Can You Own A Monkey In Utah

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Can You Own A Monkey In Utah
Can You Own A Monkey In Utah

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Can You Own A Monkey In Utah

Can You Own A Monkey In Utah

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Whether you can keep a monkey as a pet depends on where you live. There are currently no federal laws governing monkey ownership in the United States, and laws vary from state to state. Even in states that allow ownership, many counties, cities, and municipalities have their own primate laws.

If your state allows mammals as pets, check local laws to make sure it’s legal before committing to ownership. If someone advertises cheap monkeys for sale in states with wildlife restrictions, the seller may be breaking the law.

In some countries, there are no breed restrictions on pet monkeys. There are other cases where a license or permit allows you to keep a monkey as a pet. and other places where there are restrictions on what types of primates you can have, such as ring-tailed monkeys or domestic capuchin monkeys. Finally, there are some states that have an absolute ban.

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The following countries require a license or permit to own certain breeds of mammals or primates:

The following countries impose bans on certain breeds and mammals after their bans go into effect:

Before looking for cheap monkeys for sale, potential owners should do their homework on what breed, if any, they want. Unlike dogs and cats, who live according to our schedule and sometimes even eat what we do, primates are wild and always will be. They can be expensive to purchase and maintain.

Can You Own A Monkey In Utah

Monkeys can live from 20 to 50 years and have different nutritional needs than we do. They can develop diabetes quickly if they overeat or eat food from the human diet. Their health problems can be costly for owners, and it can be difficult to find a veterinarian to treat the mammals. They can also cause health problems for their hosts because they carry parasites and zoonoses.

Kinds Of Primates That Can Be Kept As Pets

No one can deny that baby mammals are adorable, but they don’t always stay that way. Around 3 years of age, they reach maturity and their behavior sometimes changes. They become aggressive, difficult to control, may even bite or scratch their owner and destroy the house, throwing feces and urine everywhere. Domestication is impossible for a wild monkey, which acts instinctively to assert its dominance.

If you own a monkey, it is likely that he will see you as in charge and see himself as second in command, as monkeys instinctively work through hierarchies. When a stranger comes between the monkey and its owner, it may perceive that person as a threat and bite or attack to maintain its position. Again, primates act on instinct and are wild by nature, so this is not a behavior that can only be taught.

Monkeys are social animals that usually thrive in close proximity to their own kind. When they are out of their natural environment, they can suffer psychological or emotional harm, which can not only harm them, but also harm their owner if they choose to retaliate. Owners of aggressive primates who can’t control them sometimes think they can put the monkey in a shelter, but shelters don’t always have the space or budget for additional animals. Even if they do, pets can be left alone in a small cage.

Michelle Naughty is an associate editor and writer who has reported on legal, criminal and government news for and Complex Media. He holds a B.A. in Communication and English from Niagara University. Animal rights organizations have criticized the University of Utah for the death of the monkeys.

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(Rick Egan | Salt Lake Tribune file photo) A common marmoset walks along the edge of a terrace on Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016. The University of Utah received two critical citations from the USDA in the report. published in October 2020, including one about the death of marmoset monkeys trapped in their nesting boxes in August.

The University of Utah has come under fire from an animal rights group over USDA inspection reports that say lab monkeys died of heatstroke and discomfort in their cages after surgery.

Michael Budecki, president of Stop Animal Exploitation Now, an Ohio-based nonprofit that supports animal testing, called the inspection reports issued to the University of Utah troubling. He said SAEN became aware of the report because the group regularly files records requests with various government agencies to obtain documents on animal testing facilities.

Can You Own A Monkey In Utah

The University of Utah received two critical citations from the USDA in a report published in October 2020. The critical references occurred during a “targeted inspection” that occurs after a complaint or allegation of a problem, as opposed to normal. Inspection.

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One involved the death of monkeys trapped in their nest box in a cage in August. The door was closed and they were stuck for 18 hours and died from excessive heat and suffering. The United States Department of Agriculture stated that primate enclosures must be constructed to protect the animals from harm.

The university also received critical notice for the death of two monkeys after surgery. One such operation was in September 2019, when a male monkey was catheterized several times before it was successful. The result was bruising around the monkey’s thigh and the catheter site. The monkey’s left leg was swollen after the operation and he was dragging it. The next morning, the monkey was found dead from deep vein thrombosis. Another monkey died in January 2020 due to trauma from intubation during a surgical procedure.

“The level of negligence that allows animals to die from medical malpractice or become trapped in a part of their enclosure, these things are shocking and should never happen,” Bodeckis said.

The USDA report also noted that eight rabbits at the university underwent surgery that had not been previously approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

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The university reports problems to the IACUC as they arise and to federal agencies as needed, said Dr. Andy Weirich, US vice president for research. He pointed out that this university took corrective measures before the inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture, and these reforms were accepted by the Ministry of Agriculture.

“As a major research institution, the University of Utah is dedicated to the advancement of science and medicine to improve the health of people, pets and livestock,” he said in a statement. Some of the most important work done to improve health and welfare has involved animal research. The University of Utah is committed to the safe and humane treatment of our research animals, but accidents do occur, albeit infrequently. We are committed to transparency and addressing these situations with swift and immediate action so that we can prevent future incidents.”

According to spokeswoman Kathy Wiltz, the dead monkeys were used in research to treat eye diseases and improve eyesight.

Can You Own A Monkey In Utah

This is not the first time SAEN has taken action against the University of Utah for alleged animal abuse. The group also accused the university of negligence in the death of the animals in 2015 after a heater burned the monkey and it died in 2017.

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For some reason, monkeys have long captured the cultural imagination. Maybe you’ve read the Curious George series of children’s books and fallen in love with the curious furry creature (who, it turns out, might not actually be a monkey). Or maybe you cried when Ross Geller on the TV sitcom Friends gave his pet capuchin monkey, Marcel, to the San Diego Zoo.

Yes, mammals of all kinds are adorable, especially when they dress up as humans and do whatever cute tricks we might have.

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