Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant

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Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant
Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant

Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant – If you are up for the challenge and want to impress your family and guests – I found a delightful plant to add to your indoor collection.

Monkey-faced orchids require a lot of attention and very specific growing conditions. But, with a little effort, you will be rewarded with a rare and very special plant.

Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant

Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant

As the name suggests, this wonderful orchid has a flower with uniquely shaped petals and a center reminiscent of the face of a cheeky, smiling monkey. They are fun and adorable and sure to put a smile on your face every time you look at them.

Monkey Face Orchid Care — Your One Stop Guide

They are found naturally in the very high cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru in South America. These forests are found on average at an elevation of 3,200 feet to 6,500 feet (1,000 meters to 2,000 meters) above sea level.

Read on for a detailed guide on how to grow monkey face orchids at home or in your greenhouse.

Plant monkey face orchids in a special orchid mix in cool, moist, shady and very humid conditions. Ideal temperatures are 42°F to 46°F (6°C to 8°C) and 66°F to 68°F (19°C to 20°C). Your containers should allow for adequate drainage. Watering and misting are essential and feeding can be done weekly.

Monkey face orchids cannot be grown in regular potting soil. They require a specific mix of orchids that have a chunky consistency. You can buy this mixture or make it yourself using fir bark, perlite and sphagnum moss. PH levels should be acidic to neutral, with a range of 5.5 to 7.0.

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The ideal type of soil for monkey face orchids is specific soil for orchids. Orchid soil does not contain soil or sand but is made of a mixture of plump ingredients close to its natural environment.

You may be able to buy orchid soil at your local nursery if it is geared towards these specific plants. It is also sold at farmers markets and online.

The mixture must be well drained. Water should not collect at the bottom of your pot. To help with this, I like to put small pebbles or pieces of a broken terracotta pot in the base.

Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant

Monkey-faced orchids prefer acidic to neutral soil. Testing the PH balance of your potting soil mix is ​​easy with a home PH test kit.

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Neutral soil has a PH of 7.0. Acidic soil shows a value of less than 7.0 and alkaline soil shows a value of more than 7.0. Monkey-faced orchids do best in soil with a PH range of 5.5 to 7.0.

Monkey-faced orchids grow naturally in cool dim fog conditions. They don’t enjoy the sun. Keep yours in a cool dark place or in full shade. You should not place it near a window to get direct sunlight as it will damage the plant. Bright light is not essential either.

Monkey-faced orchids grow in high-altitude cloud forests where light conditions are low. There is very little direct sunlight.

You need to create the same environment for your plant to flourish. Place it in a shady and cool place. If you are at home, you don’t have to worry about getting sun during the day. Therefore, unlike other plants, it should not sit close to the window. A darker location is ideal.

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If you are growing your plant outside, a location with full shade is ideal. A north facing balcony is fine as long as the plant is protected from the elements.

Growing your plant outside is more difficult than growing it indoors where you have better control over the conditions.

Check that the leaves of your monkey face orchid are cool to the touch. If they are in the sun and feel hot, the plant may suffer damage.

Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant

Monkey-faced orchids should be kept moist but not overwatered. Water once every 7 days and mist regularly to keep the plant moist and fresh. Do not use tap water. Rainwater or cooled boiled water is preferable. Choose a pot with drainage holes in the base and sides.

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To recreate the moist mist conditions of its natural habitat, you should water the monkey face orchid once a week by giving it a good soak.

Try to use natural rainwater whenever possible. Tap water has chemicals that are foreign to these fragile plants. A build-up of chemicals will eventually cause damage to your plant. If you don’t have easy access to rainwater, use chilled boiling water or store-bought distilled water.

The most important fact to remember is that these plants need air flow. You can buy special pots for orchids with drainage holes in the base and sides. This allows for maximum circulation and also allows the water to drain.

Getting the moisture balance right is essential. The plant should never dry out, but neither should it sit in soggy wet soil. This will cause the roots to rot and your plant will die.

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A good method for watering orchids is to fill a large container with rainwater or distilled water. Then place your orchid in its pot in the container. The water level should not flood the pot! Let it sit for 15 minutes. Remove the pot from the water bath and allow all excess water to drain.

This plant does not respond well to very fluctuating or too hot temperatures. Ideal temperatures are between 42°F and 46°F (6°C to 8°C) and 66°F to 68°F (19°C to 20°C). Do not place your plant in a draft or directly in front of an air conditioner.

Since this plant’s natural habitat is cooler upland areas, your monkey face orchid does not want hot temperatures.

Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant

Make sure your houseplant has temperatures between 42°F to 46°F (6°C to 8°C) and 66°F to 68°F (19°C to 20°C)

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To get the perfect conditions, you can consider growing your plant in a small greenhouse where you have better control over the environment. This plant does not enjoy changing temperatures too much.

Do not put it in the draft of an open window or directly in front of the wind from an air conditioner.

Monkey-faced orchids need very humid conditions of 80 percent or more. It is important to spray the plant daily to keep it moist and moist. Do not spray the flowers directly. You can create the best conditions in a greenhouse or a small indoor plastic container.

Monkey-faced orchids need very moist conditions to bloom. Their natural habitat is cool misty forests where they are always moist.

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The ideal humidity should be above 80 percent. An average house will range between 40 percent and 50 percent.

Growing your plant in a greenhouse is ideal, but not possible for everyone. Remember that creating an area of ​​high humidity in your home can lead to mold and bacteria growth. So it will take some thought and planning to define the best location for your plant.

You can consider creating a small greenhouse inside, using a plastic box. There are many helpful videos online that show you how to do this. You can also buy mini greenhouse boxes which are ideal for growing orchids.

Buy Monkey Face Orchid Plant

Mist spraying is a must! Spray the plant daily to keep it moist. Be careful not to spray the flowers directly.

Dracula Lotax / Monkey Face Orchid

Choose a balanced 20-20-20 formula of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Feed weekly with a diluted solution or monthly with a standard solution. Do not feed when the soil or roots are dry. Do not give your plant excess nitrogen as this will damage the roots.

The best fertilizer for your monkey face orchid is a 20-20-20 mix. These numbers indicate the proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the mixture. As you can see, the mix is ​​a perfect balance of all three.

Monkey face orchids do not like too much nitrogen. Do not feed them with a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content as it damages the plant.

If you breastfeed every week, use a weak and diluted solution. For monthly feeding, mix and use according to the standard instructions on the package.

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Make sure the soil and roots are wet before adding fertilizer. If not, it will burn and destroy the roots.

Monkey face orchids are stunning with their unique flowers that resemble simian monkeys with dangling Dracula tails. They come in many shades including red, green, yellow, pink, purple and lavender. A plant that blooms all year round for up to 19 years under the right conditions.

If you have green fingers and a lot of patience, you will be rewarded with the most spectacular flowers on your monkey face orchid.

Orchids in front of monkeys take up to 7 years from the day of germination to the beginning of flowering, so it is better to buy a mature plant in the first place.

Monkey Face Orchid

The flowers have a unique appearance of a simian monkey face. Three petals form the head. The lower two have long hanging spurs that look like Dracula’s fangs, giving it the name Dracula Simia.

Inside the petals there are dotted details that form eyes,

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