Coloring Page 2 People

Coloring Page 2 People

Coloring Page 2 People – On this page you will find 20 love coloring pages that you can download and print for free. Just like our unique selves, families come in all different shapes and no two are the same. If you’re a teacher or parent helping a child learn about different types of families, you’ve come to the right place!

Included in this series of printables are many types and sizes of families, from single mom and dad families, male and female families, same-sex couple families, extended families, and many more, which you can see below.

Coloring Page 2 People

Coloring Page 2 People

While these worksheets are a fun and creative activity, they can also be used in the classroom or at home to help children learn about the importance of family, what family means to individual children, and many different types of families. Les Miserables

To start coloring, click on any of the images or links below to open the free PDF. After opening, you can download or print. All the pages below are on US Letter size paper, but also fit perfectly on A4 paper. Happy coloring!

If you’re looking for more related coloring pages that kids love, we think you’ll especially enjoy these collections of coloring pages:

For the most basic, yet honest craft, have your child or students turn one of my family coloring pages into wall art that any parent would be proud to display.

Let your children choose the illustration that best suits their family and use high-quality markers, colored pencils or crayons to color it.

Jane Goodall Coloring Page Earth Day Colouring Sheet Printable

Then you can buy inexpensive picture frames at the dollar store, frame the finished illustrations, and hang them on the wall somewhere prominent.

For a cute birthday cake for mom or dad, have the kids color in the family coloring page that most resembles your family.

After they cut it; you’ll need access to a rolling mill to make the figures reinforced and ice-proof.

Coloring Page 2 People

After the family group is laminated, you should be able to stick it only on the top of the cake from a quarter inch to a half inch and it should be straight.

Toca Boca People Oldies Coloring Page

If you are a teacher teaching a lesson about families, you can use my coloring pages for kids to create “About My Family” cards or handouts.

Ask them to choose an illustration (or multiple, if you’re making a brochure) that closely resembles their family structure.

This might include: “My mother was born in XXXX and my father was born in XXXX” or “My sister was born in XXXX and I was born in XXXX”.

For a cute craft that will stimulate children’s fine motor skills, turn my family pages into cute mosaics using pieces of construction paper.

Two Inspirational Coloring Pages. Work Hard & Be Nice To

For older children, you can use smaller pieces; younger children will probably do better with larger pieces of paper.

Encourage children to fill in the lines as realistically as possible, such as using black or brown pieces of paper for darker hair or yellow for blondes.

Another cute use for my family coloring pages is to turn them into greeting cards, especially if your little ones are coloring illustrations.

Coloring Page 2 People

You can print it a half page (with a quick fold in half) or a quarter (fold in half and again so the artwork is on the front).

People Hugging Emoji Coloring Page

One way to get your child excited about a new sibling is to have them help you make a crib mobile.

You will want to cut the illustration(s) of your choice to size (anywhere from a few inches to four or five inches).

Then you will have your child color the shapes and cut them out. You can cut out each figure individually or use multiple family units together.

You will need an embroidery hoop and lots of twine; you can punch holes in the top of the figures and tie pieces of string of different lengths through the holes.

Animal Family Coloring Page

You will then attach the thread to the embroidery hoop (which you can decorate by wrapping the thread around the child).

You may want to cut out the illustration a bit first, print it out, and then have your child color the shapes and cut them out.

You can glue the craft sticks to the back as is, but you may want to reinforce the figures with cardstock (put the figures on the cardstock and trace around them).

Coloring Page 2 People

For a box or small item going to Father’s or Mother’s Day or a grandparent for a birthday, you can use my family pages as wrapping paper.

Free Printable Valentine’s & Coloring Page

It will mean so much more that your child took the time to color the illustration before wrapping it!

Simply select an illustration where the family unit looks like yours and place it face down to wrap around so the image is on the outside.

If you’re a teacher and need a Valentine’s Day craft, have your students make Valentine’s Day cards for their parents (who tend to forget about this day of love).

Then ask them to write a sweet message in the blank space and get creative and draw hearts and flowers around the family.

Garten Of Banban Coloring Pages Free Printable & Easy To Color

If you are a teacher or homeschooler teaching a family lesson, you can have students create family dioramas using my coloring pages.

They will need a cardboard box placed on its side with the opening facing out. Students can decorate it to look like their house or park, or wherever they want.

They will then color the family figures and cut them out, leaving half an inch of paper underneath, which will be folded and used to glue the figures in place.

Coloring Page 2 People

Elmer’s glue or rubber cement will do the trick and make for a wonderful keepsake for your family.

Find Two Same Cartoon Person Game Coloring Page Vector Image

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