Blue Streak 1999 Full Movie

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Blue Streak 1999 Full Movie
Blue Streak 1999 Full Movie

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Blue Streak 1999 Full Movie

Blue Streak 1999 Full Movie

Martin Lawrence lends his comedic flair, but the film isn’t much more than a typical action-comedy. Read reviews.

Blue Streak ( 1999 ) Watch Online In Best Quality

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When a heist goes wrong, thief Miles (Martin Lawrence) hides a diamond in a construction site before being caught. After two years of service, Miles returns to the location of his treasures and discovers that it is a police station. Miles had recently disguised himself as an officer to infiltrate a building and stop a fleeing thief as he tried to retrieve the treasure. Impressed by his quick actions, superior Rizzo (Graham Beckel) teams up with disgraced detective Casey (Luke Wilson). When you buy through Movies Anywhere; Bring your favorite movies from connected digital retailers into a single collection. Join now!

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Jewel thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence, Life, Bad Boys) has a big problem. The $20 million problem. A man recently released from prison for a massive diamond heist is desperate to retrieve the hot rock he hid on a construction site two years ago. Unfortunately, His hideout is now in the center of a recently completed high security police complex. Posing as a detective and teaming up with straight-up rookie Carlson (Luke Wilson, Home Fries, Bottle Rocket), Miles uses his criminal skills to inadvertently rise through the ranks and earn the respect of his friends in blue. Jay-Z’s Blue Streak is an action thriller directed by Les Mayfield (Flubber, Encino Man) with music by Foxy Brown and Tyrese, featuring Heavy D.

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Critics agree. Martin Lawrence brings his sense of humor, but the film is nothing more than a typical action comedy.

Reel Film ReviewsDavid Nusair …Blue Streak just can’t handle the scenery-gnawing aspects of Lawrence’s hopelessly inept turn. June 21, 2017 FULL REVIEW

EFilmCritic.comScott Weinberg’s Martin Lawrence is one of the most depressing films he’s ever made. June 16, 2017 Full review

Blue Streak 1999 Full Movie

Boxoffice Magazine Francesca Dinglasan Lawrence Lawrence’s tongue-in-cheek comedy misses more than it hits; Misses will be released from initiation as minors. June 16, 2017 FULL REVIEW

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