Coloring Page Mario

Coloring Page Mario

Coloring Page Mario – On this page, you’ll find 50 Mario coloring pages just like you, to print or download for free! I’ve included a variety of Mario images, including Baby Mario, Mario, Luigi, and Old Pixel Mario, and other popular Nintendo characters like Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Sonic, and more!

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a Nintendo Entertainment System game console in my home. My two brothers and I played until our fingers hurt! It was a lot of fun and made us all Nintendo fans forever.

Coloring Page Mario

Coloring Page Mario

Along with bringing back lots of happy memories, these coloring pages also make a great craft project for a rainy day/lazy afternoon. Needless to say, these printables can decorate parties and even make a Mario themed party project for kids!

Free Printable Mario Kart Hero Coloring Page For Adults And Kids

Click on any of the images below to start coloring, which allows you to print them directly or download them for free. All of these PDF coloring pages are in standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly on A4 paper size! enjoy!

If you’re looking for kid-friendly coloring pages, we think you’ll enjoy this collection of coloring pages:

Read on to learn about 10 of Mario’s most popular characters, how they fit into the franchise, and ways to make my Mario coloring pages lively and colorful!

Let’s start with the most obvious character – Mario himself! Mario is the hero of his franchise. He is a plumber who lives with his younger brother Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario And Bowser Coloring Pages

Mario appears in almost every game and property of the Super Mario series. He has many powers and abilities including superhuman leaps, speed and pyrokinesis.

The Mario character wears a red hat and shirt, blue shorts, white gloves, brown hair and a mustache.

Be sure to include these colors when choosing a color palette for this page, and I also recommend painting on one of the platforms this character plays on, such as the green pipes.

Coloring Page Mario

Luigi, Mario’s brother, is one of the main heroes of the Super Mario series. He is second in most of the Super Mario games, but he is the leader of the Luigi’s Mansion series.

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Luigi is often portrayed as more timid and timid than his brother, but like Mario, he has many superpowers, including strength, durability, stamina, and speed.

Unlike Mario, Luigi wears a green hat and shirt instead of red. Therefore, when filling his coloring page, you should choose a very vivid shade of green.

Yoshi is Mario’s sidekick in the Super Mario series and first appeared in Super Mario World (1990). He is a dinosaur from Dinosaur Island who was originally trapped in an egg.

Many fans of Mario World say that Yoshi is their favorite character because he is cute, lovable and sometimes very heroic.

Mario And Yoshi

Yoshi is green with a red and white shell and orange shoes. Therefore, when choosing a color palette for this page, be sure to consider these shades.

Waluigi is Luigi’s main enemy, first introduced to the Super Mario universe in Mario Tennis (2000).

He has many abilities such as summoning storms and thorn vines and is also skilled in various sports.

Coloring Page Mario

Waluigi is a very colorful character with a purple hat and shirt, pink nose, gray hoodie and orange shoes.

Coloring Page Mario With Chocolates For The Princess

In addition to using these colors, I also recommend her painting on thorn vines for the color green!

He was first introduced to the series in 2007, appearing in games such as Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario 3D.

Rosalina is wearing a beautiful teal dress, blonde hair, and a silver tiara, so be sure to have these colors available when completing this page.

Toad is a sentient mushroom from the mushroom kingdom and the servant of Princess Peach. His mission is to protect Princess Peach, but he usually fails.

Mario Coloring Pages, Super Mario Coloring Pages

Players love Toad for his loyalty, kindness and sense of humor. He also has many useful abilities for players, such as floor pounding, spin jumping and wall kicking!

The frog is pictured with a red and white mushroom hat, beige body, white pants, blue and yellow vest, and brown shoes, so be sure to include these colors when filling out this page.

Bowser is the main villain of the Super Mario series, as he often kidnaps Princess Peach and is Mario’s main enemy.

Coloring Page Mario

Fans love Bowser, argue that he misunderstands his intentions to possess Peach, and often point to his love for his son as a redeemable character element.

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This character is very colorful, with a bright yellow body, green skin, red hair, and a green mask over his eyes, so be sure to include these colors when filling out this page.

Princess Peach is the female protagonist of the Super Mario series and the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is famous for being rescued from Bowser’s Castle by Mario.

Princess Peach is depicted in a light pink dress, dark blonde hair, white gloves, blue earrings, and a golden crown with red and blue jewels.

This character is popular among gamers because he constantly defeats Mario, making him one of the most powerful villains in the franchise.

Super Mario Face Coloring Page

So, to add more color to this page, I recommend drawing elements of Luigi’s Palace in the background!

Shy Man is the best villain in the Super Mario series, the antagonist, but he wears a mask because he’s shy.

Despite wanting to be one of Mario’s enemies, Mario fans love Shea for her shy and innocent appearance.

Coloring Page Mario

The shy man is depicted wearing a red hooded jacket, a black and gold belt, blue shoes and a white mask, so add these shades when filling out this coloring page. i am thankful coloring pages world kindness day coloring pages santa claus coloring pages memorial day coloring pages tiger coloring pages kaws coloring pages rock coloring pages rock coloring pages

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Coloring Page Mario

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Super Mario Bros. Toad Coloring Page

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Free Printable Super Mario Characters Coloring Page For Adults And Kids

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