Can You Own A Monkey In Florida

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Can You Own A Monkey In Florida
Can You Own A Monkey In Florida

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Can You Own A Monkey In Florida

Can You Own A Monkey In Florida

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Monkey Population Could Double In Marion County

But no matter how much we wish they were pets, they are not. Cubs grow into fully grown, vigorous adults; Monkeys need a social environment and the kind of free range that can’t be replicated in a private home.

Legally, however, there is no federal law governing the ownership of exotic animals. Instead, state and local legislatures decide whether you or your neighbor can own — albeit cute — potentially dangerous creatures.

As Lisa Watten, a captive wildlife expert at the Humane Society, explained to Tech Insider, the patchwork of laws is often complicated. The Humane Society is interested in national legislation banning the keeping of big cats, bears, primates and large dangerous snakes as pets.

Some states prohibit individuals from keeping these creatures as pets, while others only require a permit, which is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult to obtain. Others have no government restrictions.

These Wild Monkeys Thrive In Florida—and Carry A Deadly Virus

Here’s an updated look at a piece of legislation that ultimately affects not only the well-being of sentient animals, but also the well-being of their sometimes-unwitting human neighbors.

There have been some changes in recent years. The most amazing thing happened in 2011. Shortly after it happened in Ohio in 2011, a man killed himself after leaving his personal partner. That disaster and subsequent cleanup resulted in a body count of 18 tigers, 17 lions, 8 bears, three pumas, two wolves, one monkey and one macaque.

Ohio later banned residents from keeping a few very dangerous wild animals as pets, although exhibitors could still have these animals.

Can You Own A Monkey In Florida

But even in places where ownership of exotic animals is legally prohibited, people sometimes buy these creatures at auctions or from other individuals, said Kathy Lees, president of the Animal Welfare Institute.

Are Pet Monkeys Allowed In Florida?

Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest tech news and information – delivered to your inbox every day. A rhesus macaque watches kayakers on the Silver River in Silver Springs, Florida. Photo: John Raoux/AP

Rhesus macaques were introduced to Silver Springs State Park in the 1930s, but now 400 strong bear a disease that can be fatal to humans.

Visitors to Florida’s beautiful Silver Springs State Park are being warned of an unusual threat: hundreds of wild and herpes-infected monkeys.

The monkeys, rhesus macaques, were born from two small groups released into Silver Springs State Park about 100 years ago by an eccentric boat captain. Since then, their numbers have increased and experts predict that by 2022 there will be 400 people roaming the park.

Herpes Riddled Rhesus Macaque Monkeys Roaming Florida

A video taken by a kayaker in Florida in October shows just how close humans can get to the apes. The footage shows rhesus macaques throwing themselves from treetops into the Silver River.

“I’m personally concerned,” said Steve Johnson, an associate professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Florida. Johnson and colleague Jane Anderson published research in monkeys in 2018.

About 25% of monkeys have herpes B, which is dangerous to humans, and 4-14% are “oral carriers” – that is, a bite transmits the virus.

Can You Own A Monkey In Florida

“It’s a low risk, but if something happens, it’s a very high consequence. Fortunately, nothing has happened yet, but if I were the state, I wouldn’t want it against me,” said Johnson.

Where Can I Hold A Monkey In Florida?

It is not only the risk of herpes infection that worries researchers. The monkeys also have a detrimental effect on wildlife. Andersen found that the monkeys were “big predators” on man-made bird nests.

“So if that translates to actual nests, there’s a chance of survival there, and then something that’s an invasive species that I’m concerned about in terms of environmental impact,” Johnson said.

“Even though the monkeys have been around for over 100 years, they’re not native, they’re not supposed to be there. They were brought there by humans. They’re like wild pigs or wild cats.

“But they get a lot of interest because they’re mammals, they’re cute. They’re macaques, they’re primates, they remind us of humans.”

Exotic Monkeys & Animals: Legal Guide For Rare Pets

The monkeys are said to have descended from six macaques released in the 1930s. A man named Colonel Toy, who was on a glass-bottom boat tour on the beautiful Silver River, came up with a cunning plan to increase the cavalry. He releases the monkeys onto the island hoping to impress the passengers with their scenes of swinging through the trees.

What Toy didn’t realize was that rhesus macaques are strong swimmers. The monkeys immediately swam off the island and settled in the jungle around the river.

Undeterred, Toye and the other operators used food to lure the monkeys to shore to entertain the passengers. The plan worked so well that Toye sent six more macaques into the river in 1948.

Can You Own A Monkey In Florida

It turns out that the monkeys were well-suited to the lush forests of central Florida. In the year In 1980, about 400 macaques roamed the river.

Orangutan Granted Legal ‘personhood’ Settles Into New Florida Home

The monkeys’ natural habitat in Asia spans thousands of miles, from Afghanistan to China’s Pacific coast, Johnson said. They have the largest variety of non-human primates.

Many monkeys have herpes, so if they come into contact with people they pose a danger – and they often do. In October, Florida kayaker Rod Guy shared footage of what he said were about 30 monkeys jumping from trees into the Silver River.

The state has added monkeys to its “do not feed” list of animals, but Johnson said it’s unlikely to make much of a difference to the population.

After Anderson and Johnson’s research was published, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission made it clear that it supported removing the monkeys. But the FWC did not provide any details at the time, and did not respond to questions from the ranger about the rhesus macaques.

Yes, There Are Herpes Infected Wild Monkeys In Florida

“But it’s not an easy decision and it’s not going to be an easy one. It’s a win-win with stakeholders. If you go in and decide to remove it, you’re going to hurt a lot of people, and the people won.” They want to get rid of the virus in the park, according to a new study that has confirmed that some animals have the virus. It can be dangerous for people.

In the middle of Central Florida is Silver Spring State Park – a vast area of ​​forest and wetlands that runs through the river. One of Florida’s first tourist attractions, the park was once known for its scenic views and wildlife. But for the past 80 years, the park’s biggest attraction has been the monkeys.

That’s right—Silver Spring State Park is home to at least 300 rhesus macaques, native to South and Southeast Asia. The animals breed quickly, and if government agencies do not take measures to control them, the number of monkeys will double by 2022, according to a new study.

Can You Own A Monkey In Florida

The study, published Oct. 26 in the journal Wildlife Management, says such an increase could put the health of the park and visitors at greater risk — in part because the monkeys carry a rare and deadly herpes virus called herpes B. It is extremely rare for herpes B to spread from monkeys to humans, but when it does, it can be fatal.

Florida ‘monkey Whisperer’ Sentenced For Trafficking Primates

Florida’s primary crisis began in 2010. In 1938, a tourist boat operator known as “Colonel Toy” released six rhesus macaques on a small island in what is now a state park. He borrows the monkeys from a major dealer in New York City, hoping to create a Tarzan attraction on the island, but the plan quickly unravels.

Unbeknownst to Toy, rhesus macaques are strong swimmers. Within hours of arriving on the island, the pink-faced monkeys began to escape into the forest. Six more macaques arrived to replace them, but they also escaped. In the year By the 1980s, hundreds were spread across the 5,000-acre park.

In the year Between 1984 and 2012, Florida wildlife officials approved the removal of more than 1,000 monkeys to reduce population growth and prevent conflicts with humans. The authorities also managed to sterilize 20 female maquis during that time. (Read: Lab-created monkey clones. Now what?)

But the population continues to expand, perhaps at an increasing rate. It’s now growing at about 11 percent a year, said Jane Anderson, a wildlife ecologist and research assistant professor at Texas A&M University-Kingville who led the study team. If half of the females were sterilized per year, the population could be reduced to a third of its current size.

Endangered Blue Eyed Black Lemur Born At Jacksonville Zoo In Florida


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