet. The internet connection may not be the best, especially since it is shared with others. This can be a problem if you work from home or watch a lot of live stream videos.

If your internet speed is too slow for your daily use, you should try talking to your landlord or roommate about switching to a better internet service. If that is not possible, you can try the following:

From December 2021, there is a new law in Germany that improves your position against it

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