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Coloring Page Template – What better way to spend time indoors than coloring? Whether you want to entertain the kids or you want a calming activity yourself, coloring can be enjoyed by everyone.

Aside from using all the colors (or any you can imagine!), the rainbow has always been a sign of hope. Because it shows when the sun shines through the rain. All over the world, people are making rainbows and placing them in their windows to see medical professionals, essential workers and travelers outside to practice social distancing. It’s a sign of hope and a fun game (find them all!) all rolled into one.

Coloring Page Template

Coloring Page Template

This rainbow coloring page was inspired by my three daughters, the sun that shines through the rain in my life. You can print the coloring pages with or without the girls (there’s room to draw your own favorite people dancing on the clouds!).

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If coloring isn’t your thing, but you still want to send a happy message to someone you think will find hope, you can even print a full-color version.

And this page doubles (or triples)! You can also mail as a birthday or greeting card to family members, doctors and anyone who needs a smile. (These balloons are guaranteed to lift the mood!)

Step 2 Color the black and white version or use the color version as is. Then write a greeting and post it in the mail or hang it in the window to share hope постельное белье.

Color with someone you love on this page! And if you share your rainbow, tag us on social media @darcymiller #DITwithDarcyNote: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I get paid if you make a purchase. The partnership includes Bluehost, Amazon Associates and Studio Press.

Free Rainbow Coloring Pages (+ More!) ✨🌈

Recently they asked me for beautiful rainbows. So of course I had to make something for the blog! 🙂

The oldest asked for a big rainbow for color and the youngest asked for lots of smaller rainbows to cut and string.

I took this opportunity to make a variety of rainbows to use as coloring sheets as well as all kinds of craft projects.

Coloring Page Template

Make sure you bookmark or pin this page so that whenever you need a rainbow with cloud outline, you know where to get it!

Simple Coloring Page. Coloring Book Page Template With Fly Agaric Mushroom. Vector Illustration Stock Vector Image & Art

There are three different rainbow colored pages for you to choose from. They all print very large on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. I think they make a lovely quiet colorful activity for all ages. All three of my kids love them (and sometimes I even color them!).

We use them to color, craft, outline or cut them out for the fridge.

Many use it as a simple coloring sheet, but I’ve also used it in adorable Noah’s Ark projects for Sunday School and to create thoughtful handwritten thank you cards for teachers or even nurses!

If you need a smaller version of the larger template above, print them both on one page.

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Last but not least, here’s a new design from CraftyCreativeMama, slightly different from what I’m presenting above.

This rainbow doesn’t just have clouds, it has geometric patterns to add interest and play with all the colors!

Click the image below to go to the website where you can download it – absolutely for free!

Coloring Page Template

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