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Coloring Page Christmas – Free Christmas coloring pages are a must in mom’s tool belt! We have collected some of the best free Christmas coloring pages and combined them all here for you! Some of the links will have multiple options to choose from – enjoy!

These free Christmas coloring pages are a great and affordable activity when you really need the kids to settle down! Christmas is a super exciting time of year, the treats and toys are flowing and it can be downright hard to relax when there’s so much magic in the air (and sugar in their blood, am I right?).

Coloring Page Christmas

Coloring Page Christmas

This list of free Christmas coloring pages is a good one to bookmark in your browser as it will be your best friend for peaceful moments during December!

Christmas Tree And Other Christmas Items

This cute and free Christmas coloring book is a great mix of Santa magic, but not too detailed for little ones! This is a great coloring book that will keep both kids and adults entertained while you get around to wrapping a few presents!

This Christmas coloring book is super perfect for the preschooler in your life! Not too many small details and celebrate a tradition that many people who celebrate Christmas are familiar with – decorating the Christmas tree! We’d like to go a little extra crazy with this page and ditch our glitter glue pens and use a glue stick to attach embellishments to pom poms or buttons.

Dover coloring pages have a great reputation! What is the hype about? Check out these details! This link will take you to several beautiful coloring pages that are detailed enough for teens and adults alike to enjoy. Buy some nice colored pencils, pour some tea and color from the Christmas tree light!

Part coloring book, part seek and find, what’s not to love about this, honestly?! We have printed this gem year after year to enjoy it again and again. This free Christmas coloring book activity is sure to be a hit – my kids even love working on one with the older kids helping the little ones…awww!

Christmas Coloring Book Or Page. Christmas Penguin Black And White Vector Illustration Stock Vector Image & Art

This free Christmas coloring book definitely falls into the more detailed category, so your preschooler may just want to pop it and that’s okay! But coloring books like this tend to keep my elementary kids occupied for quite some time.

Sometimes during the holidays we usually make gingerbread houses with graham crackers and frosting, but I love coloring this gingerbread house coloring book too! Maybe I’ll use it as a planning page for my gingerbread decorations 😉 .

Another basic free Christmas coloring book that’s easy enough for preschoolers, but interesting enough for slightly older kids!

Coloring Page Christmas

Once the presents are wrapped and all the lights are on, I encourage you to take the time to color some of these pages with your children as well. After all, it’s the time we spend together that makes the holiday season truly special! Stock – Download Image Now

Hello Kitty Christmas Coloring Page

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Round vector Christmas coloring page for kids with cute kawaii characters. Black and white winter or New Year holiday illustration with funny Santa Claus, deer, elf, bear, tree framed in a circle

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Giant Christmas Coloring Page Banner

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Coloring Page Christmas

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Best Santa Coloring Pages For Kids & Adults

Browse the images below to find the best free printable Christmas coloring pages for your kids. Each image below is available in JPEG and PDF format for easy printing. You kids will love decorating the house with these cute holiday coloring activities. Our website had hundreds of 100% free activities for kids. Here are a few of the most popular for the holiday season.

The following images are included in the download, be sure to scroll down to view our larger download packs that include 50+ more Christmas and Advent coloring pages.

Christmas themed coloring pages in PDF format for easy printing. You can find more Advent coloring pages on our sister site Sunday school crafts!

This simple option is perfect for those who have preschool and pictures of one of the angels of Christmas who announces the good news.

Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids (100% Free) Easy Printable Pdf

This simple Christmas tree coloring page is perfect for preschoolers. Use the link above to download a printable PDF or click the image for a JPEG version.

This printable is more complex and works well for older elementary school students or adults who prefer to use colored pencils.

This picture has the name “Jesus” in big letters sitting in a manger. Can be printed with or without Bible verses.

Coloring Page Christmas

This illustration shows Mary and Joseph looking at the newborn baby Jesus in a Christmas manger coloring book.

Christmas Gingerbread Vector Coloring Pages. Winter & Newyear. Doodle .mandala

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Many families are counting down the days until Christmas. We created this printable project for kids to color each day’s theme and font as they get closer.

We are working on bringing more Christmas coloring pages for adults, but since we are a children’s website, this is coming slowly. Many readers feel that our pages are complex enough for adults to do simple arts and crafts. Leave a comment with your feedback.

This is part of our months of the year coloring page, which includes a printable calendar for the month of December.

Christmas Scene Coloring Page · Creative Fabrica

Santa reminds the children to listen for a printable cartoon of Jesus. He says, “Listen to him, not me” This is a great answer for anyone who loves printed pictures of Santa.

It is a good custom for children to send colorful handwritten thank you notes to their family after opening their Christmas presents.

: We don’t find them all here on one page. Follow these links to print more activity sheets.

Coloring Page Christmas

As always, we hope you enjoy our free resources. We know there are thousands of other websites that offer free Christmas coloring pages. We hope you will take a moment to share our page on Facebook or Pinterest. You can also leave us a reply below and tell us how the final printed coloring pages looked. It helps more people discover our materials and is an encouragement for more of our work.

Christmas Ornament Coloring Page

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Grinch Christmas Tree Coloring Page

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