Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Thirty years ago Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman published a little black and white comic called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was a cult success, but a few years later when it became a toy and a cartoon, a cultural phenomenon was truly born.

For three decades, the Turtles have entertained several generations in their various incarnations. The dark and edgy Frank Miller portrayal of the original comic, the pizza-loving surfer dudes from the original cartoon, a mash-up of the two live-action films, later cartoons, video games, comic book reboots and more. Opening this weekend is their latest installment, directed by Jonathan Liebsman and starring Megan Fox as intrepid reporter April O’Neill.

Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

With so much Turtle mania going on, we decided to look back at the 1987 animated series that launched Empire. Although his animation was often crude, it still captured the imagination of millions.

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Production-wise, “The Pizza Killer Case” is one of the series’ worst episodes, riddled with continuity and animation errors. However, the simple yet ingenious plot makes it one of the most memorable episodes of the original TMNT series. What do turtles love most? Pizza, of course. So why doesn’t Shredder enjoy the irony of killing the turtles with their favorite food on the planet?

Shredder organizes a contest where the Turtles are given three free pizzas – the pizzas eventually turn into Xenomorph-looking monsters. Of course, the plan backfires when the Pizza-Alien-Monsters can’t tell who their target is and who isn’t. It’s just a fun episode with a clever twist about the Turtles’ huge (but understandable) love for pizza.

Shredder, being the flawless genius that he is, decides that since he and Krang have lost the Technodrome, they must go to the abandoned site of the 1964 World’s Fair and steal 30-year-old technology from the abandoned science hall. It’s as good a plan as any, and after seven winless seasons against the Turtles, I guess anything is worth a shot.

There’s another subplot about Berserko, a villain who has long resided in the Hall of Science, who is revealed to actually be Drakus – the man who helped Krang des Technodrome when Krang betrayed him. But the main highlight of this episode is Shredder turning to the Turtles for help rescuing Krang from Drakus. And by “help” I mean he’s threatening to blow up Channel Six if the Turtles don’t give him the thick of it.

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Casey Jones’ encounter with the Turtles is always a classic, and his appearance in the original cartoon is no different. Here, the Turtles hear reports of masked vigilantes chasing nefarious criminals across New York, but it’s not them. They soon encounter him and enlist his help in thwarting Shredder and Krang’s latest evil plot.

Surely there is nothing more memorable than “Jose Conseco’s bat? Tell me you didn’t pay for this,” but Casey’s first encounter with the Turtles has plenty of strange companion qualities we love about their relationship.

If there’s one thing that comes to mind when you think of Casey Jones, it’s obviously the term “corporate espionage.” When the CEO of the nation’s largest supplier of pizza dough is kidnapped and experts predict a pizza shortage, let’s just say the Turtles are interested. So they turn to Casey to get information on the suspected bandits and help restore balance to Earth.

Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In fact, the whole thing seems to have been orchestrated by Shredder, to brainwash the corporate executives as some sort of action to bring the Technodrome back to the planet’s surface. The Turtles and Casey save the day and eat a lot of pizza.

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By the end of Season 8, we’ve seen Shredder and Krang make one mistake after another and fail again and again. Finally, the creators of the series decided to put an end to the villains and start the 9th season with something different. So in “Turtle Trek” we get to see Shredder and Krang’s final defeat as the main villains of the series, who won’t appear again until Season 10.

A trap is set for the Turtles that eventually turn against the big bads, trapping Shredder, Krang, Bepop, and Rocksteady forever in Dimension X, leaving Lord Dreg to become the Turtles’ new archenemy.

The first season of the original TMNT cartoon only had five episodes — later collected as one big old epic on VHS — but it’s this caper that most fans remember. “Shredder & Splintered,” you guessed it, brings the big bad streak and the Turtles face-off as Shredder discovers a weapon that can reverse the mutation.

Splinter arrives to find Krang in his new android body – the first appearance of that god – and is soon aided by the Turtles. Of course, they manage to send the Technodrome to Dimension X, saving the day. However, the showdown between the heroes and the villains, the debut of Krang’s new body, is one of the series’ earliest thrills.

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In the second issue of Eastman and Laird’s original TMNT comic, the Turtles take on the burden of a robotic mouse. Rats have been in nearly every incarnation of the TMNT, and seeing it play out in the original cartoon is still a joy for the comic book geek in all of us. Shredder recruits Baxter Stockman (his first appearance) to use rats to form an army to capture Splinter.

In fact, we get to see Splinter show off his ninja skills and kick a rat very early in the series. The rest of the episode is frankly irrelevant; As soon as Splinter starts schooling those silly little robots, you’re amazed at how dangerous he is.

The final episode of the series, “Divide and Conquer,” offers something few children’s cartoons offer: closure. There’s a sense of completion in this episode, offering a fond farewell to the Turtles, who have given us their all for ten seasons. The plot finds the Turtles having to retrieve Krang’s android body from the destroyed Technodrome in order to finally defeat Lord Dreg, which is a great way to tie together their history as villains.

Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

But the real kicker comes at the end, when Splinter announces that the Turtles are full ninjas with Shredder and Dreg’s defeat. He is no longer their teacher, but an equal, and he is proud of the warriors they have become. If you grew up with this show and you got to this final moment, you had tears in your eyes.

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In one of the most unexpected teams in history, Stan Sakai’s Miyamoto Usagi appeared in this Season 3 episode of his Usagi Yojimbo series (although he’s now renamed Usagi Yojimbo). An anthropomorphic rabbit ronin, Yojimbo is lost in a world of turtles, who find him and help him adapt to his new environment.

Meanwhile, Shredder steals a dragon he plans to unleash on the city, and the Turtles and Yojimbo must team up to save New York. Although Yojimbo only appeared in a few episodes of the cartoon, his later action character and appearance in the TMNT comics (and their appearance in his comics) helped tie the two properties together forever.

“The Fifth Turtle” is an episode that any child with a deep love and respect for the Ninja Turtles can relate to. Zach is a kid inspired by the Turtles, so he takes to the streets of New York to fight crime like his heroes. They finally run into him and he’s happy, but they don’t want to get him in trouble and send him home.

Zach is resourceful and eventually finds them. He eventually becomes a liability when Shredder captures him and forces the Turtles to fight. Eventually, Zach helps them out and becomes a respected turtle, giving him his own turtle com and all. A classic scene where we act as kids in our backyard. If we can’t be the Ninja Turtles, you can bet we’ll be their best friends.

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