Coloring Page 70s

Coloring Page 70s

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“What I loved about grunge was that it was real. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t pretty.”

Coloring Page 70s

Coloring Page 70s

Top hats, Doc Martens, plaid, ripped jeans and oversized shirts. Embrace the cool and classic 90s vibe with this week’s free wallpapers.

Gorgeous Boho 70’s Woman Coloring Page · Creative Fabrica

From the Colors of the Decades coloring book, let Freebie Friday take you back in time and reminisce about the 90s!

Want more amazing photos? Pick up the Colors of the Decades coloring book available on Amazon and. Illustrated by Hasby Maburok, this coloring book features 50 hand-drawn drawings that reflect the decades and far away hippies, disco queens and more!

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© 2018 – Color Online Store, LLC. Full of love from the Texas sun at 3267 Bee Caves Rd Ste 107 PMB 340 Austin, TX 78746 All prices are in USD. Get ready to go to the museum with these 20 Hippie pages, free to download and print! Perfect for those who love the 60s and 70s or just enjoy bohemian and retro designs, these pages offer great looks for all ages!

Beautiful 70s Style Women Faces Coloring Pages 1970s

This set reflects the freedom of the hippie era, with quirky designs, iconic peace signs, vintage trucks and bright colors. Whether you love flower energy or psychedelic art, you’ll find the perfect canvas to express your creativity, one coloring page at a time!

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the images below or the links to open the default PDF in a new page. From there, you can download for free or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF pages are US letter size and fit perfectly on A4 paper! Have fun!

Coloring Page 70s

Whether you’re throwing a themed Halloween party or throwing a dorm mixer, my hippie photos can be used to create fun and colorful banners.

Coloring Page Black And White 70s Flower Power · Creative Fabrica

You can color them on the computer using Paint or Photoshop, or print them out and color them by hand.

Either way, you’re sure to attract people to your theme party using my hippy photos as banners!

From decorating and hanging them on the walls to cutting out shapes and/or designs and using them as centerpieces, you don’t have to break the bank to decorate.

You can also use the words themselves, such as “Be Groovy” or “Peace” and “Happiness” on your walls, dining table or even the door.

Coloring Page Archives

Choose the size of the beads based on the size of the little fingers – little fingers should use larger beads!

Let the pictures sit overnight, at least for the glue to set, before moving the pictures to the fridge or wall.

You can print the image you want to use and crop it to your liking (or resize it before printing).

Coloring Page 70s

Write it and, using Mod Podge, stick it to the front of a plain book. You will want to use more coats.

Jim Himes Vintage Coloring Book Animal Pikchurs 70s Funny Edgy Humor

You can find inexpensive wooden or ceramic trays at the dollar store or maybe your local craft store, and you can even search online on Amazon for them.

Choose the type of hippie you want to use and print. decorate and, if desired, cut out the pieces or figures.

You will Mod Podge the design inside the tray and go over it with several layers. Let it dry.

Once dry, you can add finishing touches like paint or glitter. Place the tray in the center or use it to hold drinks (Mod Podge stamps so it’s waterproof!).

Adult Coloring Page Peace Digital Printable Coloring Page For

There are many beautiful parts to any hippie image that would make a beautiful sundress – the hard part will be choosing which parts to model!

You will print the designs you want to use on the transparency paper and cut out the shapes/figures you want.

Then you’ll take tissue paper and cut it to match the lines, or – and this is especially helpful if you have young children – you can just decorate the exposed parts with markers.

Coloring Page 70s

Drill holes in the top of the solar panels and tie a string, which you can use to hang the solar panels.

Hippie Couple Coloring Page

You can match different planters and pots with my hippy images to create a 60s or 70s themed room.

You start by assembling your ships and then print and paint the images/shapes you want to use.

Cut them, then put them in planters or pots. Mod Podge will dry well so you can use glass jars.

Once they are dry, you can add the plants to the containers and place them outside or on your balcony or sunny windowsill!

Retro Sunrise Illustration 70s 80s Coloring Page Black And White · Creative Fabrica

All of my hippie design pieces would make amazing DIY phones that would light up any room.

You will punch holes in the top of the pieces and tie different lengths of string.

You can then decide what you want the rope to hang on – a curtain, a branch or a coat hanger will do the trick.

Coloring Page 70s

All of the supplies for making wreaths can be found at the dollar store, so you can make this craft on the cheap!

Pumpkin Printable Coloring Pages

Then you’ll print out the shape you want to use on the smaller pages, color it with markers, and cut it out.

Cook as directed and allow to cool. When they are ready, you can burn the cuttings on the crown.

There are hippie girl figures in my photo gallery that would make “totally rad” paper dolls for your kids to play with!

If you don’t have cardstock, you can print it on regular printer paper and follow the process on construction paper. Please upgrade to the latest version.

Top 25 Free Printable Peace Sign Coloring Pages Online

Groovy 70s – Printable Coloring Pages for Adults from Favorites (Coloring book pages for adults and kids, coloring pages, coloring pages)

This is a PRINTED COPY (NOT a printed copy) of an original hand drawn page for adults by Favoreads in Groovy 70s style.

Are you a fan of retro coloring pages? Then you’ll appreciate the details of the fun paperback print featuring the iconic 70s.

Coloring Page 70s

You can save them to your computer and print them your way – at home, in the shop or in the library.

S, 80s Groovy Coloring Page, Retro Print With Line Cute Mushroom With Face. Printable Worksheet With Solution For School And Preschool. Thanksgiving Day, Autumn And Fall Vibe, Holiday 31 October. 26334950 Vector

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It can be printed on any type of paper: regular paper, card, watercolor paper, depending on the type you plan to use whether it’s crayons, pencils, markers, crayons and more. We recommend printing our coloring pages on A4 or Standard. Letter size paper forms.

You may print as many copies of this product as you like for your own use, such as displaying the COLOR EDITION on your social media or website.

House Living Room Line Drawing With Chairs Center Table Couch Guitar Plants Cat Carpet. Home Common Area With Furnitures Coloring Book Page Stock Vector Image & Art

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Beautiful design + fun to decorate! I like that it doesn’t swing anywhere, giving you creative freedom. I do my work little by little 😊

Coloring Page 70s

Scary Castle – Printable Coloring Pages for Adults from Favorites (Coloring book pages for adults and kids, coloring sheets, coloring pages)

Black And White Coloring Page Groovy Hippy Girl 1970 Style · Creative Fabrica

I love this coloring page. I joined, but I know nothing about Steampunk. I ended up messing up the shade of the hat so, bam, I just reprinted it. I’m almost done redecorating it. I still love it. This time it’s MUCH better. I also learned a lot about steampunk. 😉

Hat – Printable Coloring Pages for Adults by Favoreads (Coloring Book Pages for Adults and Kids, Coloring Sheets, Coloring Pages)

Couch – Printable Coloring Page for Adults from Favorites (Coloring book pages for adults and kids, Coloring pages, coloring pages) ad b and Favorites Products from store Favorites from store Favorites ₹ 406

Book Houses – Printable Coloring Pages for Adults from Favorites (Book Pages for Adults and Kids, Coloring

Top 25 Free Printable Muscle Car Coloring Pages Online

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