Creation Day 7 Coloring Page

Creation Day 7 Coloring Page

Creation Day 7 Coloring Page – Today I am sharing Creation printable coloring pages and I hope you will like them. My boys have been really into coloring lately, so I’ve been making more coloring pages to go along with my other printable Bible books.

The coloring above is free. It represents the 7 days of creation with a small coloring chart for each day. Maybe have your kids or Sunday school students color each day while you read them the creation story from Genesis.

Creation Day 7 Coloring Page

Creation Day 7 Coloring Page

You can read a section about each day and then stop at the end of each section to tell them about the day’s photo.

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This coloring page is free for your personal (non-commercial) use. You can use it at home with your own children or in your classroom, but don’t sell them. Be sure to check your printer settings and do a print preview to make sure the page will print correctly. If the page doesn’t look right, try adjusting the printer settings.

In addition to the coloring page above, I have put together a collection of seven coloring pages for each day of the creation story.

Children can color the pictures. If they know how to read, they can read the verses for each day, or you can read them aloud, then they can fill in the blanks to help review what God has created each day.

I think it would be really cool to take a week to review the creation story and have the kids color a page each day. You can post each day’s page on a bulletin board or wall. You can then use them for visual reminders of the story as you review it.

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The Creation Printable Coloring Page Pack of Seven is available in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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Kids will love our awesome creation days coloring pages. Scroll down to see free custom pages. There are two download options. To get the basic free version,

Creation Day 7 Coloring Page

Buy: The newly updated version (more pages + teacher talking points) is available for purchase in the Sunday School Store for just $6. This purchase supports our free service and provides a royalty to the artist who created this work.

Days Of Creation Bundle Activities & Posters

Free download. Select the coloring page below and print it. These original coloring sheets depicting the days of creation. Enjoy these free creativity coloring books at your church, home, or school. Any of these creative coloring pages would be great for children’s Sunday school or church.

Let There Be Light (First Day of Creation) – This coloring sheet represents the events of Genesis 1:3 where God says: “Let there be light.” The image represents the sun and stars radiating this light on the first day of creation. It was the first day of the biblical story of creation.

God Created the Sky and the Sea (Second Day of Creation) – This coloring sheet depicts the events of Genesis 1:6-8 where God divides the water and names it the sky. This passage is often difficult to visualize, but Mandy’s illustration shows the layers of water separating as God makes way for heaven.

God created the earth (third day of creation) – In this painting, the artist shows the events of Genesis 1:9-10, where God brings dry land out of the sea. The painting shows several mountain peaks rising from the ocean. It was the third day of creation.

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Let the Earth Produce (Third Day of Creation) – This coloring sheet continues the events of the third day of creation. It is based on Genesis 1:11-13. The painting features plants, trees and grass overlooking an ocean view. The words say: “Let the country produce.”

God made the sun, moon and stars (fourth day of creation) – Mandy was inspired by Genesis 1:14-19 for this line art. The image has four panels, each with a different arrangement of the Sun, Moon, and stars. It is written on the page: “Signs, Seasons, Days, Years.” As a bonus, you can also download our coloring sheet based on Psalm 19:1, “The Heavens Tell the Glory of God.”

God Created the Animals, Fish, and Birds (Days Five and Six of Creation) – These next two coloring sheets show the events of Genesis 1:20-25. You have two different options to download and print. Children can color them as you teach them about God’s creative work in creating animals.

Creation Day 7 Coloring Page

Adam and Eve in the Garden (Sixth Day of Creation) – This printable coloring page shows the people God created holding hands in the garden. Children love to color the mountains, flowers and other elements surrounding the couple. This picture is an example of Genesis 1:26-31.

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It Was Very Good (Seventh Day of Creation) – This final image bears the words “very good” and shows the finished work. It is based on Genesis 1:30 – 2:2 where God rested from his work on the seventh day. Adam and Eve rest in the garden that God created for them to enjoy from the beginning.

You may also benefit from our other teaching resources on the Bible story of creation for children. They include lesson plans, crafts, songs about creativity, and a storybook about creativity.

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