Coloring Page Rapunzel

Coloring Page Rapunzel

Coloring Page Rapunzel – On this page, you’ll find the first 20 Tangled coloring pages all free to download and print! For this series, I featured a wide variety of characters and scenes from the movie Tangled, including Rapunzel, Eugene, Maximus, Pascal, Mother Gothel, and many more!

These printables are perfect for kids who want to do something creative, fun and free for birthday parties, princess themed party decorations, wall art, placemats, scrapbooking and many other creative uses!

Coloring Page Rapunzel

Coloring Page Rapunzel

To color any of these images, click on any of the images or links below, which will open the PDF in a new page. Once opened, you can download or print as many times as you like, absolutely free!

Disney Princess Rapunzel Coloring Pages

All of these PDF coloring pages are in standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly on A4 size paper! Enjoy!

If you’re looking for some related coloring pages that kids love, we think you’ll really enjoy this collection of coloring pages:

What’s better than a Rapunzel paper doll? Not only is this fun, but you can make it last!

Alternatively, depending on the chosen method of coloring the page, different parts can be cut differently and glued with sheets of movable end paper.

Rapunzel With Braided Hair And Pascal Coloring Pages, Rapunzel Tangled Coloring Pages

Either way, your child can use some of the pre-made patterns to cut paper doll clothes. Let your child’s imagination run wild when making costumes!

This super fun crafter starts with your child’s favorite Tangled coloring page to be colored and mirrored.

Let your child decide whether Rapunzel should be blonde, brunette or redhead and pick the right color to make the hair.

Coloring Page Rapunzel

The key is to use the right amount of yarn! The idea is for Rapunzel’s “hair” to frame the coloring page on all four sides.

Tangled For Children

If your child has a hand mirror that they would like to create, the Tangled coloring page is a great resource to set the back with.

Next, take some plastic wrap and wrap it around the handle of the mirror to make it look like Rapunzel’s hair has been “curled” along the way.

This job is also fun with a baby bag or fanny pack. Rapunzel decals can be made from coloring pages to decorate one and really add some style!

Tangled coloring pages are perfect for string art. Once the page is colored, the youth can create a pattern.

Download And Color: Disney Princess Coloring Pages Collection

Straight pins should be used to create a design and thread of different colors to cross back and forth, giving Rapunzel a unique look!

Kids can choose to string just Rapunzel’s beautiful hair or make the whole page a work of art!

All little girls love to play with mom’s toys, so give them a way to do something with their hands with these printables.

Coloring Page Rapunzel

Hairspray cans, shampoo bottles and all kinds of hair care products come in a variety of containers that can be transformed from boring to awesome in no time with coloring pages.

Kids Under 7: Tangled

Use these beautiful creations to laminate all kinds of hair product bottles, and long after they are empty, the containers can be used as flowers, coins, or simply as beautiful decorations.

Young people will enjoy this art. First, glue the page to a sturdy piece of cardboard or thick poster board.

Next, attach a thin amount of Christmas ribbon in gold, black or red to serve as Rapunzel’s hair.

The “hair” can be made as curly or wavy as you like, and the rest of Rapunzel can be decorated with felt, glitter, puff glue or anything that makes her very happy.

Rapunzel Colouring Page Downloadable Coloring Page Printable

For this craft, use plain or lined paper to create the date pages and complete the coloring pages for the front and back.

Using a three-hole punch, create an area for the thread that will be used to bind the pages of the journal together, but choose the color carefully so that it resembles hair.

Tie the yarn into three separate pieces and weave them together so that the journal looks like it’s being held together by Rapunzel’s knitting!

Coloring Page Rapunzel

This craft is simple and starts with finding the right size Tangled character, painting it and gluing it to a very thick cardstock. Crazy glue is great for this.

Free Rapunzel Coloring Pages For Download (printable Pdf)

Then dig a hole in the top and apply acrylic spray. Make a long piece of yarn and use it for the necklace.

Use several pieces of other thread to attach the ‘chain’ to the haircut in such a way that it looks like Rapunzel’s hair is wrapped around the young man’s neck!

Using bold colors and adding embellishments like glitter and puff glue, paint the selected page and fold it into a fan shape vertically instead of horizontally.

You guessed it, use twine to tie the bottom together, but leave plenty of room for it to flow from the fan below. This creates the illusion that the fan is made from Rapunzel’s hair!

Princess Rapunzel Coloring Pages

Continue and cut six different colors of Tangled and attach six pieces of thread to the embroidery hoop at different points in the old mobile.

But to make this mobile unique, take pieces of yarn and run them back and forth between the colors, like a spider web.

The idea is to make it look like hair from the different colors mixed in.

Coloring Page Rapunzel

For extra fun, stick stars, pom poms or glitter on the ‘mixed’ hair pieces to add depth and volume to this fun mobile. Find coloring pages for kids to download in PDF or print! Animals? Famous actors? Coloring or educational pages? You have a choice!

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Rapunzel Coloring Pages (2023)

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Coloring Page Rapunzel

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Princess Rapunzel Coloring Page

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