Can Anyone Drive A Uhaul

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Can Anyone Drive A Uhaul
Can Anyone Drive A Uhaul

Can Anyone Drive A Uhaul – A departure from the usual camping and hiking trips, this month we bring you a U-Haul road trip. This is the third time in three years that I have helped our daughter move, and the longest.

The previous two movements took all day to cover 525 miles each way. It was 1,850 miles and took three and a half days. We took it easy and did three days of ~550 miles each, then the last day was 200 miles. Given this experience and the lack of information about long-distance self-driving, I feel comfortable recommending it to anyone considering doing it themselves.

Can Anyone Drive A Uhaul

Can Anyone Drive A Uhaul

It’s simple: If you can afford it, hire a professional. A professional crew will come to your home, collect all your belongings, load them into a truck, deliver them to your destination, unload them and pack your new home into boxes. Carriers guarantee their work and replace damaged items. But if you have a big house, it can cost five figures.

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Another option is something like, which will drop off a 28-foot trailer to your house. You can load it and then their professional driver will take it to your destination and deliver it to your new home. Used trailer feet are subject to loading fees, so it’s best to use every upright and wrap as tightly as possible (easier said than done). to one-way shipping companies. Upack provides the ramp, but the furniture mat and truck are up to you. The floor of the trailer is 48 inches off the ground, which doesn’t sound too bad, but it is quite high. Upack quotes a 15-foot trailer for this move at around $4,000. I think it’s a pretty good deal considering other people can drive.

Of course, you can hire paid help to load and unload, but there’s no guarantee they’ll know how to load properly. We hired moving help twice, once they were experienced and the other a college student – eager and willing, but they didn’t know how to load the truck properly.

Finally, there is “America’s Moving Adventure” that is U-Haul. They have 21,000 locations, 167,000 trucks and 120,000 trailers in the US and Canada. You can rent trucks of various sizes, from “cute” to “giant” and trailers for your car or other items. We rented a 20 foot truck and car trailer for this move and paid $2100 with tax. It contained a truck and four dozen furniture blankets. The 20-foot truck has a 33-inch deck height and is easy to load and unload.

A few years ago, to make the first move, I looked on the U-Haul website and they said a 10 foot truck was big enough. It must be right – the kids are unfurnished and the website says “Studio for 1 room apartment”. Huh. We had to put the truck on the roof and leave the stuff at home.

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This time, the 20 foot truck we rented could carry a washer and dryer, many boxes of books and kitchen utensils, some living room chairs, and a bed and mattress (still in the original box, very small). , ) all his clothes and personal belongings, and they were many. No sofas or couches, no second bedroom furniture, no large dining table – luckily, none of that. However. The U-Haul website says it will handle “2 bedroom homes”, but I think that’s optimistic.

We rented a “car” trailer that took all four wheels off the ground. We’ll have more to say about the trailer soon. It is very easy to use. Ask the U-Haul dealer if you can leave the trailer for the pickup after you load the truck—it’s easier to hook up to the dealer once than unplug it at your house, load the truck, and load the car. reinstall. You can do the opposite at your destination. Note that you should check the trailer and brake lights before you bring the truck home to load — if there’s a problem with the trailer wiring in the truck, it’s not good to know after the truck is loaded. We didn’t and when we got out at 7am we found the trailer lights weren’t working. Luckily the brake lights worked so we made it onto the highway.

Should I buy Safe Driving insurance? Of course we are. That way I don’t have to worry about any dents, dings or major accidents. For cross-country trips, I load up on every type of insurance they offer – I don’t want to be stuck in one place.

Can Anyone Drive A Uhaul

First put everything in the box. Buy a U-Haul box and paper packing tape. I mean *everything* comes in a box. This makes loading and unloading easier and the box can be stored for the next step.

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You need to start by placing a small box of light goods on the “roof” above the cabin. I was able to fit two rows of seven boxes in two rows, so I got 28 little boxes in there. Use some rope to tie it so it doesn’t fall.

Then you will want to place a large heavy object on the front wall. A washer and dryer or very heavy furniture will work here. If you have a truck, grab the same nylon strap that you use to tie your boat to your car—wrap the strap around anything your truck moves to make your life easier. One person can move a very heavy object like this. Cover the washer and dryer with several furniture pads — make sure all sides are covered, and double or triple the top.

Now start stacking heavy boxes on the floor around the W/D or furniture, then stack very light items on top. Use a rope to keep things from moving. Bring more furniture and use cushions and straps to secure it. Light items and boxes can be placed on top of the furniture, but make sure there is some padding to protect the finish. Closet, etc. when moving, remove the crate first, then replace once the frame is on the truck. Collect as high as possible, but it is unlikely that you will reach the ceiling. If you have large breakable items, such as a large TV or glass table top, place them in a flat box, then line the floor of the truck with a furniture blanket before loading.

By the time you get to the end, you’ll have things that don’t fit in the box. Vacuum cleaner. broom. Big cooler. This goes into the space in the back of the truck. Leave your bag and cooler for drinks on the go. Also leave room for a rental truck from U-Haul.

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OK, it’s not as big as a tractor trailer, but we’re not professional truck drivers. The 20-foot U-Haul with car carrier is a serious vehicle, and it changes everything about how and where you drive.

You know the sign behind the semi that says “Wide Right Turn”? Yes, now this means you. Turn left wide too. Watch your mirrors as you turn to make sure the trailer clears the curb, the gas pump, or anything else you’d normally overlook. This thing isn’t very flexible and it’s easy to let the trailer hit something.

Plan ahead for gas and other stops. Plan to take care of the truck stops – they will have enough space at the gas station to drive your combination, but here too you need to pay attention. If you’re booking a hotel, check Google Maps first and see an aerial view up close to make sure there’s enough space to park and exit. Some hotels don’t have a back entrance – if you go in, you’ll be turned away. Do not do like that. Unless the billboard says “truck parking” or “buses welcome,” you can’t stop at a regular restaurant or a cute little taco shack. When entering the rest area, pay attention and follow signs for trailers or trucks, not “cars only.”

Can Anyone Drive A Uhaul

Every U-Haul trailer has a sticker affixed to the front that can be seen in the rearview mirror. It says “55 MPH Maximum Speed”. Ugh. I drove 2000 miles at 55 mph. That’s right. In the real world, we’ve seen dozens of U-Haul truck and trailer combinations on the highway, every one of them

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