Best Place To Purchase Diamonds

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Best Place To Purchase Diamonds
Best Place To Purchase Diamonds

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The general rule is that a buyer should spend at least two months’ salary when buying an engagement ring. It costs a lot of money, especially if you’ve never seen that sparkle in person. Still, many people these days choose to buy their engagement rings online, but out of sight.

Best Place To Purchase Diamonds

Best Place To Purchase Diamonds

Ready to ask questions but don’t know where to start? Read below for the best places to buy engagement rings online. All of these online ring destinations are trusted and loved, and many are sustainable with ethical sourcing practices and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Where To Find Diamonds

Blue Nile offers her 24/7 customer expert advice and her 30-day returns on more than 15,000 ethically graded diamonds. no blue

Blue Nile, the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry, first launched over 20 years ago in 1999. Today, it is still a major destination for engagement rings, where you can find everything from high-quality GIA-grade diamonds at relatively affordable prices. . That’s because all of our gemstones are purchased directly, eliminating the need for middleman retailers.

In addition to “ready to ship” rings, Blue Nile also offers a “Build Your Own Ring” feature and virtual reservations so you can have your dream ring (or

At Brilliant Earth, we carry both lab-grown diamonds and natural (but ethically and sustainably sourced) diamonds, making them a meaningful choice for sustainable engagement rings. brilliant world

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Brilliant Earth is essentially synonymous with the increasingly popular and needed “sustainable engagement ring” today. Each of their rings, whether in the shape of a lab-grown diamond or an ethically sourced natural diamond, is an eco-friendly choice.

Catbird is a sustainable and affordable jeweler of recycled metals and diamonds. There are physical store and virtual style products. cat bird

You may have heard of Catbird. They are known for their beautiful and ethical jewelry that is as glamorous as it is beautiful. But they also make great engagement rings and are all available online.

Best Place To Purchase Diamonds

Some of our most popular signature collections include Swans, Fairy Lights and Snow Queens, and Classic Bands, but Catbird has temporarily discontinued production due to COVID-19. Any ring in the “Ship Now” collection can be shipped within 3-7 business days, and he can also return online purchases within 10 days.

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From popular engagement ring styles to custom jewelry options, Krisair sells conflict-free diamonds and other materials. Chris Attention

If you’re looking for something ‘unique’, Chris Aire diamonds are custom made to give you that special feeling when you wear it on your friend’s finger. As a brand, Chris Aire takes important steps to ensure our rings are conflict-free and fair to all, including any practices that promote child labor, forced labor, or unfair or underpaid working conditions. Provides an overview of social responsibility guidelines.

In addition to great spirit, buyers also appreciate quality, even if the price is top notch.

Clear Cut allows you to communicate directly with an expert gemmologist who can help you design your ring. pure profession

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The Clear Cut route is a little out of the ordinary, but similar in a good way. In fact, you’ll love the direct communication you get with an expert gemologist when shopping at The Clear Cut. Working with TCC, you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by diamond experts.

After all, the founder of this jewelry brand is a fourth-generation diamond expert and GIA graduate gemologist.

Gemist makes sustainable, customer-designed rings in Los Angeles and offers a 2-week free trial period. gemist

Best Place To Purchase Diamonds

Here’s what you’ll love about Gemist: Gemist is one of the only engagement ring retailers with a direct-to-consumer model. That means you can custom design a ring and try it on at home before you pull the trigger on your purchase.

Hong Kong Diamonds

He can choose up to three styles to try on at home, and Gemist allows him to keep all three (fake) rings for a two-week trial period. Once a winner is selected, Gemist will take home her burner ring and handcraft the final design over the course of three to four weeks.

For those who know their desired cut, shape, style, metal or gemstone and want to design their own ring step by step, James Allen is the perfect choice. James Allen

Every style of James Allen ring is a work of art. Not only is he one of the best places to buy engagement rings online, he is so widely quoted.

This trusted jewelry brand has over 200,000 certified diamonds, all of the highest quality. Not to mention James Allen is there too

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We are the fastest growing private diamond retailer with the largest selection of online inventory. Outstanding certifications include diamonds graded by GIA and the Gemological Society of America (AGS). Buyers also appreciate free, fully insured shipping and his convenient 30-day return policy.

#EveryKiss started with Kay and popular jewelery brand Kay Jewelers has an extensive engagement ring collection including Neil Lane Bridal, Adrianna Papel and The Leo Diamond. Denial of Caigus

Everyone knows Kay Jewelers, and apparently for good reason, not just their catchy marketing. When it comes to diamonds, Kay knows

Best Place To Purchase Diamonds

What are they doing. Best-selling engagement ring collections such as Neil Lane Bridal, Adrianna Papel and The Leo Diamond are the clearest proof that Kay makes the most stunning engagement rings out there.

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At Kay, we stock a full range of ethically sourced metals and stones ranging from $100 to her $10,000, and you can also choose from her lab-grown diamonds and natural gemstones.

Want a more customized experience? Kay offers the most creative diamond buyers the ability to design their own, online or in store, with a 24/7 online A concierge is also provided.

Mejuri rings are designed in-house using 14K solid gold, natural gemstones and ethically graded GIA diamonds. Mejuri

Mejuri is known for its vibrant and fine collection of affordable jewelry. Still, when it comes to engagement rings, this ethical jewelery brand excels too.

Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

Under. This also means the company is strongly committed to true sustainability, with her goal of 100% traceability of content.

Book a 15-minute virtual styling appointment on and get a professional opinion directly from her experienced Mejuri stylist.

A favorite brand among social media users, Ring Concierge offers fine jewelry at affordable prices. ring concierge

Best Place To Purchase Diamonds

Ring Concierge offers custom lock designs online only (though they have a physical store in New York City). Made by women for women, Ring Concierge is her one of the best brands online right now. In fact, you may have seen their ads on Instagram.

Where To Buy Engagement Rings In Hong Kong

After all, the brand is using the power of social media and influencers to get their name out there and turn the engagement ring story upside down.

The Ring Concierge aims to fill a gap in a once male-dominated industry and ensure that women (and, in fact, all engaged people) have proper access when it comes to buying rings. bottom. It doesn’t hurt that RC has some of the coolest designs in the world either.

At Ritani, you’ll find the most amazing engagement ring designs you’ve ever seen. But unlike other retailers, you don’t have to use your hands and feet. At least not in Litani.

The dazzling diamond brand offers discreet packaging (to ensure your planned proposal remains a secret until the big moment) and a convenient 30-day return policy (custom rings excluded) . But don’t worry. Ritani also has a buy-back program and custom rings can be returned.

Wholesale Diamonds, Diamond Rings And Jewelry

Vrai is the destination for premium diamonds offering sustainable engagement rings that are ethically created in a laboratory. VRAI

Looking for an ethical ring? To avoid all the risks associated with blood diamonds, look no further than Vrai’s wide selection of conflict-free lab-made diamonds. Vrai’s prices range from $1,000 to nearly $2,600, making it one of the most cost-effective jewelry brands on this list.

Looking for a place to buy an engagement ring online? It takes a lot to get noticed and Zales certainly does. Known simply as ‘The Diamond Store’ since 1924, Zales has everything from budget-friendly gems to celebrity-friendly jewelry (both in quality and price).

Shop everything from preset rings to custom designs and make sure you always get the best cut, carat, color and clarity.

Diamond Engagement Rings Nyc

Links on this page may incur a fee, but we recommend only returning products. We participate in various affiliate marketing programs. This means that we may receive paid commissions on editorially selected products purchased through links to our retailer sites.

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