Buy Jordan Almonds In Bulk

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Buy Jordan Almonds In Bulk
Buy Jordan Almonds In Bulk

Buy Jordan Almonds In Bulk – Sugar, almonds, tapioca dextrin, natural and artificial flavours, artificial colors (Red 3, Yellow Lake 6, Blue Lake 1 and 2, Titanium Dioxide), confectionery glaze. Contains tree nuts (almonds)

Get the best and tastiest candy coating in almost any color you want with Nut Co wedding almonds. This Jordan almond classic is the perfect “thank you” gift for your party guests – and it also packs a little historical value.

Buy Jordan Almonds In Bulk

Buy Jordan Almonds In Bulk

Almonds first appeared in Europe in the 15th century. This is when sugar cane was first discovered and used to make a hard candy coating on nuts – especially almonds. Jordanian almonds are traditionally served with nuts and seeds coated in honey after childbirth and at weddings.

Classic Jordan Almonds

In Italy, only five almonds are served to the guests as a way of symbolizing the five pillars of a successful marriage for the couple:

Five sugary almonds for each guest to eat To remind us that life is bitter and sweet. Five wishes for the new wife – health, wealth, happiness, children, and long life!

Wedding almonds are also used in Middle Eastern cultures as an aphrodisiac – so keep them at weddings for newlyweds (and guests).

Keep the almond wedding tradition alive by serving small batches (five or more) in bags tied with tulle. You can pack it into a small box or put it on the candy buffet.

Sugar Free Jordan Almonds

Do you have a specific wedding colour? Nut Co offers blue, white and pink colours, as well as mixed colours. Or create your own color combinations!

You can buy a 5lb bag of wedding almonds and get up to 700 almonds in one shipment – plus get a 10% discount. If 700 wedding almonds is too much, you can still order our 1lb bag and get around 140 nuts per pound. Yellow. SPECIAL NOTE: Surface cracking will result from excessive heat and/or sudden temperature fluctuations due to the expansion and contraction of almonds and chocolate.

Dark chocolate (cane sugar, cocoa mass* [alkali treated], cocoa butter*, butter oil, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), cane sugar, almonds, additional coloring (fruit and vegetable scraps, titanium dioxide) , corn syrup, tapioca dextrin , carnauba wax, confectionery glaze, natural flavor.

Buy Jordan Almonds In Bulk

We received this box of cherries in a gift box that was given to us during the holidays. We love people. I have ordered this for several upcoming birthdays and for our dining. I wanted to pay special praise for packaging and careful care, to ensure that the heat does not affect the quality of the cherries. Cherries are shipped with ice packs and insulated foil packaging bags. They arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much for a great product, sent with care.

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I received a pack of Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans as part of a gift pack. I shared it with a colleague. So good night and good pick me up! Two of my favorite things together!

A client gave this to me over Christmas. They were so good – I could hardly stop eating them. Crunchy and sweet – delicious!

What a treat from my favorite chocolate company! This caramel flavor is so good. Pairs perfectly with red wine. Thanks, I can’t wait!

I love Jordan chocolate almonds. A nice candy shell and enough chocolate to cover the almonds. Almonds are large and tasty

Chocolate Jordan Almonds 10lb Bulk

One of our family’s favorite candies at the moment. using high quality almonds generously dipped in rich dark chocolate. The candied shell provides a lovely crunch. Not only do they beat the competition in terms of taste, but they also use natural fruit extracts instead of artificial colours. Try to find out where you are.

This is the best dark chocolate jordan almond ever! My husband and I have not found anything better anywhere. The almonds are fresh, the chocolate is excellent, and the outer layer has just the right crunch. We bought 10 kilograms at a time – just for the two of us!

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