Best Place To Sell Stereo Equipment

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Best Place To Sell Stereo Equipment
Best Place To Sell Stereo Equipment

Best Place To Sell Stereo Equipment – We are a small family run company, specializing in buying and selling 2 HiFi equipment. If you want to contact us, please call us or WhatsApp us with your model number on 07726321618, or email us , valve and transistor amplifier etc. The company was born from Steve’s interest in all things HiFi and Sarah’s love of music. Our experienced electrician, Bob, also shares our passion, being a DIY enthusiast and collector, we all strive to provide the best service in the industry. If you are trying to restore old hifi equipment and need a new home, please do not hesitate to contact us using the link below.

We are proud to announce that we are selling the new 2019 edition of ‘The Tannoy Story’ by Julian Alderton.

Best Place To Sell Stereo Equipment

Best Place To Sell Stereo Equipment

This highly informative book covers the history of the most popular brands of Hifi and Audio…

Pre Owned And Vintage

The first edition of this book has changed hands for a ridiculous amount of money, so this is your chance to grab this great read.

“Wow! Excellent speakers (both appearance, quality, and sound) and as described. Arrived very quickly, with good communication. Will defo recommend”

“I couldn’t get it to work properly on my first vintage amp Sansui AU-505. But the seller was kind enough to give me some advice. I really like the sound of this amp. Thank you for a job well done!”

“Really good, ebayer is great, great communication. The cassette player is great and works perfectly. thanks again for the chocolates!! you’re great!!”

Wattage For Stereo And Home Theaters Explained

“Excellent service from Steve and Sarah. Friendly and helpful, excellent comms, buy with confidence from Hi-Fi hangers, I would give more than five stars if possible. Thank you for a job well done.” .

This site uses advertising and tracking technologies. Logging out will remove all cookies, except those required to run the site. Note that some features may not function properly without tracking cookies. Whether you’re a serious music lover or just want to keep the music flowing at your next house party, you’ll find great deals on new and used equipment. at Record Head. We’ve been one of Milwaukee’s leading hardware stores for over 40 years, offering a wide variety of pre-owned and new hardware and accessories. With great prices on everything from Pioneer receivers to powerful Alto speakers, Wisconsin is stocked with Record Head – shop our online store or visit us in person to check out our inventory. Bring in your faulty equipment today and let us help you fix it.

One of the most common reasons for buying used is obvious – to save money. If you’re trying to install a world-class stereo system on a shoestring budget, you can shop at Record Head. It gives you a lot of freedom to add new features over time, and to adjust your settings and technology as they evolve.

Best Place To Sell Stereo Equipment

All of our products are extensively tested and backed by a 30-day warranty against defects, so you can test your purchase at home and make sure everything works as it should. We’ve also put together a great music guide that we recommend testing out your speakers.

Positive Grid’s Spark Mini Bluetooth Speaker Sounds Great For Its Size

If you love home audio, you know that hunting for hidden or unique devices is a big part of the fun. You may also know how frustrating it can be when you need to replace one-of-a-kind parts for hard-to-find stereo equipment. Are you looking for alto-powered speakers in Wisconsin or maybe just a mega-media exchange in Milwaukee? Fortunately, on all these counts, Record Head can help. I am a bargain hunter’s dream, with a large, versatile inventory of used items at all price points. We can also help you find replacement parts or parts for stereo equipment. Immediately contact a representative for assistance

Record Head will pay you big bucks for your used stereo equipment. If you have high quality stereo equipment that you no longer use, ¬†consider trading or selling it at our store. Not only will you save money by buying new, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing a tool that’s served you well won’t end up in the trash.

Record Head has been serving customers in Milwaukee since 1972. We’ve been able to thrive in the age of big box stores in part because we offer the highest level of expertise and customer service that other retailers can’t. When you buy new or used stereo equipment from us, you’ll be dealing with an expert who can provide an informed opinion that goes beyond what’s underneath. We’ll work with you to match you with the right receiver, speaker, CD player, or converter for your needs and budget.

You can browse our inventory by visiting our Amazon and eBay stores. Well, just stop by and talk to the agent right away. Located outside of Milwaukee in West Allis, WI, we are open to serve you every day except Saturday. Call or visit Record Head online for more information. Former movie star Steve Guttenberg also worked as a high-end audio salesman, and as a graphic designer. Steve currently reviews audio and works as a freelance writer for Stereophile.

Best Stereo Amplifiers 2023: The Best Integrated Amps You Can Buy

Sometimes I wonder how today’s audiophile gear compares to the gear of yesteryear. Today’s best music is amazing, but how far has it progressed? To find out I contacted SkyFi Audio– it buys, tests and sells used audio equipment, and I asked the people there to collect the best equipment. The 1970s seemed like a good decade for a comeback.

When the process started, I worried “what if vintage audio is just an imaginary journey, hopelessly successful with today’s equipment?” Do the instruments made when Gerald Ford was president sound familiar?

More things, life and body than most audio systems of the 21st century. Despite the advancements in technology and equipment since the 1970s, today’s speakers sound nowhere near as good as the old system.

Best Place To Sell Stereo Equipment

SkyFi offers a number of ways to create fantasy, but I want to stick to the 70s, the golden age of high quality audio. I chose a Garrard 401 turntable, with a new Absis 1.0 tonearm and a Sumiko Amethyst phono cartridge. The Garrard 401 debuted in 1965 and remained in production until 1977, making it perfect for my 1970s dream system.

The Best Voice Recorders Of 2023

Garrard 401 turntable mounted on a custom made plinth from England. The current price of the turntable and arm is $5,999 (around £4,500 or AU$8,500), excluding cartridges. This desk is not a belt- or direct drive, it is a passive drive, the kind that is loved by old music lovers.

One of my first high-end preamplifiers was the Audio Research SP-6B, but I chose the old Audio Research SP-3A preamp. Like all preamps of the time, it had a phono-magnetic input. The SP-3 debuted in 1972, and this one looks great. SkyFi retails for $2,699.

I also have an Audio Research 30 tube amplifier back in the day, so how could I resist an Audio Research D-150 amplifier, one of only 200 made between 1975 and 1977. and it weighed 52 pounds! List price is $9,999. It’s expensive when new, but since it’s built to last and sounds great for 40+ years, it’s still expensive.

The speaker is a beautiful and large Tannoy Ardens from the mid-1970s, with large 15-inch paper cones and a 1.3-inch aluminum-magnesium alloy dome tweeter behind a dust cover. The price for the pair is $3,499, and I’m glad to see Tannoy is reviving the Arden production – called the Arden Legacy ($8,000 for the pair). This is a close replica of the previous speaker I tested.

Best Av Receivers For 2023

A large and heavy system was transported from SkyFi in New Jersey to the Stereo Exchange store in New York for testing. I didn’t know what to expect. Will this system be abolished by the words of the 21st century?

I’ll cut to the chase now: Few of today’s new audiophile systems at this price can compete with SkyFi Audio systems in terms of performance, size and power. The grapevine system was big and powerful, and it sounded very powerful.

I brought old LPs to familiarize myself, and Pink Floyd’s Relics psychedelic freakout, Interstellar Overdrive, had me rocking. I started listening about 8 meters (2.4 meters) from the speaker and I liked the sound, but then I moved another 8.

Best Place To Sell Stereo Equipment

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