Can You Own A Monkey In Michigan

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Can You Own A Monkey In Michigan
Can You Own A Monkey In Michigan

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Can You Own A Monkey In Michigan

Can You Own A Monkey In Michigan

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An Ad To Buy A Squirrel Monkey For Less Than $20 In A Comic Book From The 60s

But they are not pets, no matter how much we wish they were. Puppies grow into large and strong adults; Monkeys need a social environment and a kind of free roaming that cannot be replicated in a private home.

However, legally, there is no federal law governing the ownership of exotic animals. Instead, states and local legislatures decide whether you or your neighbor can own creatures that — while cute — can be dangerous.

As Lisa Wathan, a captive wildlife specialist at the Humane Society, explained to Tech Insider, the law’s complexity is often complicated. The Humane Society is interested in national legislation that would ban the keeping of big cats, mammals, primates and large dangerous snakes as pets.

Some states prohibit people from keeping these creatures as pets, but others only require a permit that is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult to obtain. Others have no state restrictions.

Brown Capuchin (sapajus Apella) · Inaturalist

Here’s an up-to-date look at the complexities of laws that ultimately affect not only the well-being of intelligent animals, but also the safety of their sometimes unwitting human neighbors:

There have been some changes in recent years. The most dramatic incident occurred shortly after in Ohio in 2011, when a man killed himself after releasing his personal device. As a result of this disaster and the cleanup that followed, 18 lions, 17 lions, 8 bears, three cougars, two wolves, one baboon and one bee died.

Ohio later banned residents from keeping highly endangered wild animals as pets, with some exceptions, though exhibitors could still buy those animals.

Can You Own A Monkey In Michigan

But even in places where ownership of exotic animals is legally prohibited, people sometimes buy these creatures at auction or from other people, according to Kathy Lees, president of the Animal Welfare Institute.

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Sign up for our newsletter for the latest tech news and scoop – delivered to your inbox daily. BAY CITY, MI – A Bay City woman may have lost her four-figure deposit on a pet squirrel monkey. A city ordinance prohibits such pet ownership.

Linda Stevenson, 34, said she paid $2,000 to a breeder in Mission, Texas for the monkey. That deposit is only half of what she ended up with, and it’s non-refundable, she said.

However, according to Deputy City Manager Dana Mascotte, Stevenson shouldn’t expect to receive a summons anytime soon. Municipal Ordinance 18-7 states: “No person shall keep within the city limits any animal or reptile, with the exception of dogs, cats or other animals which are ordinarily housed as pets.” .”

“Our definition of a domestic pet is not a squirrel monkey,” Mascot said. “We don’t consider monkeys as normal animals.

Have You Ever Seen A Rare Albino Squirrel? They Are Here In Mi

On Monday, February 15, Stevenson appeared at the Bay City Commission meeting and asked the commission to change the ordinance to include monkeys.

“After the meeting, we addressed the ordinance with the city attorney and we say we cannot accept it,” Mascot said. The commission sent Stevenson a letter informing him of its decision, Mascot said.

“We’ve never really had anyone come up to the city commission and challenge it,” he said. “This is the first time in the 16 years I’ve been here that someone has asked for anything other than a cat or a dog.”

Can You Own A Monkey In Michigan

“When I lived in Florida, I had a nickname,” Stevenson said. “I had him for about a year in 2001. I saw him in a pet store, fell in love and bought him. He slept on my chest, climbed on my shirt, wrapped around my leg, with me. Sleep, I thought. Amazing. It was rewarding. He was so smart. He was destructive at times. He threw boxes of Q-tips and my makeup down the toilet, so I flushed the toilet. Learn to keep.”

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“He went everywhere with me,” she recalled. “He had a cage, but he wasn’t in it very often. If he couldn’t go with me, I wouldn’t really leave the house.” He would have hid my keys behind the couch if he knew I was leaving without him. “

Traveling quite a bit at the time, Stevenson ended up selling peanuts in Kentucky. After living on Bay City’s East Side for two years and being a stay-at-home mom to her 8-year-old son, she said she now has the time she needs for a second monkey.

Squirrel monkeys are “New World” monkeys that come from the tropical forests of Central and South America. They have olive on the back and short, narrow fur of yellow-orange on the belly and legs. They can grow between 25 to 35 cm, with a 35 to 42 cm tail. Their weight is 750 to 1100 grams. They have the largest brains, relative to their body size, of any primate, including humans.

The Kentucky-based World Animal Foundation describes them as diurnal — active during daylight hours — and arboreal or arboreal.

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“To mark territories, proboscis monkeys coat their tails and skin with their own urine,” says the agency’s website. “Wet monkeys are omnivores, eating mostly fruits and insects. They sometimes eat chickens, chickens, eggs, and small vertebrates.”

According to the World Wildlife Fund, squirrel monkeys typically live up to 15 years in the wild, and can reach up to 20 years in captivity.

“While young monkeys are generally as easy to keep clean as human babies (by diapering), monkeys that have reached puberty usually shed their diapers and cannot be toilet trained,” the agency said. tells “They need constant supervision and mental stimulation. They usually require a lot of attention. Monkeys cannot tolerate being away from their owners for long periods of time, for example family outings, because of their need for attention, they can become bored monkeys. Extremely destructive and can even alienate Goo to the point of deflating or throwing their own balloon.

Can You Own A Monkey In Michigan

Monkey owners must spend large amounts of money to clean up messes after their pets, the agency says. At puberty, monkeys tend to bite and bite humans. In addition, it can be difficult to find a veterinarian who has the necessary knowledge to treat them.

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“Monkeys eventually grow, and in most cases become wild and not easy to control,” the agency continues. “Monkeys can also be aggressive towards their owners. They can change from minute to second without warning, making it difficult for owners to fully understand them. Most monkey owners have to find other homes for them, such as zoos and monkey rescues. They are known to bond with their first owner and therefore it is not easy for the monkey to get used to its new environment.

Environmental Health Pets, based in New York, also recommends against keeping monkeys as pets. The organization says it is illegal to import squirrel monkeys into the United States as pets, although “wild individuals are legally trapped and imported annually for medical research.” Some of these may end up in the illegal pet trade.” Pet monkeys can be purchased from domestic breeders licensed through the USDA.

“They make good pets if you have time for them,” he said. If she still gets the monkey, she said, she’ll have PVC pipes all over her house and a giant gym in her backyard to climb on.

She added that she already has veterinary services for the monkeys at Lakeside Animal Hospital in Commerce City, Oakland County.

Extraordinary Types Of Monkeys

“She talked to me at the committee meeting,” Stemmers said. “She should have contacted me if she had any problems or issues so I could have helped her. I have not heard from him.

“I will definitely investigate what the problems are,” he continued. “We allow chickens and some other things in the city, so I just want to try to work through the issues to see if I understand why they deny it.” At this point, I have not. Call me back or something.”

“The city attorney will then have to get involved with our code enforcement department,” Mascotte said, adding that the city will pursue civil cases.

Can You Own A Monkey In Michigan

If you purchase a product or sign up for an account through a link on our site, we may receive compensation. We’ve told you about the exotic pets you can and can’t keep in Michigan, but here are some rules you can actually keep in your home.

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