Book 4 Avatar Last Airbender

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Book 4 Avatar Last Airbender
Book 4 Avatar Last Airbender

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is experiencing a bit of a revival. The Nickelodeon original series and spin-off Legend of Korra have been among Netflix’s most-watched series since launching on the streaming service in recent months.

Book 4 Avatar Last Airbender

Book 4 Avatar Last Airbender

That extra attention prompted creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino to quash any speculation that a fourth season was in the works, though they teased that there’s always room for “future stories” in the universe.

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No spoilers here, but even though Avatar: The Last Airbender was only three “books” long, it was a self-contained story that had room to expand further, especially with members of the Fire Nation. Although some themes were picked up much later in the Legend of Korra timeline, Konietzko and DiMartino said they never thought about Season 4/Book 4 at that point.

There would never be a fourth season, from us or from Nickelodeon, Konietzko said. “Mike and I have planned [The Last Airbender] to be a three-season run since we first pitched it in 2002, and in 2008 we finished the story we wanted to tell.” DiMartino added, “We got the series to end exactly the way we intended it to.”

But DiMartino offers hope to those who want new stories in the world of The Last Airbender, especially given the popularity of the franchise’s comics and books. “There are a lot of seeds that we planted in both the series and the graphic novels that could be expanded and explored,” he hinted. “The Avatar universe is a big place and has a long history, so there’s a lot of potential for new stories.”

Work in progress, although the creators left the project earlier this year. The best we’ll see of anything new from Aang and company is this yet-to-be-aired pilot. The airwaves are in the hands of Netflix for now, but who knows what the future may bring?

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As many Avatar fans will know, there have been some pretty crazy rumors over the years about a supposed 4th book from ATLA, supposedly by head writer Aaron Ehasz.

Regarding ATLA and the Season 4 speculation, I’d first like to warn everyone that unfortunately there are some “fake interviews” with me spreading false information – so it’s hard to tell if those specific questions are true or not. It is true that the original plan of the creators (Mike and Bryan) was always to make only three seasons. While we were writing the show, Nickelodeon asked me to think about what a fourth season would look like, and I had a brief conversation with Mike about that. However, in the end Mike and Bryan decided to end the story where we left off and considering the love people have for the series, I can hardly say that was a mistake! I have no doubt that the ideas for season 4 have been used in any of the comics or in Korra as Mike and I haven’t gotten into specifics with it yet.

Book 4 Avatar Last Airbender

“I thought [TLOK] was bold and beautiful! Mike, Bryan and the team weren’t afraid to take risks and take the Avatar universe into new territory, and that was really exciting for me.”

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Now back to TDP binging on Netflix! (Or ATLA if you’re in Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Spain or Thailand. Or TLOK if you’re on Neptune🙃)

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Book 4 Avatar Last Airbender

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