Best Magic The Gathering Online Game

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Best Magic The Gathering Online Game
Best Magic The Gathering Online Game

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MTG Arena is a game that’s constantly changing with good and bad, which makes it hard to know the best MTG Arena decks. It’s even more confusing than paper Magic, at least in formats like History and Alchemy. Luckily, Standard is progressing the same way as on paper – so if you’re new to MTG Arena, you’ll be familiar with the meta of the best Standard decks in MTG Arena.

Best Magic The Gathering Online Game

Best Magic The Gathering Online Game

One thing that is clearly different between MTG Arena and standard Magic is the speed of meta movement. Since movement is faster online, you’re more likely to find decks being crafted in MTG Arena than paper decks. So it’s always helpful to keep an eye on the best Magic Arena decks.

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Quantifying the best Magic Arena decks is often just a matter of looking at how many plays each deck has. Decks with a good chance of winning will usually have the lion’s share of the meta. While it’s not always the most exciting for players who want to innovate and build their own Magic decks, you can usually find success by playing the decks that most people play.

The MTG team is constantly tinkering with and testing these decks – which shows that they’re doing a good job. That’s not to say you can’t create your own decks to try and break out of the meta – and there are often some changes to the meta, so the top spot will often change – but popular MTG Arena decks are popular for a reason. With all of that in mind, here’s the lowdown on the top five decks in MTG Arena.

Pure White Hate’s ability to cast a large number of creatures quickly makes it one of the best decks in Magic Arena. |Image source: Wizards of the Coast

Mono-White Aggro is a deck archetype that often appears at the top of the MTG Arena meta. These types of decks usually rely on two things: consistency in mana, since they only have one color, and the ability to discard a lot of creatures quickly. You’ll occasionally see this archetype called Pure White Weenie, but the point is to get your creature sideways and hit as many opponents as possible.

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The key to this deck is that many of your creatures, while being fairly cheap, can be made larger through the magic of +1/+1 counters. Take Promising Starter, for example, which is a 1/1 mana that gets +1/+1 counters when attacking next to a creature with more power than it. You can use these counters for up to three mana to destroy items and spells. Luminarch Aspirant helps a lot with this strategy by putting a +1/+1 counter on a creature you control each turn.

Then Thalia, Guardian of Thraben can help make your opponent’s spells more expensive, while cards like Elite Spellcaster and Phantom of the Sky can help eliminate other problems on the board or in your opponent’s hand. This is a powerful Magic Arena deck that’s surprisingly versatile for aggro builds and will overwhelm most opponents before they know how to react.

The power of Jeskai Combo as an MTG Arena deck comes from the pairing of the Goldspan Dragon creature and the instant charisma of Show of Confidence. |Image source: Wizards of the Coast

Best Magic The Gathering Online Game

Combo decks themselves fall into many different categories, but the goal of a Jeskai combo deck is to get the most out of Golden Cross Dragon. Golden Cross Dragon is a huge card that has been a force in Kaldheim since its introduction early last year, mainly because the 4/4 flying creature only costs 5 mana for a short period of time, creating treasure counters , then doubles the mana. create.

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In this Magic: The Gathering Arena deck, your goal is to increase your treasure counter to ridiculous levels before casting multiple spells in a turn, and then use Show of Confidence to kill the Golden Cross Dragon in one hit. Show of Confidence is a two-mana white instant that gives target creature a +1/+1 counter, but also says: “When you cast this spell, copy your opponent’s instant and sorcery when cast this turn. Spell.. You can choose a new copy target.”

Essentially, you’ll be casting a bunch of spells targeting the Golden Cross Dragon for a neutral cost, or you’ll be doing a bunch of spells by showing confidence and then using +20/+20 to actively gain mana. Goldspan. Dragon completes the game. The combo isn’t perfect, and aggro decks can cause problems, but it’s a fun and fairly reliable way to win games in MTG Arena.

Orzohv Control is a difficult MTG Arena deck to master, but it offers excellent flexibility and the ability to react quickly to your opponent’s performance. |Image source: Wizards of the Coast

Control decks in Magic: The Gathering are all about providing the right answers to the questions your opponents ask. They both focus on flexibility and rely first on reactive play. This is also a great Magic Arena deck for players who like to hold out until they can cast expensive and extremely powerful spells, including planeswalkers.

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The control panel is black and white. He took advantage of cheap single-target removal spells, an overly powerful board eraser, meathook carnage, and some token-generating planeswalkers to win the game. Also available is Strixhaven’s Apprentice mechanic, which allows you to draw cards from the sideboard at will, or discard and draw a card.

It all adds up to a pretty tricky deck, but it can be adjusted fairly easily to the changing meta, and thanks to cards like Call of Emeria/Emeria, Shattered Skies, and Mascot Exhibition cards and have a very strong baseline, both of which are seven mana cards. They can create tokens that can destroy your opponents.

Dress up your creatures with enchantments—while still having a low casting cost—and you’ll see why Naya’s Enchantment is one of the best decks in Magic Arena. |Image source: Wizards of the Coast

Best Magic The Gathering Online Game

Naya Enchantments is a really fun midrange MTG Arena deck that makes good use of a few creatures that are all enhanced by throwing in enchantment cards and powerful enchantments. The Generous Visitor and Ephemeral God enchantments are both cheap, but you get a +1/+1 counter when you enchant.

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So you have Jukai Naturalist, which makes your spells cheaper, and Runeforge Champion, which allows you to grab a specific type of spell called a rune from your deck or library, making it easier to cast cards The cost is much cheaper. . This allows you to grab a Power Rune, Speed ​​Rune, or Sustainment Rune to not only draw cards as you enter the battlefield, but also to buff your creatures.

Once you have all your pieces in play, all you have to do is cast your spells on cheap cards and draw cards as they come in, churning out your creatures and creating a board that’s great for other players state. Very difficult to deal with.

Selesnya Midrange combines cheap creatures with expensive enchantments to create a Magic Arena that can go far in the game. |Image source: Wizards of the Coast

Selesnya Midrange is another MTG Arena deck that aims to make the most of fairly low-cost creatures and mix in some very expensive spells to be effective in all phases of the game. The deck uses cards like “Prosperity Innkeeper” to constantly gain life as you cast creatures or create creature tokens, and cards like “Isika’s Chariot” to create additional tokens and help with offense and defense.

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You can keep your life completely stable, keeping your opponent under pressure until you can cast Starnheim Unleashed or Emeria’s Call/Emeria, Shattered Sky Realm, causing trouble with flying angels counter and start an aerial attack that is very difficult to deal with. This deck also uses Angel of the Legion, which you only need to have one copy in your deck as it allows you to get an extra copy from the sideboard when entering the battlefield.

There is even access to the Frost Dragon Cave and Hydra Lair. These lands can become creatures, costing a certain amount of mana each turn, and allow you to survive board wipes that would otherwise result in a game-over with a creature-based strategy.

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Best Magic The Gathering Online Game

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