Cute Easy To Draw Animals

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Cute Easy To Draw Animals
Cute Easy To Draw Animals

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Do you love animals but have trouble drawing them? These 20 easy animal drawings use only simple shapes to create a cute cartoon animal – perfect even for beginners! Take paper and pencil and let’s draw!

Cute Easy To Draw Animals

Cute Easy To Draw Animals

We have collected a long list of animal drawings at Let’s Draw This. But when you’re just starting out, drawing animals can be a bit challenging – getting the proportions and organic body shapes right isn’t easy.

Learn How To Draw: Easy Steps Drawing Book Of Cute Animals For Kids: Dela Pena Jr, Rudiardo: 9798847671231: Books

Here we have collected some really simple animals that you can draw from some basic shapes – usually one or two ovals. They are perfect for budding artists or young children – no drawing experience necessary.

In fact, if you use simple shapes you can get a simplified cartoon version of your animal – but these are still very cute and easy to recognize animal drawings.

We have put together a wide variety of easy to draw animals, feel free to skip to the section you want or scroll down to see them all.

Some of the most common animals to draw are farm animals. In this section, we’ll show you some really easy tricks to draw the most common farm animals. The cow is drawn from one rectangle and the sheep from an oval. Moving closer, two ovals will allow you to draw the pig and the chick. Then, you can play with the basic shapes and learn how to draw a cat out of circles – and surprisingly – even triangles! Enjoy.

Kawaii Drawing: Sketching Cute Animals And Characters, Learn To Draw Cute Animals Kawaii In Simple Steps! By Siilver Lilac

Unlike other animals, our cows are drawn from a rectangle. With a huge body, tiny legs, big snout and small eyes, it is definitely the cartoon exaggeration that makes the simple cartoon look funny and cute.

If you just put some legs and a head on the big fluffy ball of wool, you will get a cute cartoon style berry.

Learn how to draw a pig with our easy pig drawing tutorial. Make a cute cartoon pig with two simple eggs through a snout, floppy ears and a curly ponytail.

Cute Easy To Draw Animals

See how to draw a chick as you follow step-by-step drawing instructions. Starting with a simple sketch of two circles, we’ll draw a fluffy fluffy cherry that looks very happy as it boldly jumps out of an eggshell into a wide, bright world.

Cute Animals Drawing Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Learn how to draw a cat with simple shapes. We are going to draw three different cats in three different ways and in three different positions. Plus a little extra fun.

Learn how to turn a simple oval into an easy mouse drawing by adding the “trademark” features of a mouse – ears, whiskers and tail.

If you like drawing farm animals and want to draw more, check out our farm animal drawings here at Let’s Draw That.

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Cute Easy Animal Drawings Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

Another set of animals that are easy to draw are some zoo animals. Here we will show you how to turn our easy cat drawing from above into a tiger or a lion. Also, there is a cute penguin and a simple turtle design that can be made with just a few ovals.

Learn how to draw a tiger. We’ll draw a simple, sitting, cartoon-style tiger with big, fun eyes.

Learn how to draw a lion using simple triangle shapes as a sketching guide. The result is a book-style comic lion that is not triangular at all.

Cute Easy To Draw Animals

Learn to draw a turtle. Start with a simple turtle seen from above and learn how to draw a turtle shell pattern. Then draw a nice sea turtle from an angle.

How To Draw A Cute Jellyfish Step By Step. Sea Animal Cartoon Coloring Character Collection For Kids. Easy Funny Animal Drawing Illustration For Kids Creativity. Drawing Guide Book In Vector Design. 4677700

Learn how to draw a penguin. Our first penguin is just a baby. He is cute and cuddly, with a nice round body and head. This is an easy start to learning how to draw a penguin.

As always, these are just the easiest zoo animals to get you started. There are more things you can draw in our How to Draw Zoo Animals section – check it out!

The next batch of animals that are easy to draw are bugs and bugs. They are great starting points for animal drawings as they are made in simpler shapes and their features are easy to identify. You can’t get much simpler than our cute bee design – it’s instantly recognizable just by adding stripes to the basic body. Or add eight small legs to an oval and voila, you have a spider!

Learn how to draw bees. A very simple way to draw a cute bee in a cartoon style from a few simple shapes. This is hands down one of the easiest tutorials on this site, featuring a very simplified cartoon version of a bee.

Easy Animals To Draw Even For Absolute Beginners

Learn to Draw a Butterfly – Easy step-by-step butterfly drawing tutorial, including drawing butterfly wings with an intricate pattern.

Learn how to draw a snail. Step by step tutorial to draw a common garden snail with big cute cartoon eyes.

Learn how to draw a spider in easy cartoon style – a cute single circle spider and two double circle spiders – friendly animal and human.

Cute Easy To Draw Animals

Spider web drawing tutorial where you learn how to weave a simple spider web and then break the perfect web with some irregularities for a more natural look.

Cute Animals Drawing

If you like drawing bugs and bugs more, check out our how to draw bugs and bugs section.

The last batch (so far) of easy tutorials for drawing sea animals. Sea animals are so interesting! They come in all shapes and sizes, and each has its own unique beauty. What’s even better, you can use some very simple shapes to draw many of them. Look at the fish designs – just by adjusting the width of the same body, you get a mackerel, a carp or a shark. Turn the tail a little and you have a dolphin. Turn the head and here is a whale. So much fun with a few simple lines!

Learn how to draw sharks. We designed two very different sharks – one simple with very realistic proportions, the other with a very exaggerated cartoon style.

Learn how to draw a dolphin in a few easy steps. This is a simple way to draw a semi-realistic dolphin out of the water to get some fresh air.

Free Printable Cute Animal Coloring Pages For Kids

Learn how to draw an octopus. Easy octopus drawing tutorial step by step. Draw a semi-realistic octopus from a simple oval and some wavy lines.

Learn how to draw a whale in a few easy steps. We started with a simple oval and in a few easy steps we drew a cute cartoon whale with a cheeky smile. Then we borrowed some details from the real humpback whale to add extra texture and a more interesting look to the simple drawing.

If you have fun drawing animals, there’s more to draw in our How to Draw Sea Animals section – check it out!

Cute Easy To Draw Animals

Well folks, that’s it for today. I hope you had fun with so many easy animals to draw. You can find more inspiration and many more animal drawings in our How to Draw Animals section. And don’t forget to check back – our list of tutorials is always growing. Do you want to help your children expand their drawing skills? These cute animal drawings for kids are fun for kids of all ages!

Cute Easy Hamster Drawing Ideas

You can’t go wrong with an animal! If one has more colors than a sketcher, these animals are simple enough for anyone to try!

You draw them and your child paints! Watch the video if you need help during the process.

I’m using this paper, but if you want something more kid friendly, let me recommend this pad. These are pens, markers, pencils and ink pens.

I will say that in most of my drawings I start with the head and work my way down. There is a better chance of getting the proportions right, but do what’s best for you!

How To Draw Ocean Animals

Above is our friend from the southern hemisphere, the cuddly koala! For some reason, I would love to hug one of these friends, but I heard them

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