Cheapest Place To Get Disneyland Tickets

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Cheapest Place To Get Disneyland Tickets
Cheapest Place To Get Disneyland Tickets

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Walt Disney World tickets are the easiest part of planning your trip. With flights, hotels and dining, you have so many great options and ways to save. But your options for Disney World ticket deals are limited.

Cheapest Place To Get Disneyland Tickets

Cheapest Place To Get Disneyland Tickets

However, there are tried and true ways to find Disney World discounts. In this post, we explore the different ways to find Disney World ticket deals, comparing them in terms of savings, difficulty of getting discounts (this includes the price you have to pay in advance to get a discount), and risk of getting in trouble. . with your ticket.

Disneyland Ticket Prices Rising For 2023

The Four Park Magic Ticket, a special discount ticket from Disney itself, is back. This is a special points ticket, the basic idea is that you visit each park one day for four days. You can find out more about the Four Park Magic Ticket here. We don’t know how long the tickets will be on sale, but they can be used until September 29 for a limited time.

Before we get to your options for Disney World discount tickets, we want to remind you of a few things about Disney World tickets in general.

Ticket prices vary by start date. This is the most important thing. If you want to compare the prices of different sellers

. There may be transferable day passes, but their prices often make them a poor choice.

Discount Disneyland® Tickets, Save Money Booking Disneyland® Tickets With Get Away Today

Also remember that this means you’ll want to compare prices from different sellers, but you’ll also want to compare prices for different dates. You may find that changing your travel date by a week saves you a lot of money.

Ticket prices vary by length and ticket type. Speaking of which, there are different types of park passes, mainly the standard (one park per day) ticket and the park hopper (multiple park per day) tickets.

And this ticket can cover from one to ten days. Furthermore, once you select the start date and duration, you will have multiple times in which you can use the ticket.

Cheapest Place To Get Disneyland Tickets

For example, a 5-day pass with a start date of November 10, 2023 can be used for all five days from November 10 to November 17, 2023. Remember, when comparing prices, you must compare the same tickets. And remember, you’re comparing pre-tax prices to after-tax prices.

Sam’s Club Selling Discounted Tix To Disneyland & Disney World

Confirm park passes are available. When you buy tickets from Disney, you can see in the image above that they now show you if there are reservations for your dates. It is important to remember that you can buy tickets that include days without a reservation and that you will not be able to visit the gardens on that day. Prepare well. (Note: Disney World date tickets, the regular ticket type you’ll purchase, will no longer require a park ticket reservation beginning January 9, 2024.)

Link the ticket to your My Disney Experience account. It’s important that wherever you get your tickets, you link them to your My Disney Experience account. Among other things, this will allow you to use Genie+ / Lightning Lanes if you choose.

Have the cheapest price. But Disney can offer discounts all the time, so you’ll be surprised at the lower price every time. Here’s a chart showing how 2023 will fare throughout the year:

Tickets for 2023 went on sale in June 2022. Tickets for 2024 went on sale in May 2023.

Disneyland Offering Its Cheapest Tickets For More Days In 2023

In the past, you almost never had to worry about tickets selling out until the day came, and even then only sold out a few days a year (most days like New Year’s, 4th of July, and the occasional spring break). . day):

The future is… more difficult. You must now maintain a Disney Park Pass system to visit the parks. These reservations

Ahead of time. So you’ll want to make sure you’re looking at affordable parking if you plan to travel. (Note: Disney World date tickets, the regular ticket type you’ll purchase, will no longer require a park ticket reservation beginning January 9, 2024.)

Cheapest Place To Get Disneyland Tickets

It is important to note that this ticket is only valid for admission to Walt Disney World parks. Universal Orlando Resort theme parks are not part of Disney World and are therefore not included in this ticket. (If you don’t know this, you can read our Essential Things to Know About Disney World.)

Yesterland: Disneyland Ticket Booths

But if you’re looking for discount Magic Kingdom tickets, discount Animal Kingdom, Epcot or Hollywood Studios discount tickets, you’ve come to the right place. All four Disney parks are under one pricing structure.

Also, it should be noted that Disney Springs is not a theme park and there is no ticket to enter. It is an outdoor shopping and dining area.

Finally, let’s talk about water parks. Disney has implemented a “water park fun and more” program where you can add a water park to your ticket. That’s gone, but they’ve since added water parks and recreation with a $70+ tax. This allows you to visit the water park and several other experiences.

Water parks, you should consider whether to upgrade to a Park Hopper Plus ticket or purchase a train ticket.

Disneyland And California Adventure Park Just Raised Ticket Prices

We talk about water parks and beginner options in our Blizzard Beach Guide and Typhoon Lagoon Guide. (Note that the park’s water supply varies each year).

Which of the Park Pool / Water Park and Leisure / Park Pool Plus options works best for your trip?

Discounts on day tickets to any of the four Walt Disney World Resort parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom) are very rare. The best options will be from Disney itself (including a Florida resident discount). If the discount price has daily discounts, they are usually only a few dollars (which is better than nothing).

Cheapest Place To Get Disneyland Tickets

There are several ticket agencies that sell 100% discount Disney World tickets, and their discounts can vary depending on what you’re looking for.

Disneyland Offers $83 Summer Tickets For Ca Residents, But There’s A Catch

These deals are usually about 8-10% off Disney prices for the same item. Although rare, you can sometimes find special discounts for special events like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Christmas Party.

It depends. There are many discount brokers and they have different prices for different dates. Keep in mind that these companies often have their own discounts that come and go.

If you’re wondering how to get the best deal on Disney World tickets, the answer is simple. go shopping. So here are a few companies we recommend checking out…

We recommend Undercover Tourist for discounted Disney World tickets. We have used them many times and have had no problems. If you’re concerned about buying tickets from a third-party seller, we’ve got you covered with a full post on why we recommend Undercover Tourist for Disney discounts.

The Complete Guide To Disney World Ticket Prices

For example, five days at the park for a family on November 4, 2023 would cost $2,727 if a ticket is purchased through the Disney World website, but only $2,601 with Undercover Traveler, an easy savings of up to $126.

Orlando Fun Tickets is an option worth exploring. Their prices are competitive, but don’t be fooled (like we were) by the fact that they don’t include taxes until checkout. This makes it easy to compare prices to Disney prices (they also leave tax before checkout), but harder to compare them to Undercover Tourist (which includes tax when you search).

Get Away Today specializes in discounted Disneyland tickets and packages, but they also sell discounted Walt Disney World tickets.

Cheapest Place To Get Disneyland Tickets

So far, we haven’t seen any shocking prices on Disney World tickets here, but we want to share them as an option to check before you buy.

Costco Disneyland Discount Tickets 2023

We have never bought from the Official Ticket Center but have seen them listed on Touring Plans which is a trusted site. Like the other sites on this list, you just want to do a price check to see if they offer the best deal.

Parksavers is another option that we can’t personally vouch for but is good for other locations. Like the other sites on this list, you just want to do a price check to see if they offer the best deal.

The next set of discounts are contract models that are easy for everyone or easy to get when you have worked a special group of discounts.

When it comes to deciding whether to buy online or at the gate, online is never worse

Disneyland Ticket Prices: What You Need To Know In 2022

For tickets 3 days or longer, purchase on the Disney website or by phone to “save” yourself $20 per ticket. The reason for using quotes is because most people buy online. You will pay $20

Furthermore, Florida residents who are passionate about Disney should consider Disney World (for

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