Coloring Page Minecraft

Coloring Page Minecraft

Coloring Page Minecraft – On this page you will find 80 completely free Minecraft coloring pages to download or print! Before I started illustrating these pages, I had no idea how huge the Minecraft universe was! Luckily for me, my two young men (who are obsessed with Minecraft) pointed me in the right direction on what to include.

Some of the Minecraft tools, animals, and characters I’ve drawn include Steve, Alex, Creeper, Enderman, Iron Golem, Pillager, pickaxe, sword, Minecraft blocks, TNT, chicken, fox, horse, pig, and more!

Coloring Page Minecraft

Coloring Page Minecraft

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any image or link below to open a high-resolution PDF in a new page. From here, you are free to download or print to your heart’s content!

My Cup Overflows: Minecraft Coloring Page

All of these PDF coloring pages come in standard US letter sizes, but also fit perfectly on A4 paper! Enjoy!

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Keep reading for the 25 most popular Minecraft characters, animals and objects and how to use our coloring sheet based on them!

If you love Steve from Minecraft, you might enjoy coloring my Steve printables above!

Animal From The Minecraft Game Coloring Page

You can use Steve’s standard color palette of brown, tan, blue, dark blue, and Robin’s gray to color the image.

Or, if you have a personalized skin, you can always use those colors to personalize it and match the version on your screen.

Alex is another standard character skin added to Minecraft a few years after its launch, allowing players to choose between Alex or Steve, depending on their style preferences.

Coloring Page Minecraft

To color my Alex, you’ll want orange-red for the hair, light blue for the shirt, brown for the pants, and light gray for the shoes.

Minecraft Steve Coloring Pages

Lucas is a familiar character from Story Mode, first appearing in Order of the Stone. He is the leader of the Ocelots, a group that eventually merged with Jesse’s gang.

Minecraft fans love Lucas for being a compassionate person and a team player, and love to “ship” him romantically with Petra (as mentioned below).

You can show your love for Lucas even more by printing my coloring page based on his character!

If you want to color Lucas properly, you’ll need red-orange for the hair, peach for the skin, black for the jacket and shoes, and blue for the pants.

Free Printable Minecraft Coloring Pages For Kids

Minecraft players often aim to kill a few Creepers as they are the main source of gunpowder needed for many tools and items.

If you’re a Creeper fan too, download and print my character coloring page and show that love a little more.

The creeper’s body is a pixelated mix of different greens, grays, and blacks, so use them if you want accuracy.

Coloring Page Minecraft

Architect Soren is one of the most popular story mode characters! Soren is a character with three faces and the leader of the Order of the Stone.

I Illustrated 76 Minecraft Coloring Pages That Are All To Print/download (please Be Gentle 😅)

If you’re a fan of Soren and want to color, download and print my illustration of this big red-headed character!

To properly color Soren, you’ll need red-orange for the hair, mustache and beard, peach for the skin, black for the shirt, and brown for the overalls and shoes.

Herobrine is something of a mystery in Minecraft, as his character technically doesn’t exist. In unmodified versions of Minecraft, Herobrine is nowhere to be found.

However, when certain mods are applied to the Minecraft server, Herobrine will appear. He looks like Steve (mentioned above), except his iris is white.

Zombie Pigmen Minecraft Coloring Page For Kids

Magnus the Rogue is another famous character in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is a member of the Order of the Stone, as well as a vandal and a mourner.

To stay consistent with his color scheme, use black for the mask, tan for the skin, green for the clothes, and brown for the belt and gloves.

These tall, terrifying-looking creatures have the ability to teleport and collect dice, as well as drop pearls that the player can pick up.

Coloring Page Minecraft

To accurately color the Enderman coloring sheet, you will need black and dark purple for the body, and white and purple for the eyes.

Coloring Pages {minecraft Themed}

Blaze is an enemy floating mob that spawns in the fortresses of the Netherland. This character is the only source of fire sticks the player needs to brew, smelt and craft the Eye of Ender.

Blaze has a burnt yellow and orange body with distinct floating limbs and is surrounded by black smoke.

So when you fill in the Blaze coloring sheet, make sure you have yellow, brown, orange and black on hand. Also, don’t forget to add smoke around the floating branches!

Petra appears in every episode of the Minecraft video game/interactive television series and is a member of Jesse’s gang.

Minecrafter Coloring Pages

Minecraft gamers love Petra for her level of character development, well-written story, and screen time.

If you’ve played Minecraft: Story Mode and are a fan of Petra, you can download and print my coloring page for her character.

Petra has a green hat, brown hair, peach skin, a gray-blue coat, and blue and pink clothes. You can use these colors to fill in her image or adjust them to your personal preferences.

Coloring Page Minecraft

Ellegard, the Redstone Engineer, is a Redstonian and a member of the Order of the Stone in Minecraft: Story Mode.

Ender Dragon Minecraft Coloring Page

Ellegard’s armor is brown and gold with bright red along the collar, wrists, shoulders, and boots. She also has curly brown hair and tanned skin.

So when coloring in the Ellegaard coloring palette, make sure you have browns, reds, yellows and beiges available.

In addition to the playable characters, the animals and wildlife found in Minecraft are extremely popular with gamers, such as the Axolotl.

Axolotls can be harnessed and kept as pets. At the same time, they remove Mining Fatigue when the player kills a creature fighting the Axolotl.

Minecraft Digital Colouring Page

Axolotls in Minecraft come in 5 solid colors: leucistic (pink), brown, yellow, cyan and blue, so make sure you have them available!

Players can use lead, saddles and armor on horses and can feed them wheat, enchanted apples, hay and other food.

The horses in this game come in white, cream, chestnut, brown, black, gray and dark brown, so make sure you have these colors on hand if you want to ensure accuracy.

Coloring Page Minecraft

Furthermore, you can add more color by painting a diamond horse armor on top of the image, in light blue.

Free Printable Minecraft Coloring Pages For Toddlers

One thing players love about ocelots is that they can be tamed, guided, and guarded at the character’s residence, which helps ward off Creepers and ghosts.

If you want to color my ocelli illustration, make sure you have orange, white, beige, black and gray available if you want accuracy.

Minecraft foxes are extremely useful when they spawn, as they can drop emeralds, rabbit feet, rabbit skins, eggs, wheat, and feathers, all of which are useful for the player’s inventory.

To color my minecraft fox illustration, use orange-red and black or silver-blue and black for the arctic fox.

Minecraft Plants Vs. Zombies Colouring Pages Coloring Book, Minecraft Herobrine Skin Transparent Background Png Clipart

The Minecraft wolf is a neutral mob that players can tame and use during combat. They attack most animals, allowing players to take chicken, pork, and other food.

These wolves are gray with black outlines in the ears and nose, so be sure to have those colors handy when you fill in the wolf coloring sheet!

Pro tip – paint their eyes red instead of black to show how they appear in battle mode.

Coloring Page Minecraft

Sheep in Minecraft are extremely useful because they drop meat and wool when they spawn or are slaughtered. Players can eat sheep and use the wool to make beds and other items.

Minecraft Creeper Coloring Page

Minecraft sheep come in 11 different solid colors: white, orange, purple, blue, yellow, green, pink, black, gray, cyan, and purple.

You can use any of these shades to fill in the sheep coloring sheet. You can also combine colors to create a rainbow sheep or add your own colors to the mix.

Moving on to tools, nothing happens in Minecraft without a crafting table. This board is how players craft pickaxes, boots, shovels, swords, and other items needed for survival mode.

If you’re going to color in my crafting chart illustration, you’ll want to include light brown, dark brown, reddish brown, and white in your selection for accuracy.

Coloring Page Settler Minecraft

Redstone is one of the most popular items in Minecraft because it is one of the main sources of energy.

Once redstone ore is mined and melted into dust, it can be used to make power rails and detectors, lights, torches, sighting devices, droppers, and other advanced tools.

Redstone’s color palette speaks for itself – it’s bright red! However, you may want to use silver or white to add to the sparkling effect that the game offers.

Coloring Page Minecraft

This advanced tool is created using diamonds, obsidian, lapis lazuli, and a book and is used to enchant or enhance tools, weapons, armor, books, and other items.

Coloring Page Chicken

If you want to color my spelling chart illustration, you will need dark purple, black, blue, red, cream, light brown, and robin yellow.

TNT is one of the most iconic items

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