Dabangg Full Movie With English Subtitles

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Dabangg Full Movie With English Subtitles
Dabangg Full Movie With English Subtitles

Dabangg Full Movie With English Subtitles – After what seems like a long stretch, here’s a Hindi film with all the elements we loved in the first place – songs, melody, romance, over the top action scenes, good guys, bad guys and lots of explosions.

Salman plays Chulbul Pandey, a somewhat corrupt cop who loves his mother – so we know he must be a good man at heart. Chulbul’s widowed mother Naina, in a small but important role by Dimple Kapadia, is married to Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna). They have a son whom Prajapati loves more than his stepson Chulbul. Our hero grows up as an outsider and as he grows older decides that he is the one with all the power and influence.

Dabangg Full Movie With English Subtitles

Dabangg Full Movie With English Subtitles

Fast forward 20 years where Chulbul is now a police officer with enough money to buy and sell his stepfather many times over (moderate corruption we mentioned), and a rather thin moustache.

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Chulbul has a strained relationship with his stepfather and spiteful, selfish stepbrother Marki; Arbaaz Khan opted for a more powerful and unruly mustache and a ghastly shirt. Maki is desperate to marry Nirmala, but her school teacher father cannot afford the dowry that Prajapati demands. Meanwhile, Chulbul falls for the enigmatic Rajo, the daughter of a drunkard. This is Sonakshi Sinha’s debut film and although she is very likable, she doesn’t have much to work with in her role. But her relationships with her father and brother were genuine and added a whole dimension to her storyline. She also has some very nice clothes!

Along the way, Robin Hood Pandey, as he changed his name, made Chedi Singh an enemy of the caste. Sonu Sood seems to have made a career out of playing the crazed evil anti-hero – something he does very well – and we don’t mind the shirtlessness one bit. Singh is the youth representative of Anupam Cher’s political party, and Chulbul’s police force has cut off his money supply by conducting various shady deals.

It is a wonderful number with Malika Arora Khan choreographed by Farah Khan. This has Salman ruining Sonu Sood’s night and involved in some great fat dancing and Malaika doing what she does best, so it was great fun to watch. We applaud a film that condenses political conflicts into a dance.

Various conspiracies are hatched and foiled, loved ones die, marriages are arranged and not arranged, and people’s values ​​are tested. Eventually it ends up blowing everything up completely, emptying a few more chests and allowing Salman to save the day.

Dabangg 2 (2012)

This is Salman’s film. Maybe it’s the presence of Arbaaz as the producer, but Abhinav Kashyap really seems to have taken every last bit of charisma from Salman and used him to the fullest. S. The action sequences choreographed by Vijay are brilliantly shot and manage to give a nod to many great action sequences from recent Hollywood and South Indian blockbusters. Despite having Helen in the family, Salman was never the greatest dancer. Raju Khan and Shabeena Khan’s choreography is cut to showcase what Salman does well, while the color and movements of the background dancers disguise the fact that he’s not actually the most agile guy on the floor.

The pace of the film slows down after the interval, but soon the pace picks up and the finale has enough action to soothe our South Indian familiar movie taste.

This is a super entertaining movie. We give it 4 and 1/2 stars! It gets extra points only because we suffer from Bollywood Masala Deprivation Syndrome and this could be the cure!

Dabangg Full Movie With English Subtitles

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