Coloring Page Kpop

Coloring Page Kpop

Coloring Page Kpop – Get ready to unleash your inner K-pop with these 22 BTS coloring pages, completely free for you to download and print! For fans who can’t get enough of their favorite K-pop idols, this page offers a unique way to connect with the group’s art and style, one creative page!

In this set, you will find personal portraits of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Plus, we’ve included footage of the band, footage from their iconic videos, and even footage of their unforgettable live performances. Grab your art supplies, and let’s take this love for BTS to the next colorful level!

Coloring Page Kpop

Coloring Page Kpop

To access one of these coloring sheets, click on the link or image to open the PDF in a new page. Once open, you can download or print as many pages as you like!

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All of these PDF coloring pages are in standard US font size, but also include A4 paper size! Relax!

If you’re looking for coloring items that kids will love, we think you’ll enjoy this collection of coloring pages:

If your kids have a lot of BTS coloring pages, try some of these fun and interesting crafts.

This fun activity only requires simple craft supplies and is a great way to make memories for this big group.

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Once the characters are colored and cut out, they should be glued to a piece of poster board.

An audience can be drawn in the background, and a yellow marker is used to highlight each member of the group.

It can be decorated with gold glitter or even decorated with yellow pipe cleaners glued to the glass. Teens can frame this “concert scene” for keepsakes.

Coloring Page Kpop

This unique art is a big hit with BTS fans and starts with tracing and cutting a large microphone out of black construction paper.

K Pop Coloring Book Pages Template Graphic By Blue Creations · Creative Fabrica

Then, the cutout from the coloring page can be glued to the center of our microphone as if it were a picture frame.

Once the pages are finished, the characters must be carefully cut out and attached to the surface of the skateboard using craft glue.

Acrylic paint or spray can be used to seal the artwork, and your child will be the envy of the environment!

Next, color and cut out the BTS characters and glue a layer of cotton balls to the back of the pieces.

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Some small pieces of fabric can be hung over the door with a piece of string as “theatre curtains” that can be opened and closed.

BTS is an important topic for a group of people, especially since young children will see them every day.

Get your child a set of custom placemats from a discount store, which can often be found for under five dollars.

Coloring Page Kpop

Have a kid color and cut out some or all of the BTS characters and stick them on with invisible glue or cement.

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Stamp the work on contact paper, and these spaces can be used for a long time!

Almost all teenagers like to have books of their favorite bands. It’s easy to make from scratch, with just a few simple ingredients.

First, give your child a bell ring and as many scraps of book paper as they need. A three-hole paper can be used for addition.

Decorate the cover with all the BTS coloring pages, and write “BTS” in puff paint on the binder column.

K Pop Coloring Book Kdp Template Kdp Interior Kdp Coloring

The inside covers should then be decorated with colored page boxes, adding decal style. Kids can now add all BTS items to their new notebooks.

For this fun craft, have kids cut out a square of cardboard or poster board and add a BTS piece from the finished coloring page to one side.

Children can add their own fun with the name of the theater and the time and place of the concert.

Coloring Page Kpop

To make this easy craft, give the child a simple piece of cardboard to create a piece of their favorite BTS member after they cut it out from the finished page.

Bts Fashion Boys Girls Adult Colouring Book Outfits Hair Kpop Band Makeup Army

On the back, he can write all the facts about that particular member, as well as a few lines about why he is the young boy’s favorite.

Musical notes can be traced and removed from the black construction paper used to create a border around this unique piece of art, and it can be displayed anywhere.

These cute bobblehead dolls are easy to make, and kids can make the whole group or just their favorite members.

It starts with cutting off one or more members of the BTS group, cutting the head and body apart.

Txt Coloring Page #1 By Sprinklingnekos On Deviantart

Laminate the body to the bathroom with a blank tissue board painted black. Twist a pipe cleaner into a spiral and use it to attach the tip to the top edge of the sheet.

If your teenager has old speakers that are used to play music or play old CDs, they can be decorated with pieces from BTS coloring pages.

Invisible glue or craft glue works best for this, and the pages can be used as a whole, or the characters can be cut out and glued separately.

Coloring Page Kpop

A thin acrylic spray will cover the artwork nicely, and your baby has a new speaker to play BTS songs!

Kpop Coloring Pages 1 Digital Copy

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