Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers

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Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers
Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers

Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers – Driving is a very demanding job that comes with a world of benefits. Seeing the country, not having a big property on your shoulders, and having a real job are some of the advantages. Whether you are a new CDC Class A driver or an experienced truck driver, one of the most frequently asked questions is which company is the best to work for. And even though everyone is different and has different requirements, there will always be some that stand out from the rest. Here are the top 5 travel companies based on their offerings, track records and related facts. Learn more about how to get started and what these companies have to offer.

Werner Enterprises has a lot going for it for an automotive company that has been around for over 60 years. Founded in 1956, Werner is one of the five largest trucking companies in the United States. They offer modern and high-quality aircraft with minimal downtime.

Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers

Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers

For example, the average first year salary for a solo driver is around $50-70k. And we all know how important professional development is for new drivers. Werner Enterprises is an industry leader in curriculum and performance-based career programs. Benefits include help with registration, insurance (all types) and your driver and pet policy.

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Werner works with many carriers known to pay stellar. Walmart and Dollar Tree are just a few of the popular businesses with dedicated aircraft. Werner Enterprises also offers tuition reimbursement. As you can see from many benefits, Werner is one of the best.

Covenant Logistics Group has been active for the past three decades. They started in 1986 with 25 trucks and 50 trailers. They offer multiple jobs with dedicated team drivers and more. For example, a CDL Class A reserved for temperature-controlled cargo operations offers a weekly option. Salary is $1,100–$1,200 per week guaranteed. And in January 2021, they increased their fares by 9 cents per mile, bringing the starting fare to 66 CPM.

As with most carriers, they offer insurance, 401k, and vacation time, vacation, and more.

May Trucking Company was founded 75 years ago and operates in 11 western states. However, refrigerated roads in 48 states ensure that most of the country works for them. They allow you to choose your own section, which is good for your recruitment.

Flatbed Truck Driving Jobs

You can wait 2-3 weeks for Division 11 West and about a month for Division 48 Cooling.

They offer 401K, medical, dental and prescription programs. They also offer driver policies and pet policies. There are exclusions, so be sure to ask.

The trucks that May Trucking Company has are all models from 2018 to 2020. These Cascadia trucks offer the latest technology, innovation and comfort.

Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers

Stevens Transport is a leader in temperature controlled trucks. A family business that started in 1975, has grown to include 2,500 trucks. In 2020, they increased their wages by 14 percent, and drivers can earn up to $60,000 a year. first on the road. The average week is 2800 to 3000 miles and they provide special benefits for many companies.

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For example, Stevens Transport has an emergency fund for those who need it and qualify. You also have a personal driver manager. This person helps you with things like the weather in the house, coordinates all the shipping logistics, and helps with family and personal issues.

They also have driver’s lounges with showers, televisions, vending machines, laundry facilities and computers. You could say that Stevens Transport goes the extra mile for its drivers, and you would be right.

We train you to get your Class A CDL so you can work for operators like these and others. It’s been about a month and it’s a national leader in driving training. And as much as we love these carriers, students are not in control or tied to the carrier. Instead, it focuses on preparing students to be the most skilled and safe professional truck drivers.

And if you’re wondering about the cost, you can get up to 100 percent of tuition. We also offer internal financing for those who qualify.

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A driving career is a career like no other, and a driving school lets you get started. If you’re wondering if driving is the right career for you, talk to us. And if you’re ready to get started, sign up today and start the experience of a lifetime. After all, if you’ve completed your CDL truck driver job training, it makes sense that you want to work for the best. America’s transportation company!

What may be the best trucking company to work for in your opinion, may not be the company that other drivers want to work for.

I recruited satisfied drivers who stayed with the company for a long time and learned to separate the good carriers from the rest.

Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers

I carefully followed the records of many operators, just in case I needed a new driver’s job.

Aspiring Cdl Drivers

It is interesting to note that some of the carriers I recommended 20 years ago do not make your recommended list today.

However, for one reason or another, they are not on the “low paid driver list”. (This is usually because the drivers are unionized.)

Some of these carriers have a lot of trucks, but they are well managed and can maintain a “family atmosphere”, which I really like.

H.O. Wolding, Inc. – Wolding is an independent dry goods carrier based in Amherst, Wisconsin. A unique quality of Wolding is the low driver turnover rate, which speaks volumes for the driver’s performance.

Largest Trucking Companies In The United States

A well-run carrier known for taking good care of its drivers. I have personally spoken to many drivers over the years, and all drivers have raved about their experience with this company.

Nussbaum Transportation – Nussbaum is located in Hudson, Illinois. They are a large carrier, a dry cargo company, managed wisely and known to be well-liked by their drivers. **(

Pride Transport Inc – This is a small refrigeration outfit based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They carry high quality equipment. Pride belongs to ordinary people. They have a good reputation for treating their drivers “like family”.

Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers

Walmart -Walmart is a quality trucking company with excellent job security and very low driver turnover, both qualities drivers are looking for. The reason for the strong labor protection is because Walmart is not a regular business, but an independent business.

Eight Hundred Trucks Ordered To Launch ‘world’s First’ Self Driving Trucking Company

They operate their own fleet and transport their own cargo, not a typical situation for a trucking company but it provides good commercial security.

I especially like Walmart because it’s a private jet, with good job security. Although they have thousands of trucks, they don’t fit into the usual classification of mega carriers.

TMC Transportation – TMC is a flatbed truck transportation company based in Des Moines, Iowa. They have and use excellent equipment, a special draw for drivers.

Sammons Trucking: Sammons has been around for a long time. They specialize in flatbed trucks and are headquartered in Missoula, Montana. They both hire company drivers and business owner operators.

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Jim Palmer Trucking – J Palmer is an independent, family-owned trucking company in Missoula, Montana. They are a temperature controlled freighter that runs the west coast of the US to the Midwest with decent equipment. They offer a paid CDL training program.

Western Distribution Transportation Corp: This large private company manages some of the best company equipment on the road. However, they do not stand out as one of the major payment operators. They are a private transportation service in Denver, Colorado.

TMC – A good starting company for new drivers. The pay is worth it and yes, they have Peterbilts, if that’s your thing.

Best Otr Trucking Companies For New Drivers

Schneider – Financially sound company (which is very important), no team driver training, 3 weeks of very structured training, less time with a mentor on the road than most.

Experienced Truck Drivers

Shaffer Trucking – They have 6-8 weeks of training on the road with a mentor. Week 1 is 8 hours in driving conditions.

FedEx Ground – This is less known, but definitely worth checking out. FedEx Ground contractors will hire new CDL drivers and train them. Most of the work is in teams, but there are also individual races, as well as daily races. We found the salary range for these drivers: $85,000 to $98,000 per year. This is outside of Columbus, Ohio.

They carry current model equipment, always well maintained. They are well ranked as one of the best trucking companies with paid training.

Maverick is a true mega businessman. However, I personally rate them above the rest due to the fact that they are good carriers.

Best Trucking Companies For Team Drivers In Us

TMC – If trucking floats your boat, this carrier offers a great training program with decent pay for a 3-week training period.

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