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Coloring Page Jellyfish – Dive into an underwater wonderland with 22 jellyfish coloring pages, download and print for free! With these sheets, kids (and adults too!) can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of jellyfish, where these mesmerizing sea creatures float effortlessly in the depths of the ocean!

In this collection, you will meet different species of jellyfish, such as moon jellyfish, lion’s mane and box jellyfish, to name a few! You’ll also get views of the natural habitat of jellyfish, coral reefs from the open ocean, and even occasional encounters with mermaids and other sea creatures.

Coloring Page Jellyfish

Coloring Page Jellyfish

To start coloring, click any image or link below to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can download or print as many pages as you like.

Free Cute Jellyfish Coloring Pages For Kids

All the pages below are on US letter size paper, but they fit perfectly on A4 paper! Happy colors!

If you’re looking for more related coloring content that kids love, we think you’ll especially enjoy these collections of coloring pages:

The key to this fun craft is to make the jellyfish as colorful as possible. Then, using different shades of construction paper, make five to six colored paper chains.

Next, add goofy big eyes to the jellyfish body and poke a hole in the top of the cutout.

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Kawaii moon jellyfish are perfect for this exciting craft. Once the jellyfish is colored, stick it to thin cardboard and cut it out.

When these are attached to the back of the jellyfish’s two arms, it allows the jellyfish to stand on its own!

This fancy craft is surprisingly simple and begins with the youngster decorating the bottom of a paper bowl with tissue paper cubes using two color patterns.

Coloring Page Jellyfish

Next, glue the jellyfish section from the top coloring page (turn the plate over).

Jellyfish Coloring Page For Adults 27748563 Vector Art At Vecteezy

A few handfuls of long curling ribbon can then be glued to the bottom of the bowl to hang as jellyfish tendrils.

To make this easy classroom craft, give each youth a large foam cup to decorate with finger paints.

Once the jellyfish are finished and cut, carefully stick them to the colored background of the glass, so that the tendrils extend above the rim.

Using a pencil, poke holes in a circular shape around the rim of the glass. Thread colored pipe cleaners through the holes and curl like jellyfish tendrils.

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This craft is great as a classroom activity but fun to do individually. Have the youth trace and color the letter “J” on a piece of cardstock.

Then the word “Jellyfish” can be written in bold color across the top. While cutting out the jellyfish from the finished coloring page, glue it to the center.

Youngsters can then write all the words that start with the letter “J” on the body of the jellyfish.

Coloring Page Jellyfish

For this craft, have the youngster cut out two jellyfish from coloring pages and glue them to a piece of poster board.

Jellyfish Coloring Page

They can add eyes, hair, mustache, sunglasses or anything else to make them look like a funny jellyfish couple.

Next, use construction paper to make accordion-style legs that are just as fun as the rest of the creation.

For added fun, have the youngsters find and cut out the tiny shoes under the decorated feet for an art that will make everyone smile!

If they are colored, individual cells cut from empty egg cartons should be used to stratify. They are the perfect size for a small jellyfish body.

Free Printable Jellyfish Real Coloring Page For Adults And Kids

Next, cut out other pictures from the coloring pages and thread them vertically onto a thin embroidery thread.

By adding a small eye hook to the top, these long, colorful ornaments can be hung on trees or on doors.

This poster is easy to make for kids of any age. Choose a coloring page that shows an “under the sea” scene with multiple jellyfish.

Coloring Page Jellyfish

Cut out the jellyfish on a piece of poster board and the rest of the laminated page.

Jellyfish Coloring Page Isolated For Kids Stock Vector

Fill the gap where the jellyfish was cut with a cotton ball or cotton swab and reattach the jellyfish with invisible glue. It looks like they are swimming in water.

This easy craft is perfect for young children and starts with cutting out the jellyfish, separating the head from the tendrils.

Take a plain brown paper bag and use craft paint to paint it a jellyfish-like shade.

Add moving eyes to the head cutout and glue to the bottom of the paper bag. Cut off the rest of the paper bag at the ends, adding the tendrils to the larger part under the head.

Jellyfish Coloring Page Nature Coloring Adult Coloring

This paper bag doll will move quite a bit once baby touches it!

To make this adorable craft, use a large paper or foam bowl and glue the jellyfish cutout to the bottom of the finished page.

Turn the bowl upside down and poke holes around its circumference. Use long streamers of the same color and thread through the holes to hang down.

Coloring Page Jellyfish

Add small craft bells to the end of each streamer and hang this colorful jellyfish wind chime. iStockHalaman Mewarnai Uburubur Untuk Anakanak Illustratus Stok – Unduh Gambar Sekarang – Air, Balita – Konsep, Bawah air – Pentangian

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See vector diagrammatic parts. All rights reserved iStock

Halaman mewarnai jelly lout yang luku than luku. Jam mewarnai yang gewan antuk anak-anak dewa. Untuk mewarnai, holman ini sangat moda. Kokok ontok anak-anak kasil dan balita.

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