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Coloring Page Taylor Swift – Get ready to rock it with 20 Taylor Swift coloring pages that are completely free to download or print! As one of the most successful pop stars of her generation, Taylor Swift captivated audiences with her powerful lyrics and ever-evolving style, making her an inspirational subject for coloring pages. and creative projects!

For this series, I’ve captured various moments in Taylor Swift’s career, highlighting her iconic outfits, memorable performances, Taylor with fans and her favorite music video shows. Regardless of your age or artistic ability, grab your favorite pencil or marker and let your imagination soar, one stellar page at a time!

Coloring Page Taylor Swift

Coloring Page Taylor Swift

To get started, click on the image or link below, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. Then you can download, print, or color digitally on the iPad.

Free Evermore Taylor Swift Coloring Pages

All of these coloring pages are in standard US letter size, but also fit perfectly on A4 paper size! Enjoy!

If you’re looking for more related coloring things that kids love, we think you’ll especially enjoy this collection of coloring pages:

Turn my Taylor Swift photos into beautiful jewelry that you and your kids can wear while enjoying music – whether it’s in your kitchen or at a live concert!

You will print the figures you want to use on bias paper that can be purchased online from sites like Amazon.

Taylor Swift Coloring & Activity Book

Color the figures with markers and cut them out; If you’re attaching anything to an O-ring or fastener, you’ll want to make a hole where it’s supposed to go.

Once they are ready, you can use pliers to adhere the jewelry to the cut back or hot glue.

You will use the print and cut feature; Start by printing the Taylor Swift design you want to use on metal vinyl.

Coloring Page Taylor Swift

Then you feed it into your cricket and let it do its thing; Once this is done, you will have decals that can be applied to the clothing of your choice.

Free Printable Taylor Swift Funny Coloring Page For Adults And Kids

Put them on, really – you’re saving yourself and your kids a lot of money, because a Taylor Swift t-shirt is totally worth it!

For big Taylor Swift fans, you can use my photo of the pop superstar as a little wrapping paper.

Print and color the image you want to use and place it on a flat surface.

Then place the object in the middle of the page and draw the corners of the paper before lowering them and gluing them.

Taylor Swift 19 Coloring Page

If you want to make one big “paper” out of wrapping paper, you can glue four or six pages together!

My picture of Taylor Swift can make a great room for a teenager or teenager who loves the pop star.

Some ideas are just coloring pictures, framing them (create a gallery wall!)

Coloring Page Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is associated with glitz and glamour, so give her image the shine it deserves.

An Eras Tour Coloring And Memory Book By Millward, Holly

The T for you and your children. The image can be drawn or painted quickly, then attached with glitter glue or glitter glue +.

If you go the latter route, you can use Elmer’s glue to trace the lines, then sprinkle some glitter on top.

To make the Taylor Swift keychains, you will again need bias paper to print the figures you want to use.

Color them with markers, cut them out, then punch the holes where you want the key chain answers to go.

Taylor Swift Coloring Page Folklore

Heat according to instructions before attaching the keychain.

If you’re a serious Taylor Swift concert fan, you’ll have plenty of memorabilia around collecting dust.

Put them in a Taylor Swift memory box and the next time you want to take them out, they’ll be together and out of the dust.

Coloring Page Taylor Swift

Get a memory box from a craft store – or you can use an old shoe box wrapped in white paper.

Digital Taylor Swift Colouring Book

Next, choose the Taylor shape you want to use, color it, cut it out, glue it to the box, and arrange the edges so they don’t get caught in anything.

Whether you’re a one-time concertgoer or have attended dozens of live shows, you can use my Taylor Swift photos as scrapbooking ideas to remember your experiences.

Color the picture or leave it in black and white – either way, if you cut it out and paste it on the page, it will enhance your ticket, program and wristband.

Before you start, you can resize the Taylor image depending on the tile size.

Taylor Swift Line Art

Color it and cut it out, then place it on the tile and Mod Podge several times over the tile.

You have to wait for the coasters to dry completely before using them, but Mod Podge has sealed them so condensation from your glasses won’t damage them!

You could use my Taylor Swift photos to make a weekly or monthly calendar – maybe a live concert countdown calendar?

Coloring Page Taylor Swift

First, you’ll want to copy and paste the image into a landscape-oriented word processing document.

Taylor Swift Tour/albums Coloring Pages: Downloadable

Then, in another document in Landscape, you will create the actual calendar. Do this for as many months or weeks as you like.

Draw the page and make holes at the bottom of the picture and at the top of the grids; Connect with O-ring.

Then you will make two holes in the top of the pages with pictures, tie a string and use it to hang the calendar on the wall with tack or nails.

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