Coloring Page Rainbow

Coloring Page Rainbow

Coloring Page Rainbow – What better way to spend time indoors than coloring? Whether you’re trying to entertain the kids or want a fun activity yourself, coloring is something that everyone can enjoy.

In addition to using every color (or any color you can imagine!), the rainbow is always a sign of hope. because it appears when the sun shines through the rain. People around the world are making rainbows and putting them in windows so that health professionals, essential workers, and people walking around practicing social distancing can see them. It’s a sign of hope and a fun game (the whole point!) rolled into one.

Coloring Page Rainbow

Coloring Page Rainbow

This rainbow coloring page is inspired by my three daughters, the sunshine that shines in the rain of my life. You can print the coloring pages with or without the girls (there is room to draw people who like to dance in the clouds!)

Rainbow Coloring Page Educational Worksheet Rainbow Coloring

If coloring isn’t your thing, but you still want to send a happy message to someone you need hope for, you can also print a color version.

And this glass works double (or triple)! You can also send birthday cards or greetings to family members, doctors, and anyone who needs a smile. (These balloons are guaranteed to lift your mood!)

Step 2 Color the black and white version or use the colored version. Then write a message and send it by mail, or hang it in the window to show your best wishes.

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Free Printable Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Pages For Kids

Recently they asked me for a pretty rainbow. So of course I had to make some for the blog! 🙂

My oldest asked for a big rainbow to color and my youngest asked for lots of small rainbows to cut out and connect.

I took this opportunity to make a variety of rainbows to use as coloring sheets as well as in all kinds of craft projects.

Coloring Page Rainbow

Be sure to bookmark or pin this page so whenever you need a rainbow with a cloud line, you’ll know where to get it!

Rainbow Coloring Pages

Below are three different rainbow coloring pages to choose from. All printed very large on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper. I think they make great coloring activities for all ages. All three of my kids love them (and so do I sometimes!).

We use them for coloring, making models, tracing lines or just cutting them out to hang on the fridge.

Many people use it as a simple coloring sheet, but I’ve also seen it used in an amazing Noah’s Ark project for Sunday school and to make handwritten thank you cards to give to teachers or even nurses!

If you need a smaller version of the large template above, print two on one page.

Cute Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Page · Creative Fabrica

Last but not least, here’s a new design from CraftyCreativeMama that’s a bit different than the one I posted above.

This rainbow not only has clouds, but also geometric patterns to add interest and more opportunities to play with all the colors!

Click on the image below to go to the site where you can download it – for free of course!

Coloring Page Rainbow

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Free Rainbow Coloring Pages (+ More!) ✨🌈

When I wrote about giving children toys before Christmas, I’m sure many people wondered if I would give them toys for Christmas. Here’s the thing: I don’t want to go back to a place where I feel like I have to throw Continue reading

Every October / November I wonder if I should buy a certain person a gift. I love gift giving, but sometimes the overwhelming nature of the holiday season gets me… …and I panic a bit. I like to give small gifts to my closest neighbors who keep reading

If you are lucky enough to have a fall baby shower, a pumpkin themed baby shower is not only adorable, but easy to throw. Whether the baby is born in the fall or the celebration takes place in the fall, choosing a pumpkin as a baby shower theme will give it away.

Cash gifts are always an easy way to please teenage family members, students or even people who have a hard time finding the right gift. I know every time I give one of my young nephews a $5 bill and take him to save a dollar. Keep reading On this page you will find 36 unique and magical rainbow coloring pages that are all free to download and print! From traditional rainbow arches to more abstract designs, these printables offer kids (and adults too!) a fun and creative way to show off their artistic skills and imagination!

Colors Rainbow Coloring Page

For this series, I have illustrated many rainbows with different themes and elements that I think will appeal to people of all ages and abilities. Includes simple rainbows for kids to color, kawaii themed rainbows, rainbows with hearts and love clouds, rainbow mandala skies and more you can see below!

To use one of these free printables, you can click on one of the images or links below to open the high-resolution PDF in a new page. From there you can freely download or print as you wish!

All of these PDF coloring pages are in standard US letter size, but also fit on A4 paper size! Appreciation!

Coloring Page Rainbow

If you’re looking for more coloring gifts that your kids will love, we think you’ll love this collection of coloring pages:

Rainbow With Clouds (landscape)

Wherever you want to add a touch of color and whimsy to your scrapbooking – like a beautiful day that you want to remember forever – my rainbow is perfect.

Color well using markers or quality colored pencils, cut and glue to the glass.

They can also be used for a St. Patrick’s Day theme and you can add a pot of gold to one end.

This cute craft is perfect for preschoolers or kindergarteners, but kids of all ages (and younger) can enjoy it too.

Rainbow With Clouds And Sun

You will ask the children to color the rainbow, then they will take cotton balls and glue to the place where there are clouds.

The Rainbow Shooting Star coloring pages can be used in the classroom to announce students the month (or week).

You can color the rainbow and the stars, then write the name of the student shown on the star with a Sharpie.

Coloring Page Rainbow

Choose rainbow illustrations like Rainbow with Storm Clouds and Lightning or Beautiful Rainbow Coloring Sheet for Kids.

Free Preschool Coloring Pages Of Rainbows, Download Free Preschool Coloring Pages Of Rainbows Png Images, Free Cliparts On Clipart Library

Next, you will cut the blue thread – about 10 on each side, six to eight inches long.

Your children will attach the same amount of yarn to each cloud to make it look like rain.

Next, you will take a piece of tissue paper or tissue paper cut into arched strips and put it on the line.

You can resize the illustration by copying/pasting it into a word processor and adjusting the height and width to occupy a half or quarter page.

Rainbow Friends Coloring Pages — Free Printable Sheets For Kids

Then you will print and fold accordingly. Color (or have your child color) the illustration and write a sweet message inside!

My rainbow image would make a great decoration for a simple gift bag that needs a little something extra.

Depending on the size of the gift bag, you may want to resize the image, print it and color it with rainbows, then cut it out with clouds.

Coloring Page Rainbow

Now you can glue them to a gift bag, but I also like to take a piece of construction paper and cut out two or three little strips.

Rainbow Unicorn Coloring Page Isolated For Kids Vector Image

Fold it several times like an accordion and glue one side to the gift bag. Then glue the rainbow to the strips to remove the bag, as if it were in 3D.

Print out the rainbow illustrations you need and let the kids just color the rainbow for a fun craft that will make for a fun summer birthday party activity.

Then they will cut out and then trace the shape onto the card stock. Then they will cut out the outline and glue the two pieces together.

Finally, he would add a larger craft stick to the back, taped into place, to act as a handle.

Unicorn With Rainbow Coloring Page

Instead of coloring a rainbow in the traditional way, children will arrange Fruit Loops with colors and glue.

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