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Coloring Page Jeep – Get on four wheels and explore the rough terrain with these 22 Jeep coloring pages that you can download or print for free! While Jeeps are known for their off-road capabilities and spirit of adventure, they also provide a fantastic subject for coloring enthusiasts of all ages!

Many iconic Jeep models are included below, such as the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and the legendary Wagoner! Regardless of your age or artistic skill level, buckle up, grab your pencils, and embark on an exciting artistic journey with these captivating Jeep coloring pages, one rugged masterpiece at a time!

Coloring Page Jeep

Coloring Page Jeep

You can click on any of the pictures or links below to start coloring. This will open the PDF in a new page, which you can download or print. You can also save these PDF files for digital coloring on your iPad or iPhone!

Jeep Coloring Pages ยป Turkau

All of these PDF coloring pages are standard US letter size, but fit perfectly on A4 paper! Enjoy!

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To make calendars from my Jeep photos, you’ll need to do a little computer magic first.

Specifically, you will need to copy and paste the entire image from the downloaded PDF into a word processor document.

X4 Compass Coloring Book To Print And Online

Make sure the document orientation is also set to landscape, then center the images on the page. You do this for every image you use.

You can then also create a grid for the month or week in a separate document; Don’t forget to name the pages so you know which month is which!

I then attached them together by making holes in the bottom of the image sheet and the top of the grid sheet and then inserting O-rings through both.

Coloring Page Jeep

If your child loves jeeps or wants to go on safari, you can spend the afternoon making posters or collages from my jeep photos.

Jeep Coloring Pages (free Pdf Printables)

For this you will need several Jeep illustrations as well as photos of Jeeps from magazines and a large piece of poster board to stick everything on.

Have your kids lay out the poster/collage first and place all the pieces where they want them to go before you glue them down permanently.

They can also draw or scramble letters to write phrases on the page, such as “I <3 my Jeep."

Shrink the Jeep figure of your choice to fit a 3″ x 8″ piece of construction paper – either vertically or horizontally, it’s up to you.

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Print and color, then cut and glue to a rectangle of construction paper.

If you glue it horizontally, you can position it so that the back of the Jeep hits the edge of the rectangle.

So you can punch a hole in the paper and tie a few strands of gray or black yarn to look like exhaust fumes!

Coloring Page Jeep

The first step in creating a book cover from my Jeep photos is to resize the photos.

Free Jeep Coloring Page

You copy and paste the illustration from the original PDF document into a landscape text editor document.

Print it and color it, then turn the illustration side down and pick up the book.

Align it so that it is even on the page and mark where the top and bottom of the book are with a pencil.

You then fold the page over these two lines to create flaps that you can slip over the hard cover of the book.

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To create this craft, you’ll start by stenciling or freehanding a large letter J from construction paper.

You may want to resize the Jeep character you’re using to fit the page; Let your kids color and cut.

For the Jeep lover in your life, you can use my coloring pages as cards to celebrate a birthday or even a new purchase.

Coloring Page Jeep

You can also add text on top of the illustration to make it really personal by copying and pasting an image into a word processor document.

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You can wrap a small gift in one of my jeep illustrations and give the recipient a cute picture.

You center the gift directly on the main figure, top side down, lift the sides of the paper and glue it in place.

You print the Jeep figures you want to use on shrink wrap and have the kids color them in with markers.

You resize and print out the Jeep figures you want to use and have the kids color and cut them out.

Jeep Coloring Pages For Kids Outline Sketch Drawing Vector, Wing Drawing, Ring Drawing, Kid Drawing Png And Vector With Transparent Background For Free Download

Before attaching them to the decoration, you can write a message or phrase (“Happy Holidays 2023”); Then Mod Podge cuts the Jeep into a piece of wood and goes over it a few times.

Jeep is actually a brand and company with a long history and fiction, so let your kids research and write about it.

They can then bind the pages using three hole punches and O-rings, or simply place them in a binder.

Coloring Page Jeep