Cheapest New Car On The Market Today

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Cheapest New Car On The Market Today
Cheapest New Car On The Market Today

Cheapest New Car On The Market Today – The era of new cars under £10,000 is over, but you can still pick up some models for under £15,000. Here are some of the cheapest ones

You can drive a new car for the same money as an all-in-one TV package with entertainment and sports channels. You’ll usually need a large deposit – several thousand pounds in most cases – but a new car is available even if you’re budgeting between £100 and £200 a month for PCP finance.

Cheapest New Car On The Market Today

Cheapest New Car On The Market Today

Financing a new car can be very expensive, but you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good car with all the kit. If you’re looking for basic, no-cost transportation to get you from A to B, there are plenty of options that can cost you no more than a month’s worth of the combined cost of a few takeaways a week. We’ve listed the cheapest six models based on their official prices, taking into account any available deposit rebates.

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Choosing a finance deal – especially one that offers 0% APR or interest-free credit and large deposits – can make these cheap cars even more affordable. However, remember that some of the cheapest new cars come with the worst finance deals. For example, Citroen charges 11.9% APR on its cheapest C3 hatchback, which drops to 9.9% for more expensive versions.

This high interest rate means that a £13,995 C3 could cost you more per month than a £17,995 Dacia Duster at 6.9% APR (with matching contract terms). So if you’re looking to finance a cheap car, it’s definitely worth getting some finance quotes to find out which model will give you the best value.

New cars at this low price usually require some kind of compromise – especially when it comes to the size of the car and the amount of equipment it comes with. You’ll probably have to pay a bit more in some cases for things like air conditioning, Bluetooth or even remote central locking, while smaller cars tend to be cheaper than larger alternatives.

It’s also worth noting that all the cars listed below are powered by petrol engines (Citroen Ami Electric), which are generally suitable for those who travel less distances. . . There are many small cars on sale that are more economical to drive long distances. If you’re interested in making the switch to electric cars, you can check out our list of the cheapest electric cars.

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If you only expect to cover very few miles and move around without taking up too much space, even a microcar might work for you. It’s available in the UK, but it doesn’t have the same specification as a proper car – although the new Citroen Ami could change that. The Ami is an electric “four-wheeler” that’s cheaper than any full-size car. However, you’ll have to put up with a 28mph top speed and a relatively short electric range, so a used petrol or electric car might make more sense for most people. Check out our guide to the cheapest used electric cars for more information.

You don’t have to get a new car. If you want more bang for your buck, not to mention a wider choice of models, then there are plenty of used cars available here. This opens the door to diesel models, more powerful engines and more kit such as heated seats, cruise control and larger touchscreens. But if a cheap new car appeals to you, then take a look at the cheapest models you can buy.

At first glance, the sub-£8,000 price tag for the Citroen Ami seems like a bargain. Not only is it very cheap, but it is also electric. It uses a tiny 5.5kWh battery, which is smaller than the Smart EQ ForTwo (17.6kWh) and the Fiat 500 Electric (24kWh), both of which cost more than twice the price, even though both are decent models. to be Car compared to four wheels. .

Cheapest New Car On The Market Today

To keep costs down, the flagship Amis has little more than a smartphone mount and various storage boxes and door nets around the cabin. There are also Pop and Vibe trims, but these focus more on appearance changes than adding extra kit. The 8bhp electric motor means a top speed of 28mph (reached in 10 seconds), so it’s not ideal for city lanes or highways.

Every New Car Deal, Offer And Incentive Now In One Place

Every version, including the one sold in the UK, will be left-hand drive and share many common parts around the car, including the front and rear panels and doors. This helps to reduce production and development costs. Make no mistake: this is not a family car. The Ami is suitable for those who need a small route in the city, or even drivers who cover a small radius.

When the Dacia Sandero was launched in 2013, it was the cheapest new car available in the UK. The main reason for this cheap price is Sandro’s simplicity. The car produced and still uses small engines from Dacia’s sister brand Renault, and removed almost everything that wasn’t necessary to propel the car.

So, in the cheapest and most basic spec, you get five doors, four wheels, a steering wheel and power windows. There’s also a range of useful safety equipment, including airbags, anti-lock brakes and two Isofix points in the rear for safely placing child seats on board. If all you’re looking for is a car to get you from A to B, what else do you need?

There will be a number of changes to pricing and trim levels throughout 2022, although the cheaper trim level will be available again, meaning the starting price is £12,595. Petrol and petrol-LPG ‘Bi-Fuel’ versions are available, although you may have to pay more for the Bi-Fuel versions.

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Every Kia Picanto comes with a seven-year warranty. So if you keep it for a long time – without worrying about major repair bills – it will cost around £1,900 a year, which is excellent value. In fact, it may still be reasonably priced at this point, further reducing the overall cost.

The cost of fuel is also not high, because the engines are economical. That said, the cheapest 1.0-litre engine isn’t very powerful, so you’ll have to work hard to progress quickly, which will increase fuel consumption.

In entry-level ‘1’ spec, you get steel wheels and no air conditioning, but the front windows are electric. Equipment may be small, but it’s well-built, and the Picanto has been updated recently, so the latest models have improvements in engine, looks and interior technology.

Cheapest New Car On The Market Today

The MG 3 has seen a significant increase in its base price since it was first launched in 2013. The manufacturer has dropped the entry-level Explore trim, meaning the cheapest option is now the Excite model, which starts at £13,000. As a result, there are a number of cheaper alternatives that may have more to offer.

The Cheapest New Cars On Sale

The MG’s ride is a bit stiff and bumpy while the engine has to work hard for maximum performance, although it’s very quick for a new car at this price point. However, anyone looking for good performance for this price range would be better off opting for a cheap hot hatchback, as there are few options under £13,000.

Standard equipment is also fairly basic in Excite trim, as there’s Bluetooth, air conditioning and rear parking sensors along with a digital radio, but a potentially better-equipped Dacia Sandro could be cheaper.

The key here isn’t that Hyundai makes an affordable small car, but the fact that it’s one of the best you can buy at this price. The i10 is a mature and functional small car that still manages to provide an element of pleasure for the driver behind the wheel.

This all-new model for 2020 can comfortably fit four adults for short trips, and it’s stable at higher speeds, so you won’t feel like you’re being thrown off the road if you do. – You overtake trucks. . . You’d be forgiven if you felt like you were driving something much bigger – it’s a great little car.

There Are Only 3 New Cars Priced Under $20,000 Now

The cheapest SE trim also comes equipped with features like cruise control, digital radio and air conditioning, while more expensive versions add luxuries like a heated steering wheel, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A five-year unlimited mileage warranty is also very useful, so it’s a good option if you’re going to use it, as there are still several years of warranty coverage left with almost new and recently used models.

The VW Up may be cheap, but it still packs a lot of punch with stylish looks and a quality interior. It’s also a small car that proves

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