Can Anyone Drive A Rental Car

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Can Anyone Drive A Rental Car
Can Anyone Drive A Rental Car

Can Anyone Drive A Rental Car – If you want to travel with family or friends and you have enough time, it is always better to go by road. And if there are more of you, it is always wise to opt for a self-drive car rental. Self-drive car rentals have become one of the most accepted car services, especially for people who want a car for a short period of time, whether for a day or a week. You can treat the car as your own as long as you use it. Self-drive car rental will also make your commute easier. Therefore, here are the top seven benefits of self-drive car rental services that will explain all its positive aspects.

When you choose self-driving cars, you can expect complete privacy in the car. If you take a taxi, the driver may interrupt you many times or try to talk, making the journey very unpleasant. If it’s two or three days for a trip or for a week, then getting a bad driver becomes a huge inconvenience. But when you choose a self-driving car, there is no chance of someone interrupting your conversations and music. You can spend quality time with your travel partners while driving.

Can Anyone Drive A Rental Car

Can Anyone Drive A Rental Car

Hygiene has always been a major concern for many; and since the outbreak of COVID-19, it is mandatory for everyone to observe social distancing. Therefore, since you are traveling in a self-driving car, you can be sure of the level of hygiene you are maintaining. Of course, the company disinfects the car before handing it over, but for even greater certainty, you can also perform a second round of sanitation.

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When we go on a long journey, we often feel the need to make several short stops, but asking the taxi driver to stop after every hour can be a little annoying. However, when you drive the car yourself, you are freed from such situations. You can make multiple stops. You can have full control and decide the length of the trip.

If we compare the fees for car rental services with a taxi or a taxi, car rental is always more cost-effective. One of the most reliable car rental services in India is provided by . You can use the car rental service even for the whole month and the prices will still be favorable for you. If you want it for a longer period, you can do so by contacting the company and asking for an extension.

If you take a taxi, there is a risk that the driver may fall asleep or neglect certain safety instructions. To avoid all these situations, you can easily use car repair shops. You can stay in control while driving and take a break whenever you find you need a little rest. You can also save the speed limit and all safety records.

When you drive a car, you can have as much fun as you want with your friends or family. You can stop at various monuments that you will come across on the way to your destination. You don’t have to think about overspending or wondering if you’ll make it.

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When you opt for a self-drive car service, you can take the route you want. You get complete freedom and don’t have to worry about being accountable to anyone. You can even improvise on the spot or go on an impromptu trip to any place you want.

Choosing the services of a self-drive car rental company has several advantages. And if you want to use the best services, you have to contact . Car rental is affordable and there is an option to extend the rental period as desired. You can have the car delivered to your door. The company takes several days to thoroughly clean and disinfect the car and deliver it to your door. To book a car, you can visit the website and enter your city name, start date and end date. You can easily choose the rental length, whether you want hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

In addition to car rental, it also offers car subscriptions. Car subscription services allow you to take a car for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 36 months. Subscription rate starts from INR 10,499; however, the rate may vary depending on the make as well as the model of the car. You can choose an unpacked car or a brand new car, the choice is entirely yours. Maintenance and insurance claims are covered by a monthly fee.

Can Anyone Drive A Rental Car

Whether you choose car rental services or car subscription, you can expect a fully disinfected car. Services are available in almost all cities; therefore, if you want to use the services, you can quickly check if the services are available in your city. Recently, I have been receiving various questions from several directions regarding self-drive car rentals. Most of them are related to the cost aspect and few of them are related to the procedures and formalities involved. Many of them changed their minds after hearing about the cost, security deposit and risk. Regardless of my previous posts [read here and here] on Self Drive Rentals, this post is an attempt to answer some such questions.

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Cost comparison between self-drive and regular chauffeured hire – Will it be cheap to hire a self-drive car?

Frankly, in most cases, self-drive car rental is not economical, except for long journeys and high-end cars.

Case 1: Short drive (say 1 day, 150-200 km, economy vehicles like Indica/Sumo etc.): For short drives, driving your own vehicle will not be economical. For example, for a 200km day trip, a normal Tata Indica rental with driver would cost around 1500 rupees (200*6.5/km + batta driver, actually 375 rupees per person for four people), the same trip by car. it would cost around 2300 rupees (1500 rental + 500 fuel + 300 rupees for delivery and collection, 460 rupees per person for 5 packages)

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Case 2: Medium drive (Example: 3 days, 1,200 km, Toyota Innova): For medium-sized routes, self-driving and driving can almost break even (Self-driving Rs 3,300/day, 3,600 fuel = Rs 1,3500, chauffeured ). : 1200*10.5 Rs/km + 900 Rs driver batta=13500)

Case 3: Long trip (4 days, 1,800 km or more, relatively advanced car): For long trips, self-driving is much more economical than a regular rental with a driver. Let’s say for Skoda, 4 days, 1800 km will cost 20000 rupees (16000 rupees rent + 4000 fuel). If you want to rent a Skoda or similar car on a conventional per km basis, you will notice that few agencies offer such cars, and those that do offer exorbitant prices. Hertz is listing the Skoda at Rs 25/km for non-corporate customers. Even at Rs 15/km, a journey of 1800 km would cost Rs 27,000. (Also why would I ever rent a Skoda when I can’t drive it???). Even for economy cars, self-driving is cheaper over long distances.

Please note that the above calculations are based on the current rental rates in Chennai. Prices may change depending on time, city, rental company and other factors. Also, if you share the cost or want to carry the maximum number of passengers possible, please note that you can save space in autonomous driving mode and the expenditure per capita may be lower, even if the total expenditure is slightly higher than a regular rental.

Can Anyone Drive A Rental Car

Self-drive car rentals are popular abroad because hiring a driver there is expensive. If you try such an adventure in India, it can only be because a. you like to drive, or b. there are 5 of you or more and you don’t want to miss a place for the driver or approx. you want complete privacy.

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Risks: You must return the car without dents, scratches or other damage. Otherwise, the damages may increase to several thousands of rupees. The vehicle will be covered by accident and third party liability insurance and if there is a genuine technical fault (not caused by driving on bad roads etc.) (say to exchange a replacement vehicle) the rental company will reimburse the costs. However, in both cases, you cannot leave the car on the road and get to your destination with another vehicle (which might be an option if it were a regular rental with a driver). In the event of a serious incident, your trip will be cancelled. So you need to be confident about your driving skills and be prepared for the relevant risk factor. A long drive can be stressful at times and one small mistake is everything

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